Birthday Adventures

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Last Saturday was a very special one indeed. It was my birthday! Hooray! [Insert party poppers, blowy thingys (What the hell are they called!?) and confetti falling from the ceiling into your lap and getting soggy in your coffee cup] Naturally I spent a little bit of time documenting my Birthday Adventures to share with my lovely friends (That’s you…Yes you…group hug?) 

This is the first year since I started blogging that I haven’t done a creative blog challenge. Mainly because the last one nearly killed me off. I dove straight into ’27 Before 27′ in my first month of blogging – Madness! Then dove into ‘Create 28’ the following year – this was quite possibly the hardest challenge ever!!

I did kind of miss the end result on my birthday though, the lack of the end of the challenge blog post, celebrating a lot of hard work, a final photograph of all of the pretty doses of handmade goodness that I had pushed myself far out of my comfort zone to create.

It was so strange not having that this year. I think Create 28 put me off for a while! 

So…I turned Twenty Nine…eeekkkk!!! TWENTY NINE!!?? Where the hell did my twenties go!? Jeez!

Although as an old soul I am sat typing this wearing my cosy slippers and sipping a big mug of tea with my knitting sat next to me…

My ‘Knit and Drink Tea’ print seriously sums me up in a sentence! Hello last year of my twenties! Haha! It seems like its all a much ado about nothing….groan… (If you follow me on Instagram you will get the joke, for the rest of you…well, you’ll get it in a minute!)

Anyhoo, without further ado, grab a mug of tea and join me on my…

Birthday Adventures by Eliston Button - Birthday Adventures at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I had such a wonderful day. From the minute I woke up to a fabulously bannered and garland strung house, to my fiancé serving me fresh croissants and coffee for breakfast (complete with a little Batman Lego Minifigure holding a bunch of Lego flowers (You will get it if you follow him on Instagram – You should by the way – His feed is sooooo much fun!) to opening my cards before getting ready for a super exciting day out…

Birthday Girl Badge and Button Confetti - Birthday Adventures at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Those of you that know my in real life may know that I love Shakespeare. I was one of those weird kids at school that grinned with glee when the teacher announced a module of ‘The Bard’ whilst the rest of the class groaned. Was anyone else like that!? No…Just me? I have been lucky enough to visit the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) before as Stratford-upon-Avon is only about 20 minutes from our house but had never seen Cymbeline. For my birthday we managed to snag some ‘cheap seats’ (as we are still saving for a house move) but it was phenomenal! If anyone gets the opportunity to go to one of their productions, I highly recommend it (And I’m not being sponsored to say that! Haha!)

Cymbeline by William Shakespeare Program Playbill, Enamel Pin Bage and Theatre Ticket from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon - Birthday Adventures at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Before we went to the theatre we grabbed a bite to eat in the gorgeous town of Stratford-upon-Avon and had a stroll through the park towards the RSC. I love this willow sculpture by Artist Emma Stothard. It is Titania, queen of the fairies from the Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (A play that is high on my list of plays to go and see) It was created to celebrate the ‘Stratfords of the World’ reunion, where six towns from across the world called Stratford come together. Titania is part of a larger scene in a bed of white flowers and silver birch trees that “reflect the setting of an enchanted wood and the moonlight imagery from within the play”

How magical is that!? I think I need one in my garden!

Titania Willow Sculpture at The Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon by Artist Emma Stothard - Birthday Adventures at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

The RSC is such a beautiful and grand building too. The tower certainly creates a landmark that catches your eye and I love the outside seating areas near the bar. It was just a shame it was raining but at least there was a roof! 

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon - Birthday Adventures at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure. View Post

Photo-a-Day – May 2016

Photo-a-Day - May 2016 - Monthly Round Up at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am back from my short Spring Break with my Photo-a-Day – May 2016 round-up! Hooray! It didn’t completely go to plan and I didn’t completely unplug unfortunately (darn social media obsessions!) I think it would have been a lot easier to unplug if I hadn’t of been taking part in the Photo-a-Day challenge on Instagram and then I could have cut all ties for a while and really got my head down. Definitely something to work on in the future. 

I really am enjoying the challenge though and even more so, I am enjoying the photographs I am creating and the wonderful interactions that are happening over on Instagram. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you can learn all about the Photo-a-Day Challenge here.

