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Eliston Button Website Re-Design at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! Grab a big cup of tea or a huge mug of coffee for this one – it’s a biggie! 

If you caught my last blog post a few weeks ago (Custom Orders and Creative Imagination) you may remember that I said I would be a little ‘here and there’ because I was working on some behind-the-scenes magic for the future of Eliston Button. Fast forward to last Monday and I put out a sneaky peek of the Eliston Button Headquarters on Instagram. I also snuck in a little clue to the changes and a note to say that this here bloggity blog will be down for a couple of days for maintenance. I was soooo worried that we would all fall off the edge of the blogosphere with a crash, never to be seen again (it was mighty close for a while) – It was the first time I had ever taken the site down for a while in the over two years we have been chatting together with a cup of tea, and it felt soooo wrong (and actually a little bit good to not worry about it for a while) Anyhoo, seeing as you are now reading this I guess it all worked and we are back up and running….Notice it yet….Have a look around….Got it?…It’s all new and different!! Hooray! 

Do you remember in ‘Love is in the Cards’ when I said I had a serious case of the January’s!? Well, that kind of spread into February too :/ I think after two previous years of having a blog challenge to push my creativity – ’27 Before 27′ and ‘Create 28’ – I found myself a little lost as to where to go with my blogging and what to talk about.

In each of the previous years, I had been able to map out the whole first six months of the year with crafty makes and slot some adventure in between to mix it up a bit.

(Not to mention a whole lot of stress, panic and midnight sobbing) This in turn made me exhausted, pretty burnt out by June and a little frazzled to say the least (hence the lack of challenge this year – even though Design 29 had a fabulous ring to it!) 

Secret of Change - Socrates Hand Lettered Quote and Sunset Photograph - Eliston Button Website Re-Design at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

So, when I was trudging through the mud of the winter months, I knew I needed something to change, something had to give.

I needed to reboot my creativity, have a spring clean, start new chapters to set it all up for the future of Eliston Button.

For the last few months of 2015, I was toying with the idea of a website re-design. It scared the hell out of me but I knew I needed to change a lot of things to make me prouder of my little crafty corner of the internet. I wanted to want to come here to write and share not feel like I had to.

I looked into different themes and designs but none of them allowed me to totally redesign everything from the ground up and have more control over it all. Then I discovered that I could self-host my own website. This meant that I would have full control over the design and functionality of everything on my blog, create a fresh new space for ideas, a more professional look, cleaner design and more than anything, meant that I would own my whole blog. Before, my little pink haven was created through WordPress.com and something that niggled away in the back of mind was that they owned my blog and could pull the rug from under me whenever they wanted (I’d like to think they wouldn’t have, but who knows the future of anything these days!?)

It seemed like it had been staring me in the face for a really long time and I just needed to make the huge scary leap and learn how to pilot this little pink plane myself on the way down!

Eeeekkk!! It was time for a big kid blog! Hurrah!

My main concern was the disruption. I had so many questions, so much to figure out and all with minimal disruption to you guys as readers. I designed the whole new blog by using a temporary URL through my new website host. This way it didn’t touch the old blog that was still ticking away with me posting here and there to keep it flowing nicely. I was soooo excited about it all and wanted to tell you all about it but was super scared I wouldn’t be able to pull it off (All in a short time frame so that I didn’t have to pay for the renewal of my old blog and fork out for the new one all in the same month! Arrgghh!)

I learnt so much (I will blog about this at a later in an attempt to not make this post into my début novel!) Elistonbutton.com was own for waaaay longer than I had anticipated as we came across some mighty hurdles. But, without further ado…Welcome to the new face of all of the Eliston Button goodness…

Eliston Button Website Re-Design at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I love, love, love it. I love the clean cut design, the new menu bar and the square photo (which I still need to update at some point) I love the fresh open space, the white and pink and grey. I love that all of the Eliston Button colours are the same now and all come together into something I am so proud to say is mine. It is so weird to look at my old design now. It looks so clunky and busy in comparison, but, it did me well and at the time I designed it years ago, I thought it was the bee’s knees (small and hairy?) and it has carried me this far.

I will always be grateful to the old site I am but so glad it has worked through its awkward teenage years of lessons learnt and finally blossomed into a grown-up self-hosted dose of lovely.

