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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Create 30 – Let’s Do This! I am going to do it. I am going to dive head first. I am going to probably regret it all half way through…but I am going to push myself out of that procrastination station I talked about a few weeks ago, jump on board the handmade boat and sail the creativi-seas (*groan*) to the island of turning 30…Okay…Okay…I’ll work on the metaphors…But, seriously though, jump aboard! Create 30 – Let’s Do This! (What do you think of the banner!?)

If you are new to my blog or missed my past blog challenges, in January 2014 (the same month I first started blogging!) I started my ’27 Before 27′ Blog Challenge which comprised of me creating 27 different embroidered felt flower brooches before I turned 27 years old in the June of that year and in turn opening the Eliston Button Etsy Shop for you lovelies to purchase them. The following year in 2015 I started and completed my ‘Create 28’ Blog Challenge in the same time frame. This one was A LOT harder! I set myself the challenge of creating 28 different doses of handmade goodness – a lot harder to think of 28 different things compared to at least knowing that I was going to end up with a flower brooch in ’27’. These also dove into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop, this time one by one as I went along. Now you are all caught up! Hooray!

Anyway, remember a couple of blog posts ago when I was having a bit of a dilemma? In ‘Confession Time…and a New Challenge?’ I had a chat with you about the pros and cons of starting another blog challenge.

Even when I had typed it all out and bared my crafty little soul to you all, I still had no idea what to do.

I have deliberated over it, going backwards and forwards, deciding for and against. I almost shelved the idea completely – heck, I almost gave up the blog entirely at one point…until I wondered…What have I really got to lose?

What's the Worst that Could Happen Quote by Eliston Button with Hand Lettering - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

If you followed my Create 28 Blog Challenge then you will know how this works. Create 30 will be much the same. The main concept is to make new stuff, try new crafts, broaden my existing creativity and throw a new spin onto old ideas, Progression is key.

I want to push and develop my creativity more than ever, push out of boundaries, push outside of my comfort, push outside of my own head, my confidence and that little part of your brain that tells you that you can’t do it.

So why Create 30?

Well, in a nutshell, I turn the big three-zero next June and I want to break all of the anxiety/panic/impending doom milestones down into easy, manageable chunks rather than big steps and giant leaps. I want to be able to tick them all off one by one and feel that sense of pride when I get to the end result (and will hopefully distract from saying goodbye to my twenties) I want to smile at each success and acknowledge each hurdle as I go along on this new adventure.

I want to grab all of those little ideas that have been floating around in my head for so long, grab them all up and finally explore them all, one by one. I want to get them all out and let them flow and change and develop. I want to let them fail and be worked out and reorganised. I want them to fly into the world and come back to me stronger and brighter and fun. I want to set all of the new ideas free and let them fly from the creative space in my brain and go on the best adventure of their lives. Exhaust them until I can take them no further, until they are ready to fly alone into the world, holding their own…

Then, I’ll start again, from scratch and do it all over again until I hit thirty. How exciting!

I want to make creative habits. I want to get into creative processes. I want to keep the wheels in motion, the cogs to keep turning and to make every day so that I stop overthinking it all. That it is a natural process of making and sharing and letting it all fly. I want to let go of the fear of failure and just make. Just show up and do the work and to keep doing the work, pushing beyond the little voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it or that I’m not good enough, before it even gets a chance to grow bigger than me or bigger than my ideas. The fabulous American dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp mentions it perfectly in her book ‘Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life’ when she said…

Fear in Creative Endeavors - Twyla Tharp Quote and Hand Lettering by Eliston Button - Create 30 – Let’s Do This! at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

 So, why do you have to make it a blog challenge? Why not just make and sell?

Well… good question! I am a very goal driven person. I love to write a list and check it all off. I like to map it all out in front of me and create mini goals and milestones to push me to strive for each one rather than feeling super overwhelmed at the whole picture. By embarking on a creative blog challenge, saying out loud and sharing it here on the blog, I am holding myself accountable. I am less likely to pack it all in and give up if I am doing it all publicly without excuses.

