Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn…

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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Look at what I have for you today! Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn…Can you believe that it has been over a year since my last Button Colour Adventure? Blimey! I know that time flies and all but I really didn’t think it had been that long! 

Feel free to catch up or remind yourself of my Button Colour Adventures in – Part One, Part Two, and my Christmas 2014 Part Three.

Even though we are only on Part 4 of this adventure, I really love them. I love hunting down different colour palettes that I have discovered out in the ‘wild’ and bringing them back to share with you. If you have followed this little corner of the blogosphere for a while now you may have noticed that I am a huge colour lover and try to capture beautiful colour combinations and contrasts whenever I can in my art or crafts or even in my home or my Instagram feed!

I find colour super inspiring and this adventure did not disappoint.

I was out and about, partaking in a little retail therapy a week or so ago and found that I was captivated by some of the colours that were popping out at me as I strolled around the city of Worcester, here in the UK. I noticed that there was a real blend of the remnants of summer shades and the warmer autumnal tones were starting to creep in.

It is no secret that I love, love, love autumn, so I was super happy to start spying those warm auburns and rich browns alongside the pops of sunny yellows and seaside blues!

What a great mix! 

So, as I was wandering around (and getting a hair braid! – See my Around Here…August 2016 post) I just had to whip out the camera every so often and document some of my favourites. Which was when I remembered my long lost favourite posts, the Button Colour Adventures! Hooray! So without further ado, here’s to saying goodbye to our beloved summer but a big, warm hello to autumn…

Sunshine Yellow and Lavender Shop Display in L'Occitane En Provence, Worcester, UK Button Colour Palette - Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn… at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I’m definitely starting off with the bright, bold colours of summer – I mean how can you not imagine yourself riding that brilliant bright yellow bicycle through the lavender fields in Provence!?

I imagine the wind in my hair and the soft floral scent of calm every time I pass the L’Occitane shop *Swoon*

They are definitely full-on happy colours with a dash of soothing lavender for good measure and to keep the balance.

I have also decided that I don’t need to be all adulty and have matching towels in my bathroom or en-suite – Future me will have rainbow towels in these vibrant summer colours and feel happy every time I see them! Bright Orange, Yellow and Green Towels Button Colour Palette - Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn… at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I actually believe that this beautiful shop display in Cornucopia, Worcester should be my kitchen dresser. I am pretty sure those floral mugs and delicately painted flowers were made specifically with me in mind – no? I am not sure there is any colour in this photograph that I don’t like. I love the bluey-grey of that little clock on the wall and the pretty mix of pinks and purples in different shades that flit amongst the pastels and crisp whites to really pop with colour – heavenly right? 

I am a bit obsessed with teal shades at the moment too so that little sneak of teal in the colour palette really makes my heart swoon with inspiration and possibilities for crafty projects! 

Grey, Pale Teal and Pink Gorgeous Shop Display in Cornicopia, Worcester, UK Button Colour Palette - Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn… at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

To be honest the whole shop was swoon-worthy. I couldn’t take my eyes of the dusky pastel blues and greys of this display, again with a splash of pretty pink – you can never go wrong with a splash of pink! The mint green and sea foam coloured accents were a really lovely touch bringing the other colours together nicely.

Can I just live in this shop? It would just all feel so calm and elegant surrounded by those soft, colours…

Pastel Primary Coloured Display in Cornicopia, Worcester, UK Button Colour Palette - Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn… at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure. View Post

Around Here…August 2016

Around Here...at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I can’t believe it is September already and I am here with my Around Here…August 2016 post! I am pretty sure I say that every month but this year has been swept from under my feet. Aaaah September, back to school feelings and getting back onto the Hogwarts Express and being sorted into our houses. Ahh memories…Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

As a fresh new look, did you notice my new profile picture over on the right!? I thought it was time the old original pic disappeared – especially because I really hated that fringe and look about 16! Haha! 

If you remember back to my Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A to Z of Craft post, I mentioned that I would be taking a break from the Photo-a-Day challenge for the month to refuel and relax a bit, away from the pressure of having to be on the ball every single day with an Instagram photo that not only fitted with the given prompt, but also with my Instagram feed. I think I also felt a little burnt out after my A to Z of craft posts because they took a lot more effort and creativity, not to mention time out of each day to set up each photo and 9 times out of 10, make the art or craft item from scratch – exhausting! So, I felt a little uninspired to take on another Photo-a-Day month right after. 

