Fifty Whole Blog Posts!!

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Good afternoon Buttoneers! Are you well!? I jolly well hope so because today I want you to grab your party hats and blow your party horn really loud (come on! make an effort….that’s better!) because this, my lovely friends, is my 50th blog post!! 

Can you believe it!? As you can probably tell from the massive overuse of exclamation marks already, I am pretty darn excited about this because I have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I am not getting all big headed on you all just yet, but what I mean is that I only started this blog properly, live to you lovely readers, on the 7th January 2014.

Just over two and a half months ago I set out to document to my crafty adventures and to make new friends with like-minded people.

I had a few blog posts from last year that I had written and kept them as a starting point to avoid a blank canvas and hit the scary ‘publish’ button. I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack! I was so scared of putting my blog and website out there, so scared of putting the thing I had spent so long building and designing and learning coding for. Hell, I was scared of putting myself out there, it felt like I was shouting from the rooftops “Hey, you there! Look at what I put my whole heart and soul into making – wanna judge me?” It was pretty terrifying and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a good heapsicle of that icky feeling every time I hit publish, but that is only because I care. I care about my work, I care about you, I care about what you think about my work and my photographs and my topics…I care about whether or not you will want to chat to me in the comments and I care about having your support, because, without you lovely new friends, this blog doesn’t work. Thank you (grab yourself a virtual slice of cake…or two)

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I am also going to be honest with you (I think you deserve at least that) It has been tough. Really tough actually. When I started I had no idea what I wanted this space to become and no real idea of how much of myself I would put into it. I plan every single post, at least a few days before (I am working on making this a week or two before but time management hates me at the moment) and I write it up in my blog planner (Above. The one with the crazy amount of button stickers on it…yep…that’s the one) 

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I have separate sheets for the details and the plans and the sketches of layouts etc…

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This alone is a lot of work, not to mention the crafting/making/creating/photographing/editing/writing/re-writing/spell checking/re-reading etc etc. You get the point. I like to take and edit my photographs at least the day before a blog post is due. I have to also factor in that the item or tutorial has to be made by then, and the fact that because of the particularly wet and cloudy winter we have had here in England, I can only take my photographs in the morning so that I don’t end up with a strange blue hue on them (as the sun is over the top of the house by then) So the pre-planning is actually more work than the actual writing of the post! Who would have thought!? That means that I am constantly thinking about my blog; when I go out, when I do my shopping, when I check my planner, when I work harder so I can have lunch with my mum, and worse, right before I close my eyes to go to sleep.

Regardless of this (and I know it’s not just me that works hard, you all do, this is just from my perspective) I love it. I love interacting with you all, chatting to you in the comments or having conversations on Twitter, exploring your Instagram photos and swapping stories and tips. I love the interaction with you beautiful people. I love that I have such a friendly, helpful and hilarious network of new friends because of this blog. It is by far my favourite part. 

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So, this is what 50 whole blog posts look like in a lever arch file. I like to print them off and slip each one together in a single plastic wallet to refer to and to see what I have done before and what photographs I took. Also, because I am proud of them (and kind of super organised)

I have learnt so much in this short amount of time. About blogging, about my time, my work, and most of all about myself. I have learnt that I get so stressed out and overwhelmed sometimes that I want to run and make pillow fort and hibernate until it has gone away. I have learnt that from the ashes of that crash I am able to rise again, stronger, more determined than ever and that this is when I have my best ideas.I have learnt that a deadline is paramount in me getting a project finished.

I have learnt that starting a blog challenge in my first week or so of blogging was not the brightest idea I have ever had. But, I have also learnt that by creating a challenge for myself it pushes me harder to be the best I can be and create the best I can create in that moment.

I have learnt that overwhelm and stress and pressure that I sometimes put myself under, can lead to burn out at 11pm, with tears streaming down my face, a snotty nose and me blubbering and sobbing about how I want to give it all up and walk away. But, I never do. I have put too much into this to just simply walk away. I have never worked so hard in my life but I feel full and happy and my creative little old soul is happy. And… that’s surely the meaning of life, right?

So, on that note and because my studio is a mess…hell my house is a mess! Because I need to think more creatively not under the pressure of three to four blog posts a week. Because I need to let my Fiancé see more of me than the top of my head above the laptop/iPad/smart phone/sewing machine/draped in fabric AND because my new beautiful and super talented friend Lauren Lanker of The Thinking Closet reminded me this morning, in such a supportive and heart-warming email, that I want to give you lovely readers QUALITY not QUANTITY. I respect you all far too much not to, so I have, after a lot of worry/over thinking/indecisive nonsense, that I am going to let ‘Workspace Wednesday’ take a holiday until I have completed my ’27 Before 27′ Blog challenge. This will return in June but just give me “a little room to breathe” as Lauren so perfectly put it so I can think more creatively, live outside of the blog a little more and bring you more adventures, more creativity and more passion…and hopefully get more sleep! 

I knew you would all understand! Phew! And, even though ‘Workspace Wednesday’ is taking a break, I have a special post coming this Wednesday to let you all relax into the new schedule gently 🙂 

Thank you all so much for your support! Here is to 50 more blog posts at Eliston Button! 

Meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I will bring the cake and click the kettle on!

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