I love the creative community over there, it’s all warm and fuzzy like a big creative hug 🙂

I definitely think Instagram is my favourite of the social media platforms. It is beautifully visual and feels a lot smaller than Facebook and Twitter. It kind of feels like people can actually reach you and you can reach out to them over there a lot more than the huge sea of ever changing and forever scrolling larger platforms. Sometimes I feel like Twitter is a bit ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ sometimes – It scares me!

Anyhoo, that was a bit of a weird tangent that I didn’t expect to travel down! Haha! On my mini hiatus I did however; manage to get my head into gear to really figure out what I want for my little creative biz and where I want Eliston Button to head in the future.

There are a lot of ideas in my head and I am taking time to plough through and sift out the goodies!

More on that in a future blog post I think.

So, this month for the Photo-a-Day challenge was an odd one for me. I think the lack of blogging and (less) dipping in and out of other online bits and bobs made me feel a little bit more creative and I found I thought a bit more about each shot. I think maybe I stopped resisting and getting hung up by the tougher prompts for a while and let it flow a bit more without as much over-thinking. Over thinking is the worst for my creativity!

I still love the process of being able to document my day to day but also mix in some fun, colour and creativity.

I think that’s what made it all a bit fresher for me this time around. You can see all of my Photo-a-Day Challenge round-ups here.

This month I loved playing around with buttons again. Day 1 allowed me to share my own Handmade Clay Buttons, I colour matched that gorgeous Peter Pan book in Day 3, Made a whole button out of buttons in Day 5 and shared my favourite colour in my favourite crafty item in Day 19, not forgetting all of the gorgeous hand-picked buttons that centre each of my embroidered felt flower brooches in Day 21 – I love, love, loved seeing them all together! Wowee!

I love all of the photos this month.

I love the sea of bright, happy colours, beautiful bold splashes against crisp white backgrounds and full on eye-catching palettes.

Expect, as ever, a lot of emoji’s, a lot of explosions of colour and a huge heap of craft goodness (and the odd happy troll army that makes me smile every time!)

Without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – May 2016…

Day 01 – Blue – Chunky blue handmade clay buttons, perfect for little (or big) fingers and add beautiful rounded buttony goodness to any sewing project 💙 One set left in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! Hooray! 💙🎨

Day 2 – Routine – All routine goes out of the window on Bank Holidays! We spent the morning walking around beautiful Eckington where they had their annual village garage sale. My feet hurt a lot but it was great fun and so interesting seeing all of the different houses and all of the pretty flowers! 😍🏡

Day 3 – N is for… – Neverland. “Second star to the right and straight on ’till morning” – Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie 💙 “Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling, even Captain Hook – You are my perfect story book, Neverland I love you so…” -Ruth B 💙

Day 4 – Ball – I always have a ball of wool on hand for crafting! 🎨💜 This one is one of my faves! 💜

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Photo-a-Day – April 2016

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! It’s that time again for my Photo-a-Day – April 2016 round-up! As I promised in my ‘Spring Break Unplugged‘ post last week, I have a colourful treat full of happy, photo goodness to share! Hooray! 

I almost didn’t do the Photo-a-Day challenge in April, I just felt I had struggled through Photo-a-Day – March 2016 and didn’t really want to force the creativity. I got a bit panicked at the thought of having a gap in my blogging schedule, especially when it’s a bit messy anyway (you can read more about it all here) so, you guys, as ever, held me accountable for what I have set out to accomplish and here we are, another full month completed. I think, like a lot of things, that it seemed so daunting when I read through the list of photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim, and it wasn’t until I broke them down into day-to-day prompts that I felt a bit more in control and a lot less overwhelmed. I just focused on getting through each day and didn’t worry about the next one until it arrived. Why can’t I do this in life too!!?? Arrgghh!! Don’t you hate it when your own ‘self-advice’ is always right? Yeesh! She is so smug about it too! 

As it turns out (and I am pretty sure I say this every month too) I really love all of the photographs I took last month and some of them have even inspired some new product ideas! Can you guess which ones? (200 glittery button points to Gryffindor if you take a guess in the comments!) 