I was a bit nervous to step away from the daily routine and structure of taking photos that were prompted by a word given to me…

I worried that I would slip back into worrying about what to share or panicking that I hadn’t been around on social media for a while and everyone would forget who I was. I (as usual) worried for no reason. There were times where something nagged me in the back of my mind with a tiny nudge to document the little world around me every so often.

I welcomed it as a reminder to step away from my laptop screen and find a little corner of creativity and beauty in each day.

I really enjoyed being able to post a lot more freely without the restraint of a prompt which also sometimes limited how much I wanted to spam your feeds with my images, especially with added blog post announcements or Etsy shop gossip. 

All in all, my worry of not having enough photographs to create a mini monthly round up post was unnecessary, I have more than enough to share and as I look back, I am so proud of each and every one of them. I love how I have been able to document a little bit of little events in my month.

I love that I can look back and see all of the little moments of magic that made up my month of August.

I love looking back on photos of our little garden and how we spent the whole back holiday weekend making it pretty and laying our own little patio (it was absolutely crazy pants but I burst with pride every time I see it!) I love remembering watching the sunset in our happy place in the Cotswolds (I will for sure love these tenfold in 10/20/30 years from now) I look back fondly at my new weaving obsession and am so glad I snapped ‘work in progress’ pics on the loom as well as finished wall hangings. I will remember August for planning my Create 30 blog challenge and trying to limit the overwhelm. AND obviously not forgetting the day my 12 year old self would have been super proud of me for embracing fun (and my inner bohemian) and getting a hair braid! Hooray! 

I will remember August 2016 fondly and full of some of my favourite things…

Grab a cup of tea and join me in my Around Here…August 2016…

Around Here…So what’s the worst that could happen!? In a bid to push myself into Productivity>Procrastination, Progress>Perfection and to push myself and my creativity out of my own head and out into the world, I created a blog challenge to make 30 new things before I turn 30! It’s scary but exciting and I would love for you to follow along by subscribing to the blog to receive blog posts to your email inbox here 🎨🎀

Around Here…I did it! I filled a whole month and an alphabet full of crafts, art, colour and handmade goodness using the #fmsphotoaday prompts in my#elistonbuttonatozofcraft 🎨 I rounded them all up into a big, happy colour explosion – I can’t wait to hear about your favourite! ❤️💛💚💙💜 I especially love that round up photo with the vibrant little photo squares around the title! 

Around Here…I was tagged my the lovely Joanna from Adventures and Tea Parties for WIDN (what I’m doing now) I am packaging up one of my ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ prints ready for posting! I love making each parcel leave all pretty and tied up with a bow! 🎀 P.S. I have restocked the Eliston Button Etsy Shop now! ☀️

Around Here…Hello Hydrangea! I thought for sure I had killed this little beaut but hooray! She blooms once again! 😍🌸 (Don’t be fooled – it’s about the only plant in the garden that has survived -oops!😳) I love that gorgeous colour! 🌸

Around Here…I love the vibrant colour palette of this fabric but as a shirt, it was always one of those tug-it-down-pull-it-around-all-the-god-damn-day kinda shirts and nobody has time for that! So yesterday I sat on the floor and spent a ridiculous amount of time cutting it into yarn and is am SO glad I did! It’s a beaut and I can’t wait to add it to a weaving or knit(!?) it into something new – And of course I couldn’t waste the buttons or the tie cords could I! I finally feel like I have got my money’s worth with this shirt! 😂💙

Around Here…Live a creative life 🎨 Trying to organise the hordes of ideas that spin around in my creative head on a daily basis in to an action plan for my Create 30 blog challenge! Yikes! Send copious amounts of tea…and maybe some cake! ☕️🍰

Around Here…Arty morning coffee this morning. I love how the sun comes through the blinds and warms the whole room ☀️ If I close my eyes I can just about imagine we are in France 😍

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Create 30 – No.2 – Mini Woven Wall Hangings

Create 30 - An Eliston Button Blog Challenge - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! It is Create 30 time again! Hooray! One of my passions and hobbies at the moment is weaving so I immediately knew that weaving and woven wall hangings of some sort would feature in my Create 30 blog challenge. 