I dove into the world of Plugins and widgets and themes. I leaped into a little coding, and domain name keeping and servers. I fell out of the plane a few times but I found the parachute cord just in time (Thanks to my ever patient, superhero, awesome fiancé, who tirelessly sat in live chat queues and took over my emails, night after night when he finished work to get it all sorted and running smoothly – He’s the best!)

I will now start the tour through the new stuff and old stuff so you know your way around the new pad. Come in, kick your shoes off, make yourself at home… (and by that I mean don’t break anything and clean up after yourself before you leave – kidding…no seriously…)

Eliston Button Website Re-Design at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

  1. The first thing you will notice is that I have the exact same banner logo – consistency folks! I couldn’t change this whole space, have you all arrive and wonder where the hell you were or whether you had taken a wrong turn past the craft shop (those places are seriously disorientating…ooohhh shiny….) I have however, decided it was time to add a tagline to my header so that newbie Buttoneers would know what this space was all about. This space has changed sooo much since the beginning of its time and I wanted to reflect that in my tagline.

I felt like ‘Art, Design, Craft & Adventure’ really summed up everything on this little bloggity-blog and encompassed all of my favourite things that I want to explore in the future too.

 Also – any excuse to shimmy an ampersand into my branding eh!?

2. I have a brand new lovely menu bar to help you navigate to everything. My ‘About Me’ page is re-vamped and full of new pictures and writing. My ‘Shop’ button leads you straight to the Eliston Button Etsy Shop rather than through a maze of pages like the old one did. Hooray! My ‘Contact Me’ page is way clearer to use and I now have a ‘Become a Buttoneer’ Page where you can sign up to receive all of these lovely blog posts straight to your email (Bravo if you are already a Buttoneer! – You are not supposed to have favourites – but ya know…*wink wink*) Also, this bar follows you as you scroll down the page so you will never get lost again and your links are right there for when you want to dash somewhere different! Hurrah! 

3. Hello…It’s me….I was wondering if after all this time….OKAY OKAY!! Sorry -I couldn’t resist! (And now that the song is stuck in our heads) It is me though, in a nice square box rather than a circle like before – as I mentioned before I seriously need to update this photo but as I mentioned with the header – Consistency! For now, this one won the war I had with any recent photos of my squishy little face. I also now have a bio! Wowee! Now you can read a brief paragraph about me and this blog before delving into the ‘About Me’ page…

…you know, like dipping your toe in to see if you like the water before cannon balling in, shouting at the top of your lungs!? Capiche?

4. Another spot to ‘Become a Buttoneer’ – for when you are knee deep in reading this blog post for example and super eager for more! Go on – You know you want to! 

5. Brand new pretty little social media buttons (made by me!) for all of your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook stalking needs! Hurrah! 

6. A search bar for all of your Buttony needs within Eliston Button. 

7. My six most recent Instagram photos displayed to lure you to follow me and see a sneak peek into all of the pretty photos that make me love that platform the most (don’t tell the others!) This will update daily, especially whilst I am still taking part in the Photo-a-Day Challenge – Come and join me! 

8. Find a Button – Click through the different categories that each blog post is put into for a more specific search.

9. Go Back in Time with Eliston Button – Read through posts that were posted on specific months of each year – For when you know roughly what you are looking for or when it might have been posted. 

And Voila! That’s all folks. Some of the numbers were pretty self-explanatory but I wanted to just briefly go through each feature – more of a record for me than anything!

It is always nice for me to look back over old features or posts and see how far I have come. This blog also acts as a little memory keeper for me too! Bear with me on those sort of posts!

I tell myself you find them interesting and like to see some of the behind-the-scenes work – just play along won’t you!? 

So, there you go and now you know! I am going to shuffle off and lie in a dark room for a few days and recover from it all! What do you think? What are your favourite new features of designs? I would really love to hear all about it as it really is all for you lovely Buttoneers! 

I am so happy with how it all turned out and I feel like my little creative space on the blogosphere has finally blossomed into the pretty little flower I had always imagined…

Obviously if you come across any errors, problems or broken links please le me know via the ‘Contact Me’ button on the main bar so I can get it all running smother than a smooth thing. Thank you so much for getting this far!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Everyone that subscribes via email – You shouldn’t need to do anything different (let me know if this is not the case and you are not receiving them) However, if you follow along via a reader like WordPress, You will have to type you email into the ‘Become a Buttoneer’ box to begin receiving updates to your inbox! Go! Go! GO!

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!

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