I felt super happy at Day 1 with my ‘Spread a Little Sunshine on Your Toast this Morning‘ print all styled out with sunshine-happy yellow buttons! I added it as a shop update in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop, I loved it so much! Yeay for cross promoting without even trying! Haha! Day 2 has a pocket in my heart as it documented a well needed catch up and lovely day out with my best friend and my fiancé – I might have to frame this one! I was also super excited to throw out a sneaky peek at the almost-ready-to-share Eliston Button Headquarters in Day 7! Can you spot it!? It was my most liked photograph on Instagram to date and I was so proud!

I am in love with Day 12’s bright punch of pink and adore Day 18’s rainbow-filled felty goodness that reminded me of how much I love working with felt. (P.S. There is A LOT of felty goodness up for grabs at 15% off in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop for a limited time! Eeeek! I will re-share the code at the end) Day 20 fooled a lot of people into thinking I had gone out of my mind for a photo opportunity, whereas Earth Day took an arty route full of buttony goodness – I am so obsessed with this one! I then rounded off the month with a few of my favourite things, additions to collections and some itty-bitty squares of things that I hold tight in my heart. As always, my Photo-a-Day round up is a colourful emoji party! Hooray! 😀

Without further ado, here is my Photo-a-Day – April 2016…

Day 1 – Yellow – Sunshine happy yellow! 💛 I love my 1950’s American Diner inspired print. “Spread a Little Sunshine on your Toast this Morning” There is 1 available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! Hooray! Sunshine every day! ☀️💛

Day 2 – Looking Down – Pretty Flowers and Favourite Feet whilst catching up with my best friend in Bicester 🌺😍

Day 3 – Starts with A – Ampersand! This one is definitely up there with my favourite ampersands. Did I mention I have an ampersand obsession!? I love the crisp white against the cheeky neon pink painted edges for a bright pop of colour in the Eliston Button Headquarters 💖&

Day 4 – Cool – Cool blue hues contrast and compliment to make up my ‘Frozen’ embroidered felt flower brooch 💙❄️ (Last one available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! 😉)

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Spring Break Unplugged (Plus a Special Treat!)

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I realise that I have been a little sporadic with my blogging since the Eliston Button Website Redesign mainly due to having found myself in one of those iccky  little creative ruts. For a long time at the start of the year I sat in front of my computer, day after day, learning how to become a self-hosted website and implementing it all behind the scenes whilst keeping afloat with blogging each week. It was exhausting, not to mention that fact that it felt like I had traded in my creative imagination and crafty biz for a boring (I know, I know…Some of you love this and may even do this as your job – it’s just not for me!) computer job that included coding, web design and writing copy. Yawn. My little crafty soul was losing the will to live and this in turn resulted in a pretty yukky slump/funk/hole of ick/whatever-describes-the-me-that-now-drags-herself-out-of-bed-to-sit-in-front-of-a-blank-screen-and-wonders-where-the-fun-went.

Fast forward to now and I am yearning to be able to unplug from the drain of the internet for a bit. We are all familiar with the feeling at some point in our lives – It may be that extra half an hour day spent on Pinterest…Maybe the ache of your scroll finger on Facebook, reading post after post of mindless drivel that really doesn’t make you feel good…Maybe it’s the ‘five more minutes’ that you mindlessly say to your partner/friend/parent when you are trawling through twitter or evaporating into emails or finding yourself knee deep in someone’s Instagram profile that you discovered through a friend of a friend of a friends brother. Yikes!

Can any of us say that we come out of that internet exploring haze feeling good about ourselves or our lives?

There is so much expectation to live up to, too many ‘Pinterest perfect’ homes to compare to, so many minutes that make up hours and days and months of…what? What do we have to show for it? Did we make a difference? Did we try out those 35 recipes we pinned at 1am? Did we learn anything about Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ that was useful to our own lives? (Check out that current trending reference thingy! – Go me!)  Did we try out the home décor D.I.Y. tutorial that we bookmarked from a website that promised to solve all of our organisational needs? No.

Don’t get me wrong – I luurrvvee the Internet. Without the Internet, I would not have my little creative biz. I wouldn’t be blogging right now or have an online shop full of handmade goodness for you to buy.

Without the Internet I wouldn’t have ‘met’ you all and started friendships. I wouldn’t be following my passions in the way that I am now. I wouldn’t have been able to connect with fellow artisans the way that I have and I mean it in the truest form when I say “Thank you Internet for all of those things” But, If I could just step back for a while, I would probably be make more things and feel less frazzled. I would probably feel less pressure and stop comparing my chapter 3 to someone else’s chapter 10.