If you are new to this little crafty, adventure filled corner of the blogosphere then you can catch up in my post –  Create 30 – Let’s Do This! 

I have been weaving for a while now, mainly until recently on my wooden peg loom – remember my Peg Loom Weaving Tutorial – Part One and Part Two? I also have one of my peg loom woven wall hangings left in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop from my Create 28 blog challenge (the pink version was snapped up not long after I launched it!) You can find my nautical inspired, geometric version in the shop here. 

A while back I started weaving on a small framed wooden lap loom and I fell in love with it.

I practised and practised until I felt like I had nailed it – I am obviously continuously learning every time I try something new, but I felt like I had got the basics down I knew how to warp thread my little wooden loop without a tutorial, I was able to practice different weave techniques without looking at any instructions…that kind of thing. The more I played around weaving patterns and designs, the more I fell in love with the process – It is so therapeutic!

If I am having an off day, I can pick up my loom, make a cup of tea, and as long as I have some yarn – I’m all set.

Naturally, the more I practise the better I get and I was eager to share with you a few of my designs and input them into my Create 30 blog challenge and into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop so that I can continue to weave new ideas (and fund my gorgeously textured and beautifully coloured yarn addiction – Yikes!) Also, I wanted to make them a lot smaller than my peg loom woven wall hangings so that they took less time to create and therefore in turn, keeping the price down a lot more – that’s not to say it doesn’t take hours (and I mean HOURS!) to create!

These little beauties are lovingly hand crafted and time has been taken to learn new techniques and to choose the perfect yarn colours and textures for the job – That’s why happiness is handmade!

So without further ado…Here is my Create 30 – No. 2 – Mini Woven Wall Hangings…

Create 30 - No.2 - Purple Mini Woven Wall Hangings - Create 30 - No.2 - Mini Woven Wall Hangings at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Create 30 - No. 2 - Purple Mini Woven Wall Hangings by Eliston Button Side View - Create 30 - No.2 - Mini Woven Wall Hangings at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

First up is my pretty purple mini woven wall hanging that is sure to brighten up your home.

It is perfect for small spaces or even larger ones to add a tactile dose of gorgeous texture to your wall with a punch of bright, happy colour.

This wall hanging is completely hand-woven with different purple yarns in different thicknesses and textures including a chunky rich purple to a fluffy variegated pastel lilac toned yarn. View Post

The Patterns and Colours of IKEA

The Patterns and Colours of IKEA at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! If you have followed me from the very beginnings of this blog you may remember a blog post called ‘The Patterns and Designs of IKEA’ from way back when it was all baby steps and the first few blog posts ever to grace this little corner of the blogosphere. Well, I thought it was about time I created an updated version – The Patterns and Colours of IKEA.

I mean I spend enough time roaming the perfectly curated show rooms and love the excitement of filling my big yellow bag in the market hall with my face like the heart eye emoji! (Especially in the paper goods and succulent plant sections! *Swoon*) 

What I should have said at the start was “Hello, my name is Rachel and my fiancé and I are IKEA addicts Enthusiasts!” – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I still stand by what I said all those years ago (two weeks after I launched this blog to be precise! Wowee!) It is still an excellent day out.

My fiancé and I still book out the whole day to stroll around, grab a coffee, gaze at future kitchen ideas and sit on the sofa that we have had our eye on for probably just as many years, but still can’t quite afford…

We will grab some lunch (meatballs of course!) and then hit the market place and the warehouse and load it all up on the trolley, even though we probably only went for a bookcase or a saucepan or something! Tired and feet aching we head for the car with smiles on our faces and excitement in our future of re-arranging the living room or imagining the crafts I can plan with my new pens or notepads! (That’s if we can fit it all in the car – we’ve had a fair few ‘Oh Dear!’ moments in our time!) We. Love. It! 

Just for the record and as kind of a disclaimer: I have NOT been sponsored to write this post, there are no affiliate links, I just really love IKEA! – Phew, that’s that out of the way! (Although if IKEA ever asked…I would be there like a shot! Haha!) 

