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Hello there Buttoneers! I can’t believe this is the first photo-a-day round up of 2015 already! Where the heck did January go!? Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge has changed this year to a week by week format. This just means that we are given the photo prompts on a weekly basis instead of a monthly one.

This is all that has changed yet it has made a huge difference.

I personally liked to plan ahead and I guess you could say, cheat a little with the month’s prompts. If I was out an about and saw something that fitted a prompt for the following week I would save it up and sigh with relief when I didn’t have to panic on the day. Now I have to be a bit more ‘in the same week’ spontaneous with my photos which I am yet to decide whether I like or not. The only few downfalls I have really found is that;

1. I am a super organised creative being and waiting for the next weeks prompt list (and having to hunt it down a few days before the next week rather than having it in front of me) gets me a little stressed and adds another step to my process. So okay this isn’t the end of the world.

2. Because the prompts are written in weeks now, the first prompt of February is on the end of the last week in January. This. Stresses. Me. Out.

I know it is ridiculous but there is a certain little part of my brain that is deep in love with order and deadlines and starting each month with a new perspective, a clean slate, letting go of the month before.

Okay…so these are very small problems in the grand scheme of things and the fact that I still love taking part in the photo-a-day challenge is obviously a sign that I can get over these really insignificant problems. On the up side I find that I am less pessimistic about the month’s prompts as I can’t look across them and pick out the ones I am less eager to tackle. I am also happy to find a fresh new list each