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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How the blooming buttons are we in June already!? How did this happen!? I always get to this part of the month and love to create a round-up of the previous month, but always do so worrying that I won’t have done enough, or more likely photographed enough to make a round-up. This luckily is never the case (phew!) and always manage to surprise myself with how much I had forgotten!

I love being able to look back over my adventures, crafty or personal, I love seeing which blog posts were written and posted, which doses of crafty goodness are made and how far I have come…

I am still finding that I love this way of documenting my everyday things like buying a new plant or making a new Create 28 item compared to my previous Photo-a-Day method. This way I feel like the pressure is taken off a bit and yet I am still able to snap away and share with you my days and weeks each month. How lovely!

 Here is what has been going on in the Buttonsphere in May 2015…

Around Here…French knitting became a new obsession. I played around with my old Knitting Nancy for hours until I had finally grasped it all over again. I loved that I could make a continuous knitted tube and make this into a flower, or rather even better, a French knitted flower hair grip as No.14&15 of Create 28.  

I was sure that the gorgeous yellow wool was spun from the sunshine itself and the lovely raspberry pink must have surely been hand-spun by raspberry fairies!

I also fell in love with Portlebay’s crispy bacon and maple syrup popcorn – I mean come on!! It’s crispy bacon and maple syrup flavour and its popcorn!! What more could you possibly want from a snack!? 

Around here…We spotted gorgeous Wisteria on our adventures. I love the pretty, chalky pastels against that beautiful slate grey wall; I could stare at it all day. In amongst the chalky pastels of the Wisteria, up close it is just as beautiful as from afar with this huge dose of loveliness to a grey day. 

Whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch didn’t win a Walkers crisps free lunch! hehe! I rarely eat crisps and I never win anything, so this totally made my day!

I also happily sat in the Eliston Button Headquarters and made new paper confetti to add to my Etsy orders! I love putting pretty bits and pieces into each package as a lovely, fun surprise when it’s opened!

Around Here…I just couldn’t leave this little Hydrangea beauty at the supermarket reduced to 49p! Including the pretty pot! Bargain of the week! I may have got a little snap-happy because he was soooo pretty…It really is the little things…

Even after a week I was still obsessing over this little guy and even more impressed that I had kept him alive all this time! Way to go little indoor Hydrangea!

I was also obsessing over and swooning about the gorgeous Parma Violet purple, chalky hues of that other Hydrangea at a garden centre. I think I may have a new flower love! 

Around Here…I love painting, I love the smell of the paints, the daunting blank canvas, the deliberate brush strokes against the textured surface and a sense of accomplishment at the finish line. I love that you can create a small piece of your imagination. This week I announced No. 16, 17 & 18 in my Create 28 blog challenge were Sea and Sky Painted Canvases.

I was so thrilled to have sold my ‘Starry Night Sky’ canvas within about 40 mins of launching the canvases into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! How exciting! The other two; ‘Summer Skies‘ and ‘Calm Waters‘ are in stock if you fancy a look! 

I also realised that I must post my Springtime Adventure Part Two on the blog before we grasp onto summer with its sticky ice lolly hands and summer holiday spirit! It was full of beautiful flowers and baby animals! What more could you want!?

Around Here…I still love this photo/quote graphic I made for the Springtime Adventure blog post. It definitely sums up my love of spring flowers! 

But not half as much as I love actually being amongst the wild flowers! This one was taken on a fabulous day out with my fiancé to get out of the studio and into the world for some fresh air and a breather for the day. We had a lovely day animal spotting at West Midlands Safari Park. I love it there as the animals have so much space to roam around in their habitats and always, always look so happy to be there, especially when some are so endangered that there aren’t any left at all in the wild. This is so sad but so great that we, as humans are able to do something about this and keep these species away from extinction. 

Those adorable little penguin lovelies were super fun to watch too and the water looked so refreshing on such a hot day! “Smile and wave boys, smile and wave…” 

I also am amazed that I have kept this little Fuchsia beauty alive since it was a tiny little fragile plant. I am excited to see the beauty under her pink flowery blossom cape!

Around Here…Handmade Clay Buttons were next on the Create 28 list at Numbers 19, 20 & 21. I was so thrilled at how they turned out and also loved designing their pretty little button cards and sewing them all on. I definitely need to make a whole other batch to keep for myself! My imagination runs wild with crafty possibilities for these little flowers, leaves and chunky round doses of buttony goodness! 

I had lots of fun playing around with fabric scraps in the Eliston Button Headquarters and swooned over the blue hues and different prints in my scrap fabric stash – this may also be a sneaky preview into a Create 28 make! 😉

I was also super excited to launch my Typographic Quote Illustrations as numbers 22 & 23 in Create 28. I thoroughly enjoyed imagining up these original quotes, illustrating them and using digital type mixed with hand lettering to produce a yummy piece of graphic design for the Etsy Shop and crafty collections. (‘Knit and Drink Tea’ has sold out but I will restock as soon as Create 28 is finished on the 11th June and get a second to breathe! At the time of blogging, ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ is still available!)

Around Here…I shared individually, “Spread a Little Sunshine on your Toast this Morning” – I think everyone should do this every single day to banish those grey clouds and brighten their mornings! Especially Monday mornings – they are so not my jam! and…”There is an Old Lady who Lives in my Soul, She Loves to Knit and Drink Tea” I definitely based this quote on myself and my old soul!

40 squares of fabric, 209 pins and a whole lot of crafty goodness later I also was able to launch number 24 & 25 in my Create 28 blog challenge – Quilted Ball Decorations. I was asked a lot whether I would make them to sell and finally gave in for a short while for Create 28! I am such a sucker for pretty, crafty makes and lots of sumptuous ribboned bows! 

After a super busy week I was really grateful to go with a relaxing drive up the hill from where we live to just sit for a while with a hot coffee to just breathe and take in one of my most favourite views. I feel so lucky to have this all on my doorstep and love to take it all in and feel insignificant for a while. My fiancé and I sat and watched the rain storm on the right hand side of the photo sweep across where our house is and felt like we could see the whole world from up there. It’s a beaut! 

I can’t believe it is June already! It is even crazier to think (thanks to my sidebar countdown widget for the reminder) that I only have 9 days left to complete Create 28!! Ahhhhh! I think I better get a wiggle on! 

What a lovely month to look back on. I think it was definitely filled with flowery, crafty goodness and couldn’t ask for more! Well…maybe a desert island for a while! How was your May? Did you have any interesting adventures? What do you think to Create 28 so far? What has been your favourite collection to date? I would love to hear all about it! 

All of my photographs in this post are from my Instagram account where you can catch all of the crafty adventures and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks! I am always on the lookout for new people to follow so give me a shout! Also, all of my crafty makes are in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop and I would love you to grab a cup of tea and explore for a while 🙂 

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