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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am just popping in today to tell you about my Eliston Button Etsy Shop refresh that I am working on at the moment. Following on from the behind the scenes work I have been tippy tappying away at that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Around Here…I’m Back blog post. I have been playing round with my prices and postage prices and they are a lot more buyer friendly now, especially now that I have invested in packaging supplies in bulk! Hurrah! I have also been busy snapping away refreshing the photographs to spruce the place up a bit.

A lot has changed since some of these photographs were taken and I have progressed my photography and editing skills leaps and bounds since I opened my shop – Hooray!

If you are a long time follower of this little corner of the blogosphere, you may remember waaayyy back to my first ever blog challenge – ’27 Before 27′ where I made 27 embroidered felt brooches before I turned 27 – ahh! The days of being in my twenties!

Some of these little doses of felty goodness have sold as one-of-a-kind pieces, some have been remade, some are still looking pretty waiting to jet off to their new homes…

…Some of them are even brand new designs from my Create 28 or Create 30 blog challenges! Wherever their origin, they all deserved brand new, bright and colourful, crisp photographs to show them at their best. I thought I would take the opportunity in the quieter summer months before the Christmas rush to get started, but you can absolutely guarantee that two of them sold just as I was editing the photographs can’t you! Typical! 

Naturally, I am pretty darn proud of these little bundles of lovely so I wanted to show them off and remind you of their felty goodness…In rainbow order…of course! 

Hello Lover – Red and white felt heart petals with red and white embroidery and a bold red button centre.

Tangerine – Orange scalloped petals and crisp white embroidery to match a bold white button centrepiece.

Ballet Slipper – Pastel pink and peach felt petals with pastel pink embroidery and a peach, gem encrusted square centrepiece. 

Blackcurrant and Cinnamon – Rich purple embroidery on tan brown felt petal layers with an antique brass coloured metal centre that holds a purple gem centrepiece. 

Hello Sunshine – Pastel lemon embroidery, vibrant yellow flower petals with a yellow enamel and clear faux gem centre.

Sunny Days Sunflower – Yellow petals, black French knot embroidery and a black beaded button centre.

Sage and Onion – Sage green and onion tan brown with brown embroidery and a brown corduroy button.

Sage and Onion – Sage green and onion tan brown with brown embroidery and a beige coloured button.

Leafy Greens – Shades of green felt, variegated green embroidery with an patterned brown wooden button centre.

Lucky – Green felt clover shamrock petals with shades of green embroidery and a emerald coloured gem stone centrepiece.

Aquamarine – Slate grey and pastel blue felt petals with turquoise embroidery and a mint, purple and white flower centrepiece.

Peppermint – Icy blue and crisp white felt with a silver coloured metal button centrepiece with yellow and green detail.

Frozen – Icy blue and royal blue snowflake felt petals with pale blue embroidery with a gold coloured metal centrepiece with a black velvet centre.

Blue and White – Crisp white felt petals, bold blue embroidery hand stitched to a silver coloured metal oval centrepiece. 

Royal – Rich purple petals with purple embroidery, an antique gold coloured metal filigree centrepiece and a vintage white flower button centre. 

Purple and Pink Hearts – Purple layered petals, raspberry pink embroidery with a pink, purple and red gem metal centre piece. 

Pink Hearts – Vibrant pink felt heart petals with navy blue embroidery and a navy and gold coloured button centre.

Raspberry and Chocolate Pastel Pink and Teal Embroidery – Deep brown and raspberry pink felt petals with brown glossy button centrepieces.

Zig-a-Zig-Ah! – Hot pink and crisp white zig-zag petals with pink and white embroidery and a vibrant multi-faceted button centre. 

Pink Rose – Blush pink rose petals with pale pink embroidery and a pastel pink button centrepiece.

Merlot – Creamy white petals with burgundy embroidery and rich burgundy coloured button centre.

A gorgeous collection of felty goodness! 

Slate Grey, Black and Gold – Dusty grey and black petals with black embroidery and an Art Deco inspired gold and black button centrepiece.

Monochrome – Black and white felty petals with shades of black grey and white gradients of French knot embroidery and bold black button centre. 

Phew! All done and now I am going to move on to the Prints and Wall Art section of the shop, in between making some new designs and ideas that I have spinning around in my creative imagination. 

I would love to know which your favourite embroidered felt flower brooch is! Why is it your favourite? Is there a colour or design you would love me to create? Let me know! 

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