We didn’t do any of those things we pinned or bookmarked because we didn’t unplug enough to make time for it all.

We didn’t step away from our screens and tablets and phones to actually do things with our bodies, make things with our hands or have anything tangible to show for our time.

Wow – Even writing it all out makes me feel a pang of guilt for neglecting my creativity. 

So, this rather lengthy explanation (and rather unexpected rant) leads me to my little announcement and of course the special treat I promised at the beginning. I am unplugging for a while. I am going to share my Photo-a-Day scheduled post with you next week and then unplug. I am adventuring into the scary world of being offline (except for the Photo-a-Day challenge and behind-the-scenes snippets on Instagram) I am stepping away from the laptop and moving towards the rest of the Eliston Button Headquarters. 

Apparently there is a whole craft studio surrounding my computer desk that cries a little each day when it doesn’t get attention – now, how can I carry on ignoring that!?

Not to mention that it’s getting a bit distracting now with the buttons pining for the threads and the scissors fighting with the rotary cutters. Even the paper threatens to cut them! Yikes! 

Unplug For a Few Minutes - Anne Lamott Quote - Spring Break Unplugged (Plus a Special Treat!) at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

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Photo-a-Day – March 2016

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How are we already mid-way through April!? I swear I am always mentally a month behind! Although it would probably feel more like springtime if it was a bit sunnier and a little less cloudy and gloomy. What is the weather like with you? Today, I have my Photo-a-Day – March 2016 round up to share with you and I am surprised I got this far this month.

I found the Photo-a-Day Prompts really great at the start of the month but later on in the second half of the month I really struggled. I don’t know whether it was because my head wasn’t in the game or whether the prompts were just a bit too open to interpretation, but I just didn’t feel it. Not one to have an incomplete month, especially with this here bloggity-log and you lovely Buttoneers to hold me accountable, I pushed through.

All in all I am pretty darn proud of my month of photographs so I am super glad I persevered! Hooray for pushing myself out from under of my comfort blanket…or something like that!

It was super snugly under there though 🙂 

Some of my photographs surprised me…Like Day 1 – Those green button beauties got me my highest number of likes ever on Instagram! Wowee! Day 9 made me realise that I should branch-out and photograph the everyday things more often. Day 11 made me fall in love with minimalism when usually I opt for quite the opposite. Day 12 actually made me dig out art supplies that I had long forgotten about from my art college days whereas Day 14 allowed me to sit and play for a while (way longer than I care to admit!)

I love, love, loved playing with stop motion photography for Day 20 (In fact my fiancé took this a huge step further and made a few stop motion videos with Lego minifigures that are super amazing! Although I’m probably bias, I think you should definitely check them out here) Day 28 reminded me that I can find happiness in the smallest of places right here under my nose. And most importantly, a lot of the time, I learnt that ‘done’ really is sometimes better than ‘perfect’ and chances are, no one else will even notice the imperfections, the slightly-off not quite straight lines, the wonky right-angles, the darker shadows or even the dust… 😉

I also feel like I am on top of my Emoji game with my Photo-a-Day Instagram posts…Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

So without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – March 2016…

Day 1 – Green – Green has never been my favourite colour at all, but when I laid it all out in buttony goodness, I couldn’t argue that it looked pretty darn gorgeous! 💚💚💚

Day 2 – Good – It was really good timing to receive this month’s issue of Mollie Makes magazine through the post as I have trapped a nerve in my back and can’t move very much! I think it’s the universes way of telling me to take a break and slow down a bit, now I have no choice! The good thing to come out of it I suppose! 🎀🐣☕️📖

Day 3 – Art – Art is always in my heart…and in my studio! Books and buttons and beads oh my! 📖🎨🎀

Day 4 – The Weather – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! 😂 Finally a bit of blue sky after being gloomy and wet, but clouds and clouds for days – they’re so fluffy! As Eeyore always says “It’ll probably be raining later” ⛅️🌦🌧

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Tiger and TKMaxx Excitement!

