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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How is this new season treating you? I seriously love Autumn so I am happier to be living in cooler days with the warm sun on my face without all of the sweaty, humid icky feeling that this over-muggy summer brought for us in the UK. If you caught my ‘Button Colour Adventure – Part 4 – Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn’ last month, you will know how passionate I am about all things Autumn and the colour transition everything goes through. I bloody love it! Although, that said, I am baffled to how we are in October already!

Can we just stop the world for just a day or two just so I can catch up a bit? Better still, stop the world, I want to get off! Sometimes I swear I am stuck on one of those queasy tilt-o-whirl rides!

I really enjoyed my September to be honest. I don’t think I have been able to say that for a while, don’t get me wrong, we are still up to our eyeballs with house moving attempts and crappy estate agents. I still wake up some days feeling a bit upside down, but I felt a bit more on top of things in September – which is damn well worth a mention in my book! I felt a bit more on top of work and blogging and my Create 30 blog challenge. I felt a bit more on top of keeping semi-regular post updates on Instagram (which is a little success in itself when I am not doing the Photo-a-Day challenge) and We were super lucky to be able to go on a little holiday across the Dorset and Devon areas here in the UK, which was soooo needed and soooo fabulous – I did not want to go home! 

I still love this ‘Around Here…’ blog post series at the start of each month as it allows me to reflect on the month gone by (and generally exclaim about how quickly the year is going etc, etc – It’s become a thing now right!?) but not only that, it allows me to really cherish all of the good bits that sometimes the cloudier bits swallow up and hide away. It allows me to see the beauty of the everyday and relive the happy memory parts and push away the stresses or the worries or the anxiety.

It’s good for my soul to hold on to the good bits. It is necessary.

I am so happy that I can share them all in a little round up post with you lovelies – so thanks for humouring me! 

There is a lot I am glad I documented this last month. I will always remember that my best friend Charlie sent me sunshine happy sunflowers to brighten my days. I will always remember how happy I was that I found a cute beach hut tissue box that matched my Beach Hut Fabric Collage Print – it’s the little things sometimes isn’t it? I will always remember how I held on to a piece of beautifully watercolour illustrated plant scrapbook paper from Mollie Makes magazine to use for a future succulent photo opportunity, and how the very same week my parents bought me the cutest little crochet succulent from their trip to Holland.

I will always remember planting our garden with the happiest coloured frilly pansies and how they add sunshine to the greyest of days.

I will always, always, always remember my holiday this year. I will hold some of the places we visited in my heart forever. I left a part of my heart there to re-visit in years to come. I will cherish those memories forever and will always close my eyes and see the sea and cliffs at West Bay and the little row of beach huts at Charmouth (Did you know that they filmed Broadchurch there!? We had no idea until my sister texted me while we were there! We obviously then went on to binge-watch the entire two seasons in about three days when we got home – it had to be done!) 

So without further ado and more sentimental-old-soul rambling from me, here is my Around Here…September 2016…

Around Here…When your best friend sends you sunshine happy sunflowers to brighten up your days, you know you found a true gem! 🌻 Thank you so much Charlie Bear – I love you heapsicles and heapsicles (even though you were very naughty!) 💛😘

Around Here…I spotted this adorable little beach hut tissue box and I just knew it was going to be right at home in the Eliston Button Headquarters next to my Beach Hut Fabric Collage Print! 🏖🌴 Now all we need is for the sunshine to come back and we might just be able to imagine ourselves on the beach! ☀️ 

Around Here…My August was full of pretty florals and gorgeous dreamy skylines! On the blog today I am sharing my Around Here…August 2016 round up and I think it might be one of my faves! ☀️

Around Here…Shades of beautiful blues, teals and turquoises filled my August makes and I love them! 💙 They look so beautiful altogether too and you can find them all in my Around Here…August 2016 blog post – Grab a cup of tea and go on a colour adventure! 💙

Around Here…Having a reshuffle (it’s never ending!) of some of my storage in the Eliston Button Headquarters and found these two unfinished peg loom weaving projects from years ago! Blimey! 💜💖 Off to work I went to try and save them and tie up all the loose ends and voila! I love them all over again! 💖💜 “Maybe one day I will find and finish all of the unfinished projects of time gone by” – says every maker, every year 😂

