Around Here…April 2015

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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Can you believe that we are in May already! It is totally crazy pants how fast this year is going but on the other hand how much has happened to fill you all in on since Around Here…March 2015! (This seems like just yesterday!) 

I had a little weeks blog hiatus last week due to being a little stressed and burnt out from keeping my head above water with the Create 28 blog challenge doses of crafty goodness (I swear if I ever in a million years complete this challenge the round-up post will be twice the size of the ’27 Before 27′ one!)

Anyhoo, I start ranting now it will be a whole new post entirely! Hehe! Here is what has been going on…

Around Here…I always look out for these two friends on my way to Broadway Tower! The sheep and deer duo are my favourite and they always stick together! They let me get nice and close for a photo and I was super grateful as they are so sweet. They were the only two left in the field! 

The moon looked amazing right at the start of the month and I was equally amazed at the ability of my new camera to be able to capture it in such detail, including its crater! Gold star Nikon…Gold Star. 

I discovered this ‘Bust of Zeus’ at a local garden centre that I hadn’t explored before! Can you imagine the expanse of garden you would have to have to make this look remotely at home!? 

Primroses! These beauties were dug up and re-potted (by my lovely Mum) when we moved so that we could take a bit of colour with us for the new garden. I was sure they had all died but discovered them all smiling back up at me at the start of the month. Did I mention that I have this thing about Springtime?

Around Here…I launched my Picture Bead Coasters into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop after months of trying to find something suitable for my big mugs of tea and coffee. I am really thrilled with how they turned out and equally as thrilled that I was able to re-create them for Create 28. 

I discovered that the best thing about your family going to France was the yummy goodies they brought me back to go with a cup of tea! Hello taste of France…You my love, are my favourite:)

This month the fresh daffodils were bought in bulk for around our house every fortnight. They brightened up my kitchen, living room and hall way with their ever changing types bought from the supermarket for £1 a bunch and lasted the full two weeks before I grabbed some more bunches (I must remember this as soon as they appear next year!) They were my happy flowers for this month and pretty sure I used his to my advantage in a lot of my Instagram photographs! Also, Do you remember that ‘Home Button Home’ word tutorial? It is still going strong in my living room! 

Around Here…Workspace Wednesday was back on the blog with an Eliston Button Headquarters update. I was so excited to share with you the progress of my crafty creative space and loved hearing your lovely feedback on social media. 

The Eliston Button Headquarters is my crafty sanctuary and not only does it have to be a super organised, inspiring creative working environment, but it has to be a beautiful place to spend most of my work days! 

I was also asked by a lovely Instagram friend Anthea ‘What I’m Doing Now’ via the hashtag #WIDN – I was cleaning my chalk ink pads because I was a naughty crafter last time I used them and didn’t keep them clean! 

Around Here…I was so happy with my Picture Bead Coasters that I wanted to carry on the playtime with these little beads. Picture Bead Wall Hangings came about and I launched them into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop in the middle of the month! I love the hanging hearts and super fun bunting as they look lovely when they catch the breeze and spin around, not to mention the pretty lace-like quality they have when the light shines through the holes. 

Then in quick succession (which is the case with my Create 28 at the moment to cram them all in!) I launched my Hand Printed Streetscape Cards (Which may be one of my favourite so far!) They make me feel like I have the sea breeze in my hair, the hot sunshine on my face, that my worries have been long taken by the oceans tide and that the seagulls are calling out my name at the seaside. Bliss! I am so thrilled at how these crafty guys turned out! 

Around Here…I began to wish that Daffodils grew all year round with their happy, sunshiney faces! This was the last bunch we bought before the supermarket stropped selling them for the season and they were different to the others entirely. They had pretty and delicate little heads and had about two or three flowers off each stem. I bought my Mum a bunch too to add a little sunshine to grey days 🙂 Had I known they were the last I would have surely filled every vase I own with them all around my house! 

My mum A.K.A. my new succulent hunter found me this beaut of a plant on her adventures. It is called a Sempervivum Arachnoideum or Cobweb Houseleek (Also, sometimes it is known as  ‘Cobweb Buttons’!!) It apparently flowers and I am super excited to see how they turn out. Another beauty to add to my ever growing Succulent collection! 

I love the gorgeous warm light that fills our kitchen in the afternoons. It is the perfect space for me to take five minutes break with a cup of tea and breathe for a little while. 

I was also super chuffed with how wonderfully this photo of Mr. Bumblebee came out. Can I stroke your fluffy little tummy Mr. Bee? 

Around Here… the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine arrived on my doorstep – I plan a blog post about my subscriptions etc at some point! It meant I had a fabulous guilt-fee excuse to sit down and relax with a cup of tea – well, it is research right!? 

I took you all on part one of my Springtime Adventure here on the blog later on in the month. I was so in love with the bright colours of spring compared to the cold grey days of winter that I was inspired to go on a grand adventure to capture its beauty…and the honour to see a real baby robin in my parent’s garden! It was the fluffiest, cutest little thing! 

I completed the month getting into a real mess in the Eliston Button Headquarters with paints! It was great to be back painting again and super fun to give you all a teeny sneak peek into my next Create 28 entry! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for this one (I am tackling these in a really random order and am in desperate need to start the next one in line! For a really organised person – this challenge is a real curve ball!) 

 Around Here…I have overall had a pretty good month on the blog and with my photo-taking on Instagram. I worried It would lapse a bit since stopping the Photo-a-Day challenges for a while, but even though I am not posting every day, I think that I am managing to document what’s going on around here well enough 🙂 

Keep you eyes open for another Create 28 post later this week and don’t forget that everything that I have created so far for this challenge is in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop right now and I launch them all as I go along! 

How was your April? How do you document your everyday life? If you have an Instagram account I would love you to come and say Hello! I love discovering new friends over there to follow. I can’t wait to hear all about it! 

Meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!


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