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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I’m blooming back! Have you missed me!?

It feels like soooo long ago that I was sat here, mug of coffee in hand, channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw, tippy tapping away on my laptop…

Actually that all sounds way calmer than it actually was at the end of my Create 30 blog challengeIt’s been so good to step away from the editorial blog calendar for a while. I envisioned myself sat in the garden, reading my book with a cup of tea relaxing my days away. In reality it was so different!

I started off my break by completely stepping away from posting on social media. I needed to get away from the pressures of daily posting ‘perfect’ photos and battling algorithms to get them seen and just live my life a bit. Our family had a sad loss at the start of my break too so posting my day to day or Etsy Shop snippets just didn’t feel right. The break was exactly what I needed and I actually found that I wanted to get back to Instagram sooner than I had scheduled, full of fresh ideas and creativity that I had feared I had lost in the hustle and bustle. More on that later. 

So…What have I been up to? Well, a lot of my days have still been on the computer. I spent sooooo long completely re-formatting my back catalogue of blog posts. When I switched over to self-hosting my blog and ended up completely redesigning it, a lot of the text formatting and image sizes changed. I had even lost a huge amount of images on the crossover without realising, resulting in gaps between text and other images – Yikes! As a bit of an organisation obsessive enthusiast (now there’s an enthusiast print in the making!) This drove me insane!

With trying to keep my head above water keeping up with Create 30 and running on that never ending hamster wheel of social media – I had zero time to fix it.

So, with it niggling in the back of my creative little head, I knew that the minute I stopped blogging for a while, I had to get it done. Cue hours of soul destroying reformatting and image sizing…I was purely running on giant cups of coffee and listening to podcasts. At the same time I started re-taking the Eliston Button Etsy Shop product photography to jazz it all up a bit.  I have spruced up my prices, postage prices and search engine optimisation (Yawwwwnnnn!!) but everything is a lot happier and everything is how it is supposed to be. Phew! The prices and postage are all now in place if you have had your eye on something, but I am still trawling through the re-photographing stage! No wonder I am glad to be back. 

With all the admin out of the way, here is the pretty picture bit. They are a mixture of Instagram photos with their captions to fill you in on what I have been up to and a few behind-the-scenes photos too. Here is what I have been up to Around Here…Enjoy!

Around Here… Back at the start of July I wrote – “Hello lovelies 💖 I’ve been a little M.I.A over on social media for a while, my usual posting schedule has become a bit few and far between and I feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a creative rut. I feel like a lot of my time is spent working hard against the new algorithms, alongside battling the tide and noise of it all that I have lost my umph and feel really disenchanted by it all 😫 I have decided to, not just take a blogging break, but take a social media break too for a short while, in the hope I can get back my usual creative magic 👩🏻‍🎨 I spend so much time worrying and running on the hamster wheel of daily posts and hashtags and writing engaging posts that the fun, imagination and creativity has gone. I want to put down my phone and my laptop for a while and make something with my hands, something tangible, make my crafty little heart happy again. 😊I am unplugging away from the noise and concentrating on finding the parts that I love; the making, the experimenting, the creativity. 🎨✨ The Eliston Button Etsy Shop (link in profile) will remain open and I will flit in and out of here from time to time and add some Insta stories here and there when I have something to share. I feel like a break will do my creative little soul some good and allow it to feel refreshed and recharged to get back to it soon! 🌼 I urge you all to take a little time away from your screens today. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, sit in the garden, draw something, buy some flowers, have a real life conversation with someone and above all, find the fun again… 🌈💖

Around Here… I am just dipping in to say hello and make sure you know I’m still here. I have however, decided to extend my social media break for a little while longer. Self-care as looking after my mental health is very much a priority for me this year after a stormy couple of years and stepping away from my screen and unplugging the last few weeks have helped tremendously in getting myself back on track. I want to come back at it being able to fully dive in and be my best and most creative self. 👩🏻‍🎨🎨 We also had a very sad loss in our family last week so posting just doesn’t feel right at the moment. I promise I will be back when the time is right, but for now I will dip in and out to say hello and continue to post out your Eliston Button Etsy Shop doses of handmade goodness 

Around Here… I dug some home decor bits for the mantelpiece out of boxes from the move to make the place feel homier. We are trying to do up and decorate each room one by one, so a lot of our stuff is still boxed. Sometimes just digging out a few things and arranging them on the mantelpiece can brighten the place up and make it feel like a home rather than box city and a decorating disaster zone!