Tiger and TKMaxx Excitement! at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am just popping in today with a mini shopping haul that I was very excited about. I don’t normally do ‘shopping haul’ posts, mainly because I don’t often go shopping (buying our house was expensive enough for a while!) and because they are normally bits and pieces from all over the place. However, a while back we went shopping in Worcester (in the UK, for all of my overseas Buttoneers!) and I found myself like a child in a sweet shop in Tiger and in TKMaxx (I think it is called TJMaxx in the US) – So, naturally, my first though was to share with you lovelies!

First stop was TKMaxx where I found some lovely alphabet stickers by My Mind’s Eye, an American scrapbooking supplies company.

I love their stickers and supplies so when I can find them cheap as chips and without international postage, I am one happy scrapper!

These were only £1.99 and you get 8 sheets of different colours and phrases and they are small enough to use in my Project Life layouts (Wowee! Way to go me! – I haven’t even mentioned that I am project life-ing this year have I!? I will fill you in with the excitement for that in a future post!) For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about – Project Life is a fabulous and simple way of scrapbooking by Becky Higgins using pocket pages, journaling cards and a whole lot of fun! Like I said, more on that at a later date.

TKMaxx Haul - Succulent, Alphabet Stickers and Studio Calico Wood Veneers - Tiger and TKMaxx Excitement! at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I couldn’t resist these beautifully packaged organic and caffeine-free teas to try by English Tea Shop, they are super pretty, smell great and were only £1.79 a box – That’s a button bargain in my book! There were quite a few varieties but I chose Honeybush Acai Berry Punch and Cranberry Vanilla Delight. I haven’t tried them yet but give me a shout if you are interested in my thoughts 🙂 

English Tea Shop Honeybush Acai Berry Punch and Cranberry Vanilla Delight Teas with a Button Cup and Saucer - Tiger and TKMaxx Excitement! at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Also from TKMaxx, I found this little succulent plant for £3.99. As you know by now, I am also obsessed with succulents, but I never really got onto the ‘concrete stuff’ trend that was flying around recently. This is probably why I picked this little fellow up and put him back down about three times (and hauled my fiancé in to the shop for further opinion – maker I am – decision maker I am not!)

I finally went back and thought about how much I actually really did love him and how lovely he would look in the Eliston Button Headquarters windowsill…

Also, fun fact – He is a faux succulent..A faucculent you might say…oooo, actually, maybe not…Anyhoo, Hurrah! No worrying about watering and making a wet mess in the studio! Hurrah! 

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Photo-a-Day – February 2016

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I know…I know…It is half way through March and I am only just posting my February Photo-a-Day round-up…”Jeez…What are you thinking Eliston!? Why would you do that to your lovely followers!?” “Well, I was a little held up…I re-designed the website and switched to self-hosting….but upon launching the new site I found that some of the database was corrupted…I was really stressed and did all I could to repair it all and get it all back rather than give up…I tried not to cry….I was super brave though! *bottom lip trembles* We got there in the end…” “Oh gosh…I am so sorry – here have some chocolate…take the cake too…we still love you” “Awww! You guys are the best! I knew you would all understand! Hooray!” *Group Hug*

At the start of February I stared at the list of photograph prompts from Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge and was unsure whether to start them at all. I loved Photo-a-Day – January 2016, but this list looked tricky and needed a bit more thought and effort than the January one, which eased me back into the habit of daily prompts and documenting the little things.  I knew I would be starting the Eliston Button Website Re-Design and wasn’t sure if I would even have the time or creative energy to pull through the whole month – I am totally an all-or-nothing kind of girl! 

Not wanting to admit defeat only one month in, I sucked it up and got to taking them a day at a time rather than being overwhelmed by the whole list. It was good. I felt like I almost needed the challenging prompts to really push me to think outside of the box Instagram square.

I thought more about looking for the light, more about using negative space, more about layout and composition. I hunted for bright, happy doses of colour goodness to brighten up grey, gloomy winter days and I love them all!

I look back on each and every photo and feel proud of them – each one was carefully considered and deliberately taken rather than just taking something quick just to fulfil the prompt. I feel like I upped my Instagram game and can’t wait to share them all with you.

So, without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – February 2016…*BEWARE* It’s always an Emoji overload! 