To say that since 2014 when I first wrote the original blog post, we have been to IKEA a ridiculous amount, would still actually be a complete understatement.

We practically lived there when we bought our first house a few years ago and since then even we have been so often that I am surprised the staff don’t know us by name!

We roughly equidistant to the Birmingham, Coventry and Bristol stores so mix it up a bit when we can. Because we have been so often (Seriously – It’s a standing joke with my family!) I was sure that I wouldn’t have many different patterns, designs or colours to photograph. I didn’t expect that much would have changed but I was pleasantly surprised. Of all of the patterns and colours of IKEA that I photographed, none of them were the same as the original blog post – In fact they had completely changed! I looked back and was annoyed at myself that I didn’t buy some of the gorgeous patterned fabric pieces or even those button wall hangings. I guess because we have been so often, the change each time was subtle and we didn’t notice, we just kept finding things to buy! Haha! 

So, without further ado…Here is a selection of The Patterns and Colours of IKEA that caught my eye…You can click on each one to see the full photo 😉

Aren’t they all so lovely!? Which are your favourites? The cat print is really cute and I love the multi-coloured textured rug – I might even love the back pattern just as much too! I am obsessed with the greys that have pops of colours, I love the contrasts and compliments of the colours and patterns together too.

I seriously love the bright pinks and oranges and blues that grab your attention and swoon over the coppers and cool metallics. 

One of my favourite things about IKEA is being able to stroll around the show rooms and imagine yourself sat in the living rooms, curled up with a good book…Or cooking at the centre console in a spacious kitchen…Or sinking into a squishy mattress in one of their pretty and feminine bedroom ideas…Well, you have to pretend don’t you…

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Create 30 – No.1 – Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Hoop

Create 30 - An Eliston Button Blog Challenge - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Did you catch my Create 30 blog challenge post a couple of weeks ago? Well, today I have number 1 to share with you and I am super excited to get this challenge going and the creative ball rolling! 

I have spent the last week or so (when I haven’t been rounding up my Eliston Button A to Z of Craft) planning out and brainstorming the first few doses of handmade goodness to make and share in my blog challenge, so that I can kick start the creative juices into go go go! (That’s the plan anyway!)

As I was brainstorming my ideas and jotting them all down, I knew I really wanted to make some more embroidery hoop wall art pieces…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this idea before and because I just loved making it, I remade one to kick start the challenge and (hopefully) kick start everything else! I had such lovely feedback from the Instagram post and it pushed me to dive in the deep end and just go for it! 

Picasso said that inspiration has to find you working and he was not wrong, it certainly did.

Whilst taking time out to embroider and cut and snip and create this piece, my usually busy creative mind was able to slow down a bit, relax, step away from the computer screen and just explore my ideas and possibilities. Taking time to make this piece gave me new found inspiration and pushed me to relax a bit more, which in turn gave me the calm I needed to process my ideas and have a less busy thought process for future makes. Perfect! 

So without further ado…Here is Create 30 – No.1 – Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Hoop…


Create 30 - No.1 - Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Hoop - Eliston Button A-Z of Craft at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Up, up and away!

This embroidery hoop wall art features a large felt hot air balloon lovingly hand cut and sewn on to a sky blue felt background. Each coloured layer of the balloon is hand sewn with colour coordinating embroidery thread to create a subtle but gorgeous texture around the edges.

A little pink rose flower has carefully been created from felt and added along with two little embroidered deep green leaves to the top right of the balloon for decoration.

Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Hoop Balloon, Button Cloud and Flower Close Up - Create 30 - No.1 - Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Hoop - Eliston Button A-Z of Craft at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure. View Post

Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I made it! I made it to the end of July! I made it to the end of Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft! If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that for last month’s Photo-a-Day challenge it was the alphabet and a few numbers. I took this opportunity to revisit my hashtag #elistonbuttonatozofcraft from 2014 with the same photo prompts.

My aim then and again with last month was to fill the alphabet with art, craft and handmade goodness.

I remembered it being a lot easier last time and wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the end of the month but – I DID IT!! 

You can find my 2014 version here. 

