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Hello there Buttoneers! I can’t believe we are here already. This journey has seemed to fly by so quickly that I am amazed we are already at this destination, already half way to buying postcards and taking selfie’s by the pier! 

I sure hope you are sat there in your party hats, surrounded by cake and confetti because this my lovely Buttoneers, is my 100th Blog post! 

Do you remember my 50th post!? It seems so long ago now! One of the first things I wrote for this blog was my About Page. It was really hard and I had no idea how to even go about summing up into words of who I was and what made me tick. I got there in the end and as I read back across those nervously typed words I can still relate to each and every one of them. I still have a huge “Curiosity for craft and a big heart for handmade” I am still excited to try new things and think of a thousand ideas that probably won’t work! A lot has progressed though I suppose, the more I have written, the more I have learnt. I more I have grown alongside this blog and the more open I am to changes or  failures that before I would have run a mile from.

This blog, Eliston Button, has seen many transitions in its tiny start of only just over nine months. The Eliston Button Headquarters started off in on a small desk in the corner of our old bedroom where I nervously typed out Hello! Good Day! Bonjour! Aloha! with a jumble of words about myself to try and make some sort of starting point. We then moved the bed out into a smaller back bedroom and created a studio/office space that still housed our wardrobes – not ideal but needs must. Then most exciting of all, my fiancé and I (who have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary by the way!) bought our first house together after renting for ten years. This super exciting adventure meant that the Eliston Button Headquarters gets its own dedicated craft studio! Yeay! (Well it will once we have completed it and the rest of the house – no one tells you how long it takes!) You can see my studio sneak peeks here in my old Workspace Wednesday posts – Studio Update and Studio Update Part 2

It’s super crazy to think that this time last year I didn’t have a public blog. I took photos of autumn but shared them in December in one of my favourite ‘kick up the butt’ posts called ‘Autumn Glitter and I’m No Quitter’ after a rough time in my personal life and then went on the launch the blog in January. Until then I had written a handful of posts including one of my all-time favourite tutorials – Quilted Christmas Baubles – A Tutorial but kept them all private. I didn’t feel ready…I never felt ready. Sometimes I still don’t. I really did have to take a giant leap off of that metaphorical cliff and how does the quote go? Learn how to fly on the way down?

I am so grateful to my scared newbie-blogger self for holding my breath and clicking that publish button with one eye shut!

I still take that deep breath before each blog post or tutorial or review is published, but that’s the fun isn’t it!? The nervous excitement and panic of maybe it not being good enough as another small part of you frantically learns to fly by itself into the bloggerverse. I have learnt to let go a lot more too. To trust in my words, to trust it will survive and that if it doesn’t or if it flops…well…then that’s okay too…At least I tried. At least I got that step further forward. After all, worse case I can go and make a cup of tea…eat a cupcake the size of my face or better still…take a nap and hibernate away for a while.

I have learnt to jump over hurdles in my way a lot better now too. My blog, like any blog, is just small snippets of my life. It’s a bit like the well-lit and perfectly positioned snippets of life on Instagram or Pinterest. It is just a portion of life, a really pretty, perfect looking portion. There are hurdles with everything; they can affect everything, including this small space here, this small crafty corner of the internet. If I am having a hard time in my life then I find it harder to be creative, the nasties block my creativity for a while which in turn makes me grumpy and less likely to want to sit and make something or write about it. Just as if the blog is struggling, I struggle push it out of my mind. It really is only about 5% of the time that I sit at my desk and type away imagining that I am Carrie Bradshaw gazing out of her fabulous Manhattan apartment window, head filled with inspiration and all of the answers! The other 95%? well…that’s just real life.

That exactly sums up the one thing that I have to tell myself on a regular basis. I am on my 100th Blog Post. I am still relatively new to this blog lark. My blog is a baby. So why sometimes do I compare it to someone else’s blogs teenage years or adulthood? I think everyone needs to do that a little less.

Stop the comparison stealing the joy of the now. I am and my blog is a work in progress and over the last 100 posts I am just starting to learn this. I am learning to do what I have to do to get things done.

To do the bits I don’t like as much first so that I can sit back and enjoy the rest. That at the end of the day this is my blog, I work for me. If I am having a bad day or wake up with a horrible migraine then I go back to bed. The blog post can wait. No one will die if I don’t post a blog that day, or week or even month. That if I feel like I am burning out that it is okay to have a break. 

I remember taking my first ever blogging break. It was for about two days! I spent more time panicking that my stats would drop or my little blog would fall of the face of the internet that I didn’t really get a break and felt just as frazzled when I came back. It was silly. I have learnt. I have learnt that sometimes I have to take a small step back to be able to make a giant leap forward. 

I have learnt, over 100 blog posts that I need to relax. I need to remember why I do this. I need to enjoy the process not just the end result and know that even when life sometimes gets in the way. Eliston Button will still be here. Waiting for me to pick myself up and carry on. Over the course of 100 blog posts, 27 felt embroidered flower brooches made in my ’27 before 27 blog challenge’, a huge house move, an Etsy shop opening and a whole lot of ‘real life’ , that I have come so far since that scary publish button and I am so excited to see how far Eliston Button can go. I am excited for the future, for new posts, for new tutorials, for new ideas and for new adventures! 

There has not been a day that has gone by where I haven’t not had a visitor page view and I am so so proud of this and  I thank you all, you lovely lovely Buttoneers for that. Every time you leave me a comment or send me an email or write to me on social media… it warms my heart. It makes me realise why I love doing this so much. Thank you.

Thank you to those of you that give me that nudge and say “we are here” – It makes such a big difference.

The bottom line? I love it here, and if you’ll have me…I’d like to stay a little while longer…here’s to the next 100! The future is exciting for Eliston Button. I have so many plans and ideas and new products in store for you all. I am just taking some time behind the scenes to learn and take time to enjoy it all and figure it all out. 

Which has been your favourite post so far? Have you tried any of my tutorials? Did you have a favourite brooch that I shared? I would love to hear all about it! 

Meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!


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