Around Here… Sex and the City was watched A LOT! I don’t care what people say about this show. To me it will always that old friend that you can just slip back in touch with to make the grey days a little brighter and make your heart feel a little warmer. A familiar favourite that wraps you up in a ball and sits with you under the duvet with a large mug of tea and a ball of knitting until you feel more ‘you’ again – You know the sort. 

Around Here… I’m back on social media! 🌼 After a longer than planned social media hiatus (life eh!?) I wanted to slowly immerse myself back into enjoying creating these posts again and what better way than to catch the end of the fabulous Allison Sadler’s_ #freeupmyinsta with today’s prompt – Colour 🌈💛 Whilst on my little break I have been working away behind the scenes to improve my blog and Etsy doses of handmade goodness, but also taking time out to make and craft for fun! Hooray! 🌼 Life is always colourful, good or bad and I intend to life it my way from now on, no stupid algorithms are going to dictate my posts or how regularly I post – I want to make it fun again! 💛 

Around Here… It was just a stripy pink bow in your hair kinda day yesterday on a family day trip to the seaside 🎀 Sometimes it’s just the little things you add to your day that make you smile (Also the rare ‘hair behaving itself’ day needed to be documented!) 😍💖 What is your favourite go-to accessory that makes you smile? 🎀

Around Here… 🌼 I’ve been behind the scenes reformatting old blog posts and sprucing up the Eliston Button Etsy Shop this week *yawn* 😴 I will be so glad when it’s all done and I can move on to updating my product photography to make it look all sparkly and new before getting back to blogging! 🌼 

Around Here… Trips to garden centres, like Webbs of Wychbold near me, are up there with IKEA for me as far as photographing every beautifully curated section and each little corner of planty goodness where the colours merge together into a rainbow of happy…just me?

Around Here… Another grey August day but at least my desk is bright and cheerful! 🌈💖Some days you just have to make your own sunshine! ☀️ I’m having a bit of an admin day today before spending the rest of the week re-photographing the doses of handmade goodness in the #elistonbuttonetsyshop to spruce up the shop a bit! 🎀 

Around Here… The photo studio took over the dining room table as we are soon to get the Eliston Button Headquarters re-plastered and everything needs to be moved around the house and out of the room – Nightmare! 

Around Here… Who knew that retaking my Etsy shop photos would take sooooo lonnnngggg!? 🙈 I’ve just about conquered the embroidered felt brooches and am hiding from the prints and woven wall hangings with a giant mug of coffee! 😳 

Around Here… “Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am” – Luna Lovegood 💖 *Squeeee!* I (finally) used the last of my birthday money to buy Luna 😍She is such a beauty and is definitely one of my favourite Harry Potter characters because she is always wholeheartedly herself, doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of her and absolutely has the best accessories! 🌈💛 In my honest opinion, we sure could do with a lot more Luna Lovegoods on the world and a lot less Pansy Parkinsons 💖

Around Here… Hooray for the weekend and a break from photographing stock and editing and general computer square eyed vibes! 😫 I am totally loving the big splash of colours that I’m working with though. They definitely brighten up these weird August weather days ☀️ You can find this sunshiney Sunflower Embroidered Felt Flower Brooch in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

Around Here…  I swear the weekends just whiz by in a flash! 😳 In other news I am totally obsessed with my new rainbow hose pipe holder for the garden! How colourful is that!? 🌈☀️ It currently resides on my living room bookcase with my sunshine happy rainbow purse because they look so darn beautiful together! Maybe one day it will actually make it to the garden! 😂 For now they will together brighten these gloomy grey ‘summer’ days! 💛

Around Here… Exploring our new town never fails to surprise me with its hidden corners of colour and pockets of places that make me smile. I love it!

Around Here… The middle section of my large rainbow weaving is super happy and makes for a gorgeously vibrant statement piece 🌈💖 Its fun spirited, vivacious colours and small pockets of magical detail are sure to catch your eye and add a huge splash of colour to wherever you choose hang it! 💖 Maybe you would adorn your living room walls with soft, happy treasure to pull a multitude of colours together to draw in the happy bohemian vibes? 🌈☀️You can find this woven wall hanging and many colourful treasures in the Etsy Shop

Around Here… The prettiest door I ever did see! 🌺 I blooming love a good door and now I am seriously contemplating painting my own front door. It’s like a door into a fairy tale! 💖 How wonderful would it be if everyone did this!? 😍

Around Here… Adventures around the lovely little town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. Isn’t it funny how somewhere you have visited your whole life not that far from where you live, can still surprise you with its beauty. Tewkesbury Abbey is a beaut! 