Last time around, in 2014, I wrote an A to Z list and made my way thought it. This time around, I kind of winged it a bit and went with the flow  panicked most days. Not ideal. I did, however, find that I only referred to the previous photos to make sure that I was setting up and arranging each photo differently to the previous round, especially if I was photographing the same medium. Some days were a lot easier than others, some I wanted to cry, some days my brain had turned to mush so much that I couldn’t think of a single word beginning with that letter at all, let alone art and craft related! Yikes!

Looking back over the months photos I am so, so proud of all of them.

Even though they are all art and craft related, they all hold a little memory for me of how tough I found it or what I was doing that day. I feel like when I compare the photographs from this time around and 2014, I can see how much my photography and my ideas have come forward and improved and how much I have learnt about layout and colour and design. I am so proud of them.

I found my Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft a lot harder, more draining and more creatively intense than normal Photo-a-Day months. I had to set up and display objects with a lot more intention and a lot more imagination to create a visually pleasing display of products or items.

It takes a lot more creativity to display things like crayons and pencils in an aesthetically pleasing way than it does to take a photo in the garden or on an adventure.

For some of the A-Z of Craft I pushed myself to learn new crafts! Hooray! I have wanted to learn how to macramé for sooooo long and this challenge pushed me to dive in the deep end to get the good photo for that day – yes, that day!! I wasn’t my most organised last month! I thoroughly enjoyed macramé and definitely want to explore some more techniques in the future with a lot more cotton rope – it uses up so much for such short pieces of knotted beauty.

In a nutshell, I bloody loved it. I painted an Acrylic paint canvas, I arranged buttons in to rainbow colours (there are a lot of rainbows!) I picked out the most interesting and beautiful crayon names and colours and cooed over ‘Periwinkle’, ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Atomic Orange’. I dug out one of my favourite sketches of oranges and lemons that I was really scared to post because I hadn’t really shared my drawings like this before – I was so taken aback by the lovely likes and comments I received that it made me feel so much more confident in my art. I shared Embroidery hoops and a rainbow of felt and merino wool tops. I reignited my love/hate for playing with glitter. I Handmade a bouquet of felt flowers for my gorgeous sister who got an amazing work promotion (Go Saree!!)

I got messy with Ink and arranged Jars of buttons. I Knitted and French Knitted and wove on a mini Loom. I learnt Macrame and organised pretty knitting Needles…

I hated Origami and even roped in my Fiancé to help me beautifully fold paper  not screw it all up and have a cry. I swooned over a rainbow of pencil crayons and re-visited Quilling (Which I hated in 2014 and fell in love with a little bit this time around – Also super proud of my attempt, even if we were up to silly o’clock in the morning so I could finish it off) I rainbowed Ribbons and saw zigzag Scissors. I ‘borrowed’ some IKEA tapes and laid out my Tape measures on top. I stamped out Unmounted stamps (U was a tricky one!) and displayed my favourite wood Veneer scrapbooking embellishments (kind of had to embellish this letter!) I wondered over rainbows of Washi tape and made stickers with my Xyron creative station phew! Thank god for that craft brand!) I shared my yarn collection in the Eliston Button Headquarters and made vibrant stripes with Zips (which was featured on and received over 6000 likes on A Beautiful Mess!!!)

A photo posted by Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess) on

I then filled in the number photo prompts with crafty storage solutions around the studio and snippets of crafty goodness and new ideas.

I loved each and every one of them and put so much effort into each one. I would love to know your favourites! So without further ado…

Here is my Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft…

Day 1 – A is for… – Acrylic Paint. My favourite type of paint to play with and I sure did make a mess this afternoon! 💙

Day 2 – B is for… – Buttons 🎨 A happy rainbow of buttony goodness – My fave! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 3 – C is for… – Crayons 🎨 I love these old Crayola crayons I have, the names of the colours are fabulous! My favourites are Thistle, Carnation Pink, Dandelion, Outrageous Orange and Cornflower. Which are your favourite crayon names? 🖍❤️💛💚💙

Day 4 – D is for… – Drawing 🎨 I dug out my old art college sketchbooks this morning to help with this prompt and I sat for ages flicking through them in awe of the amount of work I created and how proud I am off them. It made my little creative heart fill with pride! 😍✏️🍊🍋

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Create 30 – Let’s Do This!