Around Here…My gorgeous, happy sunflowers are still going strong! 🌻 I have said it a thousand times, but I love how bright and airy our little dining area is in the kitchen, especially with the sunshine peeking through the yellow blind! 💛

Around Here…Today is definitely being fuelled by coffee and buttons – heck, every day is fuelled by coffee and buttons! ☕️ I had a button sort out yesterday and I was a very happy crafty kid! 🎨💖 Check out my insta story for more buttony goodness! 😍

Around Here…”I must have flowers, always and always” – Claude Monet 🌻 I am so glad we planted sunshine happy colours in our garden as they brighten up the greyest of grey days! Hooray! ☀️

Around Here…Succulent love! 🌵That little crochet cutie in the front was a gift my parents brought back for me from Holland and he fits in so well you can hardly spot he isn’t real! 🌵 Love these gorgeous greens and outrageous oranges even more on rainy, autumn days 😍

Around Here…I find colour super inspiring especially with the magic that occurs in the transitions between the seasons. I am so happy to be spying the warm auburns and rich browns alongside the remnants of summer yellows and seaside blues! 😍 On the blog, I am taking you on a Button Colour Adventure (remember those!?) and can’t wait to see which colours inspire and excite you! 🍃🍂🍁

Around Here…Hello Exeter cathedral, you beaut! 😍 Sunny days, pasties for lunch, coffee to go, taking photos, short walks, long strolls, trips to the beach, adventures with my favourite…that’s what holidays are made of ☀️

Around Here…Can I live here please!? ☀️ I would never grow tired of this view 🏖 Exmouth Seafront 

Around Here…Blue Sky – Check! Fluffy white clouds – Check! Perfect little beach huts – Check! The bluest sea and the pebbliest beach – Check! Bravo Charmouth, Bravo 👏🏻 I can’t think of a better place to spend the day at Charmouth beach 😍🏖

Around Here…Beach life 🏖 You, me and the sea…Perfection 😍

Around Here…Seaside goodness at Sidmouth today! The waves are amazing 🌊 I am pretty sure all of my recent photos are blue themed! 💙

Around Here…Back at Charmouth to end another perfect seaside day 💙 I can’t get enough of these beautiful beach huts all in a row and want to take them all home with me…and the beach…oh and the sea…and maybe some ice cream?🍦⚓️

Around Here…Last day of the holiday 😭 I will never forget it for as long as I live. West Bay has my heart for sure and so does that bright blue sky and that huge yellow cliff face. 💙💛 I can see why they filmed Broadchurch here!

Around Here…Of course, we had to have ice creams as big as our faces (with a flake!) before we headed home 🍦😍 There has definitely been a blue theme in my seaside snaps this week! 💙

Around Here…Back to reality this morning after a wonderful holiday! I can’t help but notice that my Button Colour Adventure blog post last week where I said goodbye to summer and hello to autumn was maybe a sign of things to come! The colours I discovered blended from sunshine yellows and beach hut, seaside blues to deep reds and warm oranges that seamlessly move into gorgeous greys and woody auburns to mustard and fawn to deep leafy greens and hot chocolate browns much like what we have come back to! 🍃🍂🍁 

Around Here…I found these gorgeous vintage style buttons in my local fabric shop recently and I (obviously) had to buy all that was left! 🌺 I really love the contrast of the pretty, floral print against the shiny black surface, not to mention that light-catching multifaceted edge *Swoon* 😍

Around Here…Crochet lovers!! I think you will love, love, love my new Create 30 blog challenge make – No. 3&4! After a lot of requests and suggestions, I have (finally!) created TWO brand new crochet themed prints for the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! Hooray! 🎉 Grab a cup of tea and check them out! 😍

Wowee! What a good month that was. I am so happy to see it all over again here on the blog. How was your September? Did you have any adventures? Did you stop to notice the little things? What made you smile? Which was your favourite moment of my September? I would love to hear all about it! 

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