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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am back from my teeny blogging break and I would like to say I a bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of beans but I am tired! Does anyone ever not feel tired!? As promised I am back with my photo-a-day round up for February which means two things. Firstly that I have completed 12 months of the Photo-a-Day challenge! A whole year! 365 guaranteed photographs of everyday life attached to a daily prompt. Wowee! That’s a lot! *Pats self on back* 

Secondly, it also means that I am done with the photo-a-day challenge for a while. I know…I know…It is only one photo each day and it’s done. But at the moment it feels like so much more than that. If you have missed my previous Photo-a-Day post you can catch up here. I will explain more later in this post but for now, take in all of the colour, all of the pieces of my every day, join me in remembering February 2015… 

Day 1 – On My Plate – A lovely lady with Quaver curls! These plates are super fun and were a house-warming prezzie from our Aussie friends

Day 2 – Mail – We have a pretty post box in our kitchen for all of our mail

Day 3 – Water – Every few days I water the daffodils in the kitchen. They are so cheery even on the grey days 🙂

Day 4 – Reward – Treated myself to a Latte in my new Cath Kidston mug and a slice of lemon cheesecake for getting through today with a horrid headache and technology problems and not giving up and going back to bed! (I seriously contemplated it!)

Day 5 – Something Blue – I didn’t realise I had so much blue sat together in my craft studio! I love my Tardis and giant pen lid pen pots and that ceramic coaster is my fave 🙂 Not to mention the blue button door handle and mini Tardis pencil topper!

Day 6 – Makes Me Smile – This Guy. Every. Single. Day. He is not just my fiancé but my very best friend and he makes me smile even when I am feeling poop 😀

Day 7 – Stripes – By chance I grabbed my pretty stripy bow socks from my sock drawer this morning!

Day 8 – In My Bag – Panda bear gloves, a pencil case for girly things and tablets, my purse, mango hand cream, my sunglasses and their polka dot case, a pen, spare hair bobbles, pink headphones, Hello Kitty tissues, wet wipes, a pack of polo’s, a sewing kit, a mini hair brush and my house keys! Phew!

Day 9 – Energy – These two, like me sometimes, get their energy from the sun shining on them 🙂

Day 10 – This Inspires Me – Colour. 9 times out of 10 I choose colours first, then imagine up the design later

Day 11 – On The Wall – Finally got around to putting my flamingo tote bag wall art on the wall! (You can find the tutorial on the blog here)

Day 12 – Pointy – A pink pointy pinwheel 🙂

Day 13 – Temptation – Temptation got the better of us when we found American chocolate imports on our mini-break! Yum!

Day 14 – Love – Like in the old fashioned black and white films kind of love 🙂

Day 15 – Spot – Spot the spot covered in spots!

Day 16 – From Where I Stand – Eliston Button Headquarters is still a long way to go but is starting to come together a bit more 🙂

Day 17 – Routine – I always try to insert a moment of calm into my morning routine.

Day 18 – Bedside – My bedside is always colourful and always includes a good book, lavender pillow mist, my Hello Kitty alarm clock and a giant flower lamp!

Day 19 – Fresh – Every day I try to eat fresh fruit and having a glass full of grapes on my desk helps curb feeling hungry and ‘picking’ at the wrong things!

Day 20 – This Is So Me! – “The best things in life are handmade” – This Project Life journalling card is so me!

Day 21 – Matching – I bought two matching ampersands so that I can paint them different colours for different rooms of the house 🙂

Day 22 – Macro – Close up of the embroidery stitches on my latest Create 28 creative adventure – Embroidered hair comb slides (You can find them in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop)

Day 23 – Fix – Long screws to fix our bathroom cabinet to our En-suite wall 🙂

Day 24 – 12 O’Clock – Surely that means its lunchtime!? Hooray!

Day 25 – Reflection – The reflection of the daffodils on the wet garden table top is just as gorgeous as the real thing.

Day 26 – Grow – I love watching the Hyacinth grow out from the middle and uncurl into pretty and fragrant petals 🙂

Day 27 – Still Life – On top of our piano. Also, so in love with our new Cath Kidston lamp from our gorgeous friend Charlie 🙂

Day 28 – Thank You – To my gorgeous fiancé for cutting and sanding down dowels for me outside in the cold 🙂 He’s a keeper!

Wow! I think that February’s photo-a-day may have been the toughest yet. I really struggled with some of the prompts. However ‘Day 1’ will always make me smile! I love those quaver curls! I had no idea what to photograph for this prompt as I hate trying to take food photos, they always make it look so unappetising unless you have the right lighting and a lot of time to really compose a beautiful looking plate of food! So, last minute I remembered these fab face plates we were bought as a house-warming gift and voila! It was a lot of fun – and naturally couldn’t let them go to waste afterwards! hehe!

‘Day 6’ may be one of my favourite photographs ever of my fiancé and I. I love it. I will always remember that it was taken on a fab shopping trip with one of our best friends Charlie too. It was so perfect for this prompt too as they both always makes me smile and know exactly when I need it 🙂

‘Day 8’ was one of my favourite prompts from the whole year! I have wanted to do a ‘In My Bag’ little something at some point and this was not only a fun way of turfing it all out and organising it all before I put it back in, but also as a really great way to document the bits and pieces I carry around on a daily basis. I am sure my 80 year old self will look back and wonder why I carried sooooo much stuff!

‘Day 10’ Documents the glorious day that I bought an Ikea Raskog trolley for the studio. You may have seen them lurking around the internet, especially on Pinterest. I have been in love with this handy little storage solution for years and I finally came across it on a Ikea Family offer with a discount! Hooray! I was so excited to bring it home (flutter my eyelashes for my fiancé to put it together for me) and fill it with pots and pots of coloured pens and pencils (I will share more when the Eliston Button Headquarters are complete!)

I love love love ‘Day 14’ as it perfectly documents a perfect Valentine’s weekend my Fiancé and I spent away at the seaside. I will always remember our little slice of paradise on the beach as the sun set and the lovely break away from the everyday. I love ‘Day 16’ too as it reminds me to keep pushing on with the studio completion – I am so almost there! Whereas ‘Day 17’ reminds me to relax and to insert calm into my days as much as possible. Days 23 and 28 sum up our D.I.Y days and days 24, 25 and 26 beautifully document the beginning of spring this year and the promise of new things to come (which hopefully include more sunshine and more smiles!) 

As I mentioned before, February was a struggle. Not only for photo-a-day but also for me. I felt burnt out (hence the break) and was more frazzled than I had realised. I was behind a day or sometimes two for every one of the prompts last month and it added stress to each day. I am such an organised person normally, but when I get overwhelmed, I panic and that leads to me fizzling out and not being able to do anything – not good. I loved documenting the everyday over the past year but I recognised this last month, that it had become more of a chore than of a fun challenge each day. I was getting panicked at what to do for each prompt and this in turn blocked my creativity. Again – not good. 

So, I am stepping back from the challenge for a while, may a few months, maybe more. I want to be excited about something that I am doing every day and this doesn’t do that any more. I am happy to not have it as my waking thoughts and my daily task for a while. I will still be sharing snippets of my everyday on Instagram, including sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes creative goodness. I hope you will join me over there and say hello! 

I will also be brainstorming some ideas that I have to replace this blog post slot at the end of each month too so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime I hope you are enjoying my Create 28 blog challenge! If you have missed the beginning, don’t stress, you can catch up here and I look forward to sharing No. 4 with you soon! Yeay! 

I would love to hear how each of you document the little things in your day to day. How do you help yourself remember the little things? Do you scrapbook or keep photo albums? I would love to hear all about it! 

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