Create 30 - An Eliston Button Blog Challenge - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Create 30 – Let’s Do This! I am going to do it. I am going to dive head first. I am going to probably regret it all half way through…but I am going to push myself out of that procrastination station I talked about a few weeks ago, jump on board the handmade boat and sail the creativi-seas (*groan*) to the island of turning 30…Okay…Okay…I’ll work on the metaphors…But, seriously though, jump aboard! Create 30 – Let’s Do This! (What do you think of the banner!?)

If you are new to my blog or missed my past blog challenges, in January 2014 (the same month I first started blogging!) I started my ’27 Before 27′ Blog Challenge which comprised of me creating 27 different embroidered felt flower brooches before I turned 27 years old in the June of that year and in turn opening the Eliston Button Etsy Shop for you lovelies to purchase them. The following year in 2015 I started and completed my ‘Create 28’ Blog Challenge in the same time frame. This one was A LOT harder! I set myself the challenge of creating 28 different doses of handmade goodness – a lot harder to think of 28 different things compared to at least knowing that I was going to end up with a flower brooch in ’27’. These also dove into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop, this time one by one as I went along. Now you are all caught up! Hooray!

Anyway, remember a couple of blog posts ago when I was having a bit of a dilemma? In ‘Confession Time…and a New Challenge?’ I had a chat with you about the pros and cons of starting another blog challenge.

Even when I had typed it all out and bared my crafty little soul to you all, I still had no idea what to do.

I have deliberated over it, going backwards and forwards, deciding for and against. I almost shelved the idea completely – heck, I almost gave up the blog entirely at one point…until I wondered…What have I really got to lose?

What's the Worst that Could Happen Quote by Eliston Button with Hand Lettering - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

If you followed my Create 28 Blog Challenge then you will know how this works. Create 30 will be much the same. The main concept is to make new stuff, try new crafts, broaden my existing creativity and throw a new spin onto old ideas, Progression is key.

I want to push and develop my creativity more than ever, push out of boundaries, push outside of my comfort, push outside of my own head, my confidence and that little part of your brain that tells you that you can’t do it.

So why Create 30?

Well, in a nutshell, I turn the big three-zero next June and I want to break all of the anxiety/panic/impending doom milestones down into easy, manageable chunks rather than big steps and giant leaps. I want to be able to tick them all off one by one and feel that sense of pride when I get to the end result (and will hopefully distract from saying goodbye to my twenties) I want to smile at each success and acknowledge each hurdle as I go along on this new adventure.

I want to grab all of those little ideas that have been floating around in my head for so long, grab them all up and finally explore them all, one by one. I want to get them all out and let them flow and change and develop. I want to let them fail and be worked out and reorganised. I want them to fly into the world and come back to me stronger and brighter and fun. I want to set all of the new ideas free and let them fly from the creative space in my brain and go on the best adventure of their lives. Exhaust them until I can take them no further, until they are ready to fly alone into the world, holding their own…

Then, I’ll start again, from scratch and do it all over again until I hit thirty. How exciting!

I want to make creative habits. I want to get into creative processes. I want to keep the wheels in motion, the cogs to keep turning and to make every day so that I stop overthinking it all. That it is a natural process of making and sharing and letting it all fly. I want to let go of the fear of failure and just make. Just show up and do the work and to keep doing the work, pushing beyond the little voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it or that I’m not good enough, before it even gets a chance to grow bigger than me or bigger than my ideas. The fabulous American dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp mentions it perfectly in her book ‘Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life’ when she said… View Post

Daisy in the Sunshine

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Where is the summer? Have you stolen it? I don’t know about you but I think the sunshine has emigrated to a hotter climate and left us to spend the rest of our days in gloomy, grey cloudy skies. What is the weather like where you are in the world? Ready to see a Daisy in the Sunshine?

I am just popping in with a quick post to share some fabulous photographs that a very happy customer of mine shared with me. I am so super excited that one of my little doses of handmade goodness is living a very happy life.

I love seeing my handmade pieces in loving homes or enjoying the sunshine in the big wide world – what more could I want for my little lovelies!?

Do you remember back to my ’27 Before 27′ blog challenge? Do you remember my pretty little ‘Daisy Daisy’ embroidered felt flower brooch?

Daisy Daisy Embroidered Flet Flower Brooch by Eliston Button on Etsy - Daisy in the Sunshine at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Well, my last daisy brooch in stock got snapped up from the Eliston Button Etsy Shop recently (I now only have one of each brooch in the shop – Just in case you had your eye on one!) and I was, as always, a little sad to see her leave as she looked so pretty all packaged up in pink and ribbons.

I knew she needed to go out on her own and explore the world – They grow up so fast don’t they!?

Embroidered Felt Daisy Flower Brooch by Eliston Button with Button Confetti Packaging - Daisy in the Sunshine at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Eliston Button Etsy Shop Packaging with Button Confetti and Creative Business Card - Daisy in the Sunshine at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Do you remember when I shared the story ‘Custom Orders and Creative Imagination’ back in February where my lovely customer had used my French knitted flower hair grips as really gorgeous curtain tie-backs? Well, this time around my lovely customer sent me photographs of my Daisy Daisy embroidered felt brooch whilst she was on holiday and I just loved how she had used the brooch…

Daisy Embroidered Felt Flower Brooch by Eliston Button on Straw Hat Close Up - Daisy in the Sunshine at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Isn’t it great!? I would have never thought to pin a brooch onto a straw hat to decorate it! How gorgeous does the softness of the felt look against the harder weave of the straw hat!? I was so excited when she sent me these amazing photographs that I let out a little squeal of delight… View Post

Confession Time…and a New Challenge?

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Grab a cup of coffee – It’s a biggie today! I have a confession to make….You know in my Birthday Adventures blog post last week when I was talking about my previous blog challenges ‘27 Before 27‘ and ‘Create 28‘? You know how I said that Create 28 had almost killed me off and that I wasn’t going to do another blog challenge again? Well…I have been mulling it all over again. Confession Time…and a New Challenge?

Yikes! There, I said it. It’s out there. Swoosh…out into the world…maybe I will sleep better now?

When I wrote to you guys last week I was very careful with how I talked about my previous blog challenges, mainly because I was waist deep in the middle of a complex argument in my head about whether I should or shouldn’t create a blog challenge to embark on this year. SPOILER ALERT: I still have no idea. 

I have been back and forth with ideas and pros and cons and it is driving me insane!

The main reason behind my crazy brain at the moment is that I need more structure to my days. Working for myself and by myself means that it can be a total procrastination station over here. I need a better working day ratio – more work, less procrastination for sure. Less consuming, more creating. Less worrying about getting things perfect, More work on getting things done, finished, out the door and move on to the next thing. Don’t look back. 

Productivity over Procrastination, Progress over Perfection - Confession Time…and a New Challenge? at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Except, as I know I can’t be the only one, it’s not that simple.

When I first explored the idea of creating this little biz of mine, I spent a lot of time reading. I read creative business books, how-to’s, blogs and magazines. I searched Pinterest (when it was in its infant years), watched YouTube speakers and creators, soaked up T.E.D Talks etc etc etc.

I thought that I couldn’t start until I was ‘ready’.

I thought I needed all of the information about everyone and everything before I could sign up for my own blog, before I typed my first blog post, before I hit publish, before I opened an Etsy shop. I thought I needed to wait until those things were in my reach. I was soooooo wrong. I was just scared. The fear made me believe that there really was a ‘ready’ at the end of it all and there wasn’t. I just had to leap off the cliff into the unknown abyss and find my own way back to the top. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was right to be prepared. I was right to gain some knowledge and find my footing first, but there is nothing like being ‘in the field’, nothing like diving head first out of your comfort zone and finding your own way.

Would another challenge help me find my own way again?

All of the reading and watching in the world wouldn’t have prepared me for starting a creative business, let alone all that I have learnt over the last three and a half years. I feel like it is exactly the same for all of my ideas that I have spinning around in my head. I find myself procrastinating and tweaking on a daily basis, rubbing bits out here and re-drawing things there. I find myself reading about bloggers that I look up to, watching them succeed and progress. I find myself watching just one more D.I.Y video tutorial, reading one more creative business advice post on Pinterest, Scrolling once more through inspiring images on Instagram, but not actually getting anything of my own down on paper. 

Just a whirlwind of new ideas, a tangle of overwhelming information and more often than not a huge does of the comparisons.

I find myself waiting for my ideas and my designs and my creations to be ‘ready’ to fly on their own into the handmade world when really I should let them run wild with abundance, sing and dance with the other ideas.

I need to give my own ideas a chance rather than cage it all in and wait for creativity to find me and unlock it all. I need to give myself the freedom to play around with ideas and make things happen for myself instead of just absorbing everyone else’s progress and then ending up feeling pretty yuk about my own. 

My blogging and creative business hero, Elise Blaha Cripe says it perfectly in her wonderfully written blog post ‘Time Spent Consuming VS. Creating’. Elise says:

Consuming VS. Creating - Elise Blaha Cripe Quote with Hand Lettering - Confession Time…and a New Challenge? at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I want to just stop here for a moment and breath it all in. I feel like Elise took the words out of my head when she wrote this.  View Post

Photo-a-Day – June 2016

Photo-a-Day Monthly Round Up at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How is it July already!? Where the hell did June go!? In fact, where did the last 6 months go? Jeez. Stop the world, I want to get off! It’s going too fast! Yikes! How are we at Photo-a-Day – June 2016 already!? To be honest I really thought I would be taking it a month at a time and re-assessing whether I wanted to carry on at the end of each month but I have got so carried away with it that I am seamlessly just merging in to each new month.

I guess the beauty of rounding up all of the month photos here, allows me to see the whole picture a lot clearer. I really do enjoy looking at them all together and seeing how far I have come from since I played along a few years ago in Photo-a-Day – March 2014 – Seems like a lifetime ago (Why did we all use those heavy filters and borders!?) I completed a whole year back then and then had a year’s break before starting again in Photo-a-Day – January 2016. Will I complete this year? We’ll see! You can see every single month of my photographs so far, here or read all about Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day challenge, here. 

It is a lot of fun seeing the different months and seasons of life, where I am or what I am up to…

Not forgetting the actual seasons and seeing the transitions between Spring flowers and Summer skies, to golden Autumn goodness to crisp Winter photos that nip at your toes!

I had a good Photo-a-Day challenge month in June. I feel like I put a lot more thought into the prompts and found I was a lot happier with the results…

Which is kind of a good mantra for everything really isn’t it? The more you put in the more you get back in return.

I love all of them a lot this month but I particularly love the fun and brightly coloured bunting and buttons that surround my Beach Hut Fabric Collage Print in Day 2. I loved documenting my day out in Cheltenham with Day 4’s ‘Reflection’ in Pittville Park. I really love Day 5’s little reminder to slow down and take a nap and capturing the start of my Birthday Adventures in Day 11. Day 12 and 13 showed my love for Lego whilst Days 15 and 16 gave a few more sneaky peeks of the Eliston Button Headquarters. Days 14 and 19 filled my days with rainbow colours whilst a more muted Day 21 made my heart swoon in pale shades of calm. My obsession with toys from my childhood came through in Day 28 and the sun shone down with my ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ Print covered in sunshine happy, yellow buttons before getting all nautical on the last day.

What an adventure. Not only in photography or layouts but in colour and creative thinking – My faves!

As ever, I hope this blog post brightens your day with an explosion of colour, cute and the usual emoji party that explodes into each round up blog post! 

So, without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – June 2016…

Day 1 – Key – The keys that unlock musical magic ✨🎹🎼🗝🎶

Day 2 – Treat – I treat myself to a trip to the sunny seaside every day when I look at my Beach Huts fabric collage print! I really love how the texture really translated into the flat print and makes me want to scrunch my toes in the soft cotton sand. Well a girl can dream can’t she!? ☀️🏖 This print is available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

Day 3 – Purple – Purple glitter is like sparkly magic! ✨💜✨💜✨

Day 4 – Reflection – Reflection Perfection! An almost perfect replica of the gorgeous little bridge in Pittville Park, Cheltenham reflected into the smooth water! It was so muggy today that I had to resist to jump in! I even snapped the reflection of the soaring seagull! 💙💚🌿

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