Day 1 – ‘Drink’ – My first drink of the day is always, always coffee ☕️ My fiancé sets the coffee maker to come on for when I get up before he leaves for work so I always have filter coffee to ease me into the morning! He’s a keeper! 😍

Day 2 – So Colourful – I love my felt ball pot holder, it is super colourful and so soft – I use it to hold my pretty rose gold iPhone so it doesn’t get messy on my desk! 🎨 ❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 3 – ‘Car’ – This Barbie car sits in the Eliston Button Headquarters because it has hidden stationery! The seat is a stapler, the steering wheel pulls out for a pen, the glove box hold staples, the wheels hold little ink pads and presumably once upon a time stamps, there is a pull out stencil ruler underneath, a comb in the headrest, the bonnet opens to little colouring pencils and there is a pencil sharpener in the boot! Mr Troll thinks it is fabulous and I think I have to agree! 💗💜

Day 4 – ‘Texture’ – I love the candy floss feeling texture of this soft, chunky wool and especially love the thin cotton running through it to really catch your eye! 💗💗💗

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Eliston Button Website Re-Design

Eliston Button Website Re-Design at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Grab a big cup of tea or a huge mug of coffee for this one – it’s a biggie! 

If you caught my last blog post a few weeks ago (Custom Orders and Creative Imagination) you may remember that I said I would be a little ‘here and there’ because I was working on some behind-the-scenes magic for the future of Eliston Button. Fast forward to last Monday and I put out a sneaky peek of the Eliston Button Headquarters on Instagram. I also snuck in a little clue to the changes and a note to say that this here bloggity blog will be down for a couple of days for maintenance. I was soooo worried that we would all fall off the edge of the blogosphere with a crash, never to be seen again (it was mighty close for a while) – It was the first time I had ever taken the site down for a while in the over two years we have been chatting together with a cup of tea, and it felt soooo wrong (and actually a little bit good to not worry about it for a while) Anyhoo, seeing as you are now reading this I guess it all worked and we are back up and running….Notice it yet….Have a look around….Got it?…It’s all new and different!! Hooray! 

Do you remember in ‘Love is in the Cards’ when I said I had a serious case of the January’s!? Well, that kind of spread into February too :/ I think after two previous years of having a blog challenge to push my creativity – ’27 Before 27′ and ‘Create 28’ – I found myself a little lost as to where to go with my blogging and what to talk about.

In each of the previous years, I had been able to map out the whole first six months of the year with crafty makes and slot some adventure in between to mix it up a bit.

(Not to mention a whole lot of stress, panic and midnight sobbing) This in turn made me exhausted, pretty burnt out by June and a little frazzled to say the least (hence the lack of challenge this year – even though Design 29 had a fabulous ring to it!) 

Secret of Change - Socrates Hand Lettered Quote and Sunset Photograph - Eliston Button Website Re-Design at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

So, when I was trudging through the mud of the winter months, I knew I needed something to change, something had to give.

I needed to reboot my creativity, have a spring clean, start new chapters to set it all up for the future of Eliston Button.

For the last few months of 2015, I was toying with the idea of a website re-design. It scared the hell out of me but I knew I needed to change a lot of things to make me prouder of my little crafty corner of the internet. I wanted to want to come here to write and share not feel like I had to.

I looked into different themes and designs but none of them allowed me to totally redesign everything from the ground up and have more control over it all. Then I discovered that I could self-host my own website. This meant that I would have full control over the design and functionality of everything on my blog, create a fresh new space for ideas, a more professional look, cleaner design and more than anything, meant that I would own my whole blog. Before, my little pink haven was created through and something that niggled away in the back of mind was that they owned my blog and could pull the rug from under me whenever they wanted (I’d like to think they wouldn’t have, but who knows the future of anything these days!?)

It seemed like it had been staring me in the face for a really long time and I just needed to make the huge scary leap and learn how to pilot this little pink plane myself on the way down!

Eeeekkk!! It was time for a big kid blog! Hurrah!

My main concern was the disruption. I had so many questions, so much to figure out and all with minimal disruption to you guys as readers. I designed the whole new blog by using a temporary URL through my new website host. This way it didn’t touch the old blog that was still ticking away with me posting here and there to keep it flowing nicely. I was soooo excited about it all and wanted to tell you all about it but was super scared I wouldn’t be able to pull it off (All in a short time frame so that I didn’t have to pay for the renewal of my old blog and fork out for the new one all in the same month! Arrgghh!)

