Around Here…October 2015

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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am pretty sure I say this every month but how are we in November already!? Am I the only one that feels like this year has just whizzed by!? Blimey! If you want to catch up with my Around Here posts then grab a cup of tea and nestle in!

I had a bit of a panic towards the end of October that I wouldn’t have enough to make into a monthly round-up post. It’s been a strange old month and where I have still kept up with blogging at least one a week since coming back from my break, I seemed to dip back into a bit of a creative lull. Maybe its the change in weather, the grey days and the dark nights that has created a shift or maybe my brain is still pushing through the clouds in search of speaks of sunlight and needed a rest. However, here I am and here this post is, again surprising myself with the amount I actually did do and inspiring me to keep plodding through, because when I look back each month and reflect on these little colourful squares of my month past, I smile and remember the good bits, and shake off the grey fuzzy bits. 

This post has become a bit of a therapy for me in parts.

It allows me to see that it wasn’t all murky and tired and full of battling the urge to hibernate. There were lots of sunshine and happy and feel-good, soul restoring glimpses of magic. I will always hold on to those.

So without further ado…here is what I got up to Around Here…October 2015…

Around Here…My beach huts fabric collage flew it’s crafty self to a lovely fellow artist by the sea in Devon this week, it was obviously meant to be! This one here is called ‘Driftwood’ and is the last of my fabric collages in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop at the moment! My heart is always a little sad to part with them but I love thinking about the adventures they go on when they fly the coop!

Around Here…We headed up to where my fiancé and I had one of our first dates, The Rising Sun Hotel on Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham. Coffee for me, a beer for him and a view that feels like it goes on for hundreds of miles = perfection 😍

Around Here…I could have sat on that bench forever 😍

Around Here…Golden Oreos…to be honest taste a lot like Custard Creams. I’m not complaining, Custard Creams are fabulous but I was expecting something a little more Oreo tasting!

Around Here…I realised that I’m just not the kind of girl that can just walk past giant paper clips and not buy them!! These are epic! I am such a stationery geek!

Around Here…I found this fabulous ampersand whilst out shopping with my mum. It was huge so I didn’t buy it…now I’m having second thoughts! It would look great in the garden.

Around Here…I was ridiculously excited to explore Grand Designs Live at the NEC Birmingham and to be taking lots of photos to share with you lovely Buttoneers on the blog!

Around Here…Also at Grand Designs Live I really enjoyed a great talk called ‘Luxury for Less’ with Sophie Robinson and Dan Hopwood from The Great Interior Design Challenge on the Grand Theatre stage (More of that to come!)

Around Here…”It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” – Bern Williams. I was dreaming of all the little houses and all of the little people down in all of the little towns and villages below us on Broadway Hill in the Cotswolds (Our favourite!) 😉

Around Here…I have finally finished my mini weaving with the Mollie Makes Magazine mini loom kit! Remember my slow start last month? I am so in love with it and totally obsessed with using a loom like this rather than my usual peg loom.

Around Here…We went to our local Art Deco cinema tonight to watch The Martian – it was sooooo good! I love this cinema so much, it’s a real beaut!

Around Here…The building noise outside just got too much…I gave in! On came the noise cancelling headphones in a rare (half) selfie! – What I’d do for a quiet life!

Around Here…I love, love, love my new 2016 planner by Katie Daisy and super excited to get organised for next year! Does anyone else love this task!? Even more, I am excited to use Mollie Makes planner stickers. I am swooning over the watercolour washes and gorgeous hand lettering – so pretty!

Around Here…I picked up the Oxford Playhouse Theatre brochure months ago because I just knew I would fall in love with that hand lettering and autumnal feel all over again come Autumn…boy am I glad I kept it!

Around Here…I finally ploughed through all of my photographs for Part One of my adventure to Grand Designs Live this month and posted them into a cram packed blog post with super fabulous design goodness!

Around Here…”Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree” – Emily Bronte 🍁🍂🍃 I fall in love with the colours of Autumn more and more every year. I snapped these whilst stuck in traffic in Cheltenham yesterday and it made the slow crawl past roadworks so much more beautiful.

Around Here…As I mentioned before, one of my biggest takeaways from Grand Designs Live was the fabulous ‘Luxury for Less’ talk by Sophie Robinson and Dan Hopwood. I love Sophie’s descriptions of combinations of hearty textures and contrasting glossy elements.

Around Here…My Fiane and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary – This is us 11 years ago to the day on our first ever proper date! We look so young! I said a massive Happy Anniversary to my best friend/superhero/adventure buddy! ❤️

Around Here…This stops at Hogwarts, right!? I’ played Harry Potter on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway steam train! I was stupidly excited and had a fabulous day (I will try and blog about it soon!)

Around Here…I am obsessed with colours and Grand Designs Live did not disappoint!  I discussed the final part of my adventure to Grand Designs Live 2015  -Part Two. 

Around Here…My gorgeous anniversary lilies started to bloom and they smell divine! Stargazers are my favourite. 

Around Here…I snapped this hot air balloon from the Eliston Button Headquarters window. What an adventure those tiny people must be having in that bright blue sky! I couldn’t resist a bit of word art using the A Beautiful Mess app!

Around Here…It was Autumn walks forever 😍 You can’t beat a walk amongst the autumn leaves and trees and watch the liquid gold sun drop off every burnt orange leaf to blow away the blues. 🍃🍂🍁

Around Here…Autumn definitely stole my heart on this day 🍃🍂🍁😍

So, like I said at the start, it turns out that my October was pretty awesome if I solely concentrate on the magic of the good times – and why the hell not!? I fall in love with Autumn harder every year and those last two photos are my favourite! That said I love the photo of my fiancé and I from our first date because we look so young! I love photographs like that but when I compare them to ones now, I love us now so much more because our faces show a wealth of memories that only years and years together can create. 

I had the best day playing Harry Potter on the steam train too so I will try and gather my photographs together to share on here, but in the meantime, how was your October? Wherever you are in the world, what is your favourite thing about Autumn? I would love to hear all about it! 

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