If you read my ‘Confession Time..and a New Challenge?’ blog post a few weeks back you will have learnt that I am a regular in the procrastination station and by creating small bite-size, manageable chunks and goals then I will have more structure to my days, something to aim for at the same time as it giving me a total kick up the backside to get it all done. 

I work sooooo much better if I have a looming deadline nipping at my heels. 

It stresses me out frequently and I get overwhelmed, have a minor meltdown, make a cup of tea, get my head down and do my best work.

A deadline pushes me hard to make better decisions without allowing me time to overthink. They always say that nothing makes a person more productive than ‘last minute’ and this is so true for me. Like I said a few weeks ago, a deadline forces me to not question my creative decisions but to go with it. To show up, to do the work.

Productivity > Procrastination. Progress > Perfection

Mini deadlines, counting to the end goal will give me no choice but to concentrate on my own work rather than spend too much time falling into the comparison trap and allowing it to steal my own creativity. I really think it could be just what I need to push me to create to the best of my abilities, to learn and grow and discover. 

But hang on, didn’t you say you got really burnt with your Create 28 Blog Challenge?

Yep. But, boy did I learn some valuable lessons. I learnt that I need to focus a lot more on self-care. That I need to take breaks away, to unplug sometimes like I talked about in ‘Spring Break Unplugged’. I know that I need to pace myself but push myself, to do things ahead of time, to give myself breathing space. I need to structure my days and weeks and plan out my months. I need to create a blog challenge that spans over just under a year and not just under than six months like last time. I need to be kind to myself, to be gentle. I need to listen to my intuition, not allow myself to get too overwhelmed, to step back once in a while to look at the bigger picture but not get too daunted by it.

I need to break it all down into small bite-size pieces and to sometimes make some of those pieces chocolate!

I am sooooo scared. I am sooooo excited. Create 30 – Let’s Do This! Who’s in!?

I aim to create 30 new doses of handmade goodness and put them into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop as I go along before I turn 30 in June next year. I plan to make some things different, some things the same, but always a fresh new take on each idea. I am going to paint and design and play. I am going to let all of my ideas fly out of me and on to the canvas or page or fabric. I am going to expand and nurture my little creative business and make myself and you lovely Buttoneers proud. 

I am sooooo scared. I am sooooo excited. Create 30 – Let’s Do This! I need your help though…

I need you to reach out to me with your thoughts or to let me know you are there. I need you to help push me and to help encourage me. I need you to support this creative challenge, to come and chat to me and let me know what you think. I need you to share with your friends and get people involved. I need to know I am writing and making and putting myself out there for someone.

I need you to hold my hand and tell me you are here, that together as Buttoneers we can do this challenge conquer the world!

Are you in!? I can’t do this without you!

What do you think? Am I crazy pants to do this challenge? What would you like to see me make? What do you want to see in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

Maybe you want one of my prints to say something different? Maybe you want a new wall hanging in a different design? Maybe you want a new weaving adventure in a different colour palette? I would love to hear all about it. 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!


  1. Joy
    July 28, 2016 / 11:49 am

    Love the Banner! More prints and canvas art – ooh and that beautiful lavender embroidery ‘Bonjour’ that sold before going into your Etsy shop! Wishing you success and enjoyment in your new challenge.x

    • Eliston Button
      July 28, 2016 / 12:21 pm

      Hooray! I am so glad you like the banner! Thank you for the ideas – prints will definitely feature in my Create 30. Unfortunately though, like many of my Etsy shop items, the ‘Bonjour’ embroidery hoop was a one off piece. Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely well wishes 🙂

  2. Charlie Coombes
    July 28, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    I love the new challenge Rach, and am glad you’re giving yourself a little longer to do it this time around! I can’t wait to see all of your new creations!! Xxxxxx

    • Eliston Button
      July 29, 2016 / 4:13 pm

      Aww! Thank you lovely! I am so scared but super excited to see where it takes me creatively! Thank you so much for your support 🙂

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