Around Here… In all those years visiting Tewkesbury, I had never visited the weir. It was so pretty and I am pretty sure that little house on stilts would make a wonderful new Eliston Button Headquarters! Imagine the view every morning at breakfast! 

Around Here… Shopping in one of my favourite cities can definitely blow the cobwebs away. I am trying to implement a lot more self-care into my life and little solo adventures to take it all in are just the job, especially on sunny days walking across the River Severn Bridge looking across to Worcester Cathedral. Heart Eye Emoji’s all round. 

Around Here… Crafternoons under the duvet (probably still watching Sex and the City) can definitely heal a heavy heart. Days where I just feel like more self-care is needed, are the days I am learning to let it all go and go and make something – even if it’s just a mess! 

Around Here… I finally got around to making(?) the ‘Bonjour’ purse from an old issue of Mollie Makes magazine. I am definitely putting this one down to a craft fail. I have learnt my lesson about trying to get too big for my boots and not reading the instructions. My five year old self would have been proud. My thirty year old self thinks it’s about time I did as I was told and that I should stop thinking I can just ‘wing it’. 

Around Here… On a better crafting note, I also finally got around to completing the embroidery hoop kit (Also a Mollie Makes freebie) Does anyone else just store these up and then blast through them? (Or as I usually do, leave them in a draw until I have a years’ worth!) 

Around Here… Rebellious me totally enjoyed making my own stitches and not following the true guidelines. Rebellious me also became a bit of a perfectionist when it came to scrapping the template, filling in all the colours with chunky stitches and let go a bit by adding her own French knot flair. A fave I think!

Around Here… I don’t know what it is about the middle sections of my woven wall hangings that I love the most but they make my heart swoon 😍 Maybe it’s the chunky braided Soumack weave that adds a really gorgeous tactile dimension to them? 💙 Maybe it’s the carefully selected tiny Pom Pom adorned yarn that adds a playful splash of colour? 💙 This one and many other doses of handmade goodness can also be found in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

Around Here… Happy September! This can only mean one thing – I can almost feel Autumn on my fingertips and I can’t blooming wait! 🍂 There is nothing like a fresh start and fresh new stationery to get the new season started ✏️

Around Here… Following on the new season stationery love I just couldn’t resist sharing my Stationery Enthusiast print! 💖✏️ Pencils and pens, drawing pins shaped like buttons, paperclips big and small…Sharpeners and crayons and glue sticks galore! You’re not a Stationery Hoarder – No way! You are simply a Stationery Enthusiast! Hooray! 😂💖 You can find this print in the Etsy Shop 📝 Are you a Stationery Enthusiast!? ✂️💕

Around Here… Little Miss Trouble was caught causing mischief! I love finding little left pieces of happy out and about. They really make me smile. Maybe I will start leaving little bits and pieces around wherever I go to spread some cheer!? 

Around Here… Back at it in the Eliston Button HQ this morning after a gorgeous bank holiday weekend full of adventures! ☀️ I woke up to this lovely little fella outside my kitchen window – what a beaut! Luckily I had my camera to hand (when does that ever happen!?) 💛

Around Here… Adventures in to the woods behind our house make my heart happy. They are so beautiful and calm and colourful…*Swoon*

Around Here… Birds chirping, singing their songs. The leaves sound like the ocean in the wind. The dappled sunlight dancing across the floor. You, me and the forest is my favourite. 

Around Here… After a weekend of relaxation and adventure in equal measures, I am back in the Eliston Button Headquarters. With a giant coffee in hand ☕️ I’m taking a moment to breathe before gathering together a blog post for this week! Hooray! 🦋 It’s been a lovely break from blogging but I’m sure it will be just as nice to be back…now where did I put my blogging hat? 🎩

So there you go and now you know! It is really lovely to be back but I am not going to be as strict with myself as I was before. I don’t want to force it and blog for the sake of getting something out each week. I want to enjoy it and go back to writing because I love to write and share photographs and document my life because I love to do those things. I want to blog because I want to and what I want to (Rebellious me loves it already!) It will be a lot more enjoyable for all of us that way. 

More self-care. More fun. More magic. That is the key to creativity and happiness and loving the life you live.

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