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Hello there my lovely Buttoneers! If you didn’t catch my last post on New Year’s Eve then a massive Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are full swing into Two Thousand and Fifteen! Crazy pants! 

Anyhoo, today I wanted to be out with the old and in with the new and share my photo-a-day round-up for the last month in 2014 – December. You can find my other Photo-a-Day round-ups here.

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It was a crazy year for me and December was the busiest by far. I explain all in my Merry Christmas post. I was so worried that I would be flying around trying to get everything done before Christmas, at home and on the blog, that I wouldn’t have time to document it all. But, alas! Photo-a-Day saved the day again and by taking a moment of my time to snap a quick photograph for each prompt I was able to capture the magic and chaos of my December.  

I just love that even in the depths of a hectic and stressful month; I was able to take a moment each day to recognise the beauty around me that ordinarily I would have missed. 

Here is my December 2014…

Day 1 – Fruit – A mince pie counts as fruit with my morning coffee right!?           

Day 2 – Grass – The last autumn leaf in the grass in Broadway

Day 3 – Pop! – This champagne cork went pop when we moved into our new home (our first bought house!) in June

Day 4 –  Free – My new 2015 diary not only tells me when I am free (I love it before I start to fill in dates and it’s all so free and calm looking!) but it’s super pretty too!

Day 5 – Me – Just me 🙂

Day 6 – Joy is… – Making breakfast together at the weekend!

Day 7 – Weekends are For… – Playing Lego Batman 3 with my fiancé in our pyjamas 🙂

Day 8 – Simple Pleasure – Taking five minutes out of a busy day to paint my nails!

Day 9 – Decoration – You can see a mini-me in the baubles! Let me out!

Day 10 – Closed Door – We were back in the hotel again this week for further house painting etc and our closed room door handle looks like a man smoking a pipe!

Day 11 – Something Red – The red handmade felt flower brooches from the collection in my Etsy Shop

Day 12 – Skyline – Worcester’s city skyline with its gorgeous reflections in the river marks the last hotel stay in the city!

Day 13 – Much Loved – Coffee (especially with free refills!) with my gorgeous fella 😉

Day 14 –  Drink – Eat, drink and be merry!

Day 15 – Super! – There is something about building flat-pick furniture that makes you feel a bit like Superwoman! Hehe!

Day 16 – Beautiful – I know I am pretty biased but I think our Christmas wreath looks beautiful against our front door! (Our first Christmas in our first bought house!)

Day 17 – Sunshine – Not a lot of sunshine around here at the moment with the grey, wet wintery days so making my own with this cute terracotta button!

Day 18 – Sign – I love my new little ‘Merry Christmas’ sign but I love the shadows it makes more! So Art Deco darling!

Day 19 – Something To Be Happy About – Even though I had a bad night’s sleep I was happy to be able to see the gorgeous sunrise this morning. Silver linings and all that!

Day 20 – Food – Hello Panda! I am a little obsessed with these cuties!

Day 21 – This Is Interesting – I always find Mollie Makes magazine super interesting and am so in love with the stationary goodness that came free too! I am such a stationary geek!

Day 22 – ‘Tis The Season To… – Finally put up our mini tree in the hallway until we dig out the decorations tomorrow (we were still unpacking after the move/repaint/ceiling replacements)

Day 23 – Tree – Still no Christmas tree up yet but we are getting there with the unpacking It is at least out of the garage and in the living room for festive dressing tomorrow! Better late than ever eh!? So here is our really cute topiary tree!

Day 24 – Colour – The new Eliston Button Headquarters is starting to come together slowely and show a predominant colour! PINK!

Day 25 – Celebration – We finally got the tree up for the Christmas celebrations! Merry Christmas!

Day 26 – Animal – My first balloon animal (a dog) was made today from a brilliant cracker game at my parents’ house! There were lots of rude jokes and it was hilarious 😀

Day 27 – I Like… – Ikea and Cake! (Yes I know…I know…We are here again! (I swear I should be sponsored by this beautiful place!)

Day 28 – Book – I rarely get time to sit down and read a book but I love love love listening to audio books and podcasts while I travel, work or craft. I am obsessed with Serial at the moment, its soooo good and I can totally see why it has gone viral!

Day 29 – I Need Less Of This – Ice on the car! Brrr!

Day 30 – Us – Me and You <3

Day 31 – My Best Bit Of 2014 – Buying our dream house at the start of the year because we only dreamed of getting onto the property ladder before. We have had so many problems and stresses but at the end of it all we have our own home that we love and are proud of 🙂

 Wowee! What a month! There are so many lovely memories that I was able to capture during December. I am glad I documented my new 2015 diary on Day 4 because it’s super pretty and that I actually snapped a rare selfie of myself on Day 5 with my hair down (I am getting better at wearing it down!) 

I am in love with Day 6 and Day 13’s photos in equal measures as they totally sum up my fiancé and I doing everyday things together as a team. I have promised myself I will take more of these as they make me realise that it’s the little things that matter.

Day 12 and Day 15 mark the end of Hotel stays and the start of getting our home (and our lives) back after a tough period of house problems. Day 16 is one of my all-time favourites as I love our wreath so much and this made it feel a bit more Christmasy! Day 20 took me back to my childhood whereas Day 24 was a massive step in the right direction for the Eliston Button Headquarters! Yeay!

I will forever remember the excitement when I realised that my photo for Day 23 had been chosen as one of Fat Mum Slims ‘Fab Four’ on Instagram! Yeay!  Whereas Days 25 and 26 perfectly sum up my beautiful and fun Christmas with my Fiancé and my Family. 

We have spent a ridiculous amount of hours in Ikea this year and I am so glad I was able to document this in Day 27, whilst Day 28 is a lasting memory of how obsessed my fiancé and I were to listening to Serial everywhere we adventured to over Christmas. 

I love that this photo-a-day challenge is still challenging my creativity, making me think about my photography composition but most importantly documenting the little everyday things in my life that I would hate to forget.

I am excited to start afresh in 2015 and see where these little simple photo prompts take me…

Do you take photos to document your everyday? Do you take part in the Photo-a-Day challenges? 

Maybe you could play along too!? Join me on Instagram to see how I get on and better still, join in on Fat Mum Slim’s prompts. Share your Instagram links in the comments as I would love to see how you get on, or even if you don’t play along, I always love to see little square snippets of people’s lives…I am a bit nosey!

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