I learnt so much (I will blog about this at a later in an attempt to not make this post into my début novel!) was own for waaaay longer than I had anticipated as we came across some mighty hurdles. But, without further ado…Welcome to the new face of all of the Eliston Button goodness… View Post

Custom Orders and Creative Imagination

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am just popping in today to share a small post about a huge dose of creative imagination! Wowee!

Cast you minds back (or imagine it if you are a newbie Buttoneer!) to my Create 28 blog challenge last year – remember it? Well, stretch your memories a little further way back to the French knitted flower hair grips. Okay, now we are all on the same page which and that makes this post waaaaaay easier to explain!

If it helps you to imagine them, over in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop I describe them as:

“Sumptuous raspberry pink coloured wool/yarn (quite possibly hand-spun by little raspberry fairies!) has been knitted into a long continuous piece of woven loveliness, using the French knitting technique.

With a huge dollop of love and large amount of crafty goodness, I carefully hand stitched the knitted rope-like tube into a pretty flower shape and added a silver-coloured metal alligator grip to the back”

Raspberry Pink French Knitted Flower Hair Grip - Custom Orders and Creative Imagination at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Well, last month I received an Etsy conversation from a lovely lady who asked if I could make two of my Raspberry Pink French Knitted Hair Grips for her daughter. I was thrilled to be able to help and got to knitting right away. Side Note: It is waaaay harder to get two handmade items to look exactly the same, than you think – which is fabulous as everyone gets a unique piece, that is unique to them – however when you need two for one person, it is hard!

Back View of Raspberry Pink French Knitted Flower Hair Grip - Custom Orders and Creative Imagination at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure. View Post

Photo-a-Day – January 2016

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello lovely Buttoneers! Instead of my usual ‘Around Here’ post this month I am mixing it up a bit! Hooray! If you are a long term Buttoneer from right near the start (100 button points to Gryffindor to you beauties!) then you may remember that I took part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day Challenge for a whole year.

I loved how I could have 365 (366 this year!) guaranteed photographs of everyday life, snippets of work, play, or photographs of around where or what I was up to in that moment…

…they were all attached to a daily prompt that would inspire my photo-taking senses (They are like Spidey Senses but a lot more flashy…geddit!? Flashy…camera…oh never mind).

I loved it…until it got too much. I got to a point in February last year where I had just embarked in my epic goal of the ‘Create 28 Blog Challenge’ and it all got a bit too much pressure to keep up with, so I swapped it for a more relaxed ’round-up of my month’ post. I was struggling to keep up with the prompts every day, I would hate it when I got behind and I generally started to feel uninspired about the whole process.

Fast forward to now. I made the decision (along with threats from my family and friends) to not embark on an epic  stupidly hard blog challenge (read all about it here) and without it, I found myself in a bit of a slump and a case of the ‘January’s’ (read here). Last year I was also putting a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with a regular Instagram posting schedule frenzy.

As most of you probably know – Lots of Mental Pressure = A Creative Black Hole. Fun Fun!

Well, If you follow me on Instagram (grab yourself another 50 button points as you pass go) you will know that I decided to jump back on the photographic challenge train this month! Toot! Toot! 

So, in a nutshell, to keep my Instagram regularly updated with pretty, inspiring or just plain lovely photographs, I thought I would head back to a Photo-a-Day challenge to rejuvenate my creative juices, challenge my creativity and get back on the photography train on its way to Happy Land. Phew! (Seriously, if you have stuck with this post this far – another 100 button points to Gryffindor – go you!) 

I don’t know if I will do a whole year yet, I am going to take that pressure off, but so far, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge again.

I love that I am documenting my everyday surroundings without all of the nasty, icky pressure thus opening up new blossoms of creativity flowers. Hurrah!

So…Without further ado…here is my Photo-a-Day – January 2016…

Day 1 – Black and White – Seeing in the New Year in our pyjamas with our cups of tea watching the fireworks in London on the telly – Perfection!

Day 2 – ‘What I Did Today’ – IKEA! Hello old friend…We’re home!

Day 3 – ‘Water’ – Tiny little water droplets on my pretty little primroses! Is it me or has Spring come way too early!? 🌼💦

Day 4 – ‘Circle’ – Lots of 3D circles on the pavement in Bristol whilst sale shopping! I always fall in love with the blue tiles in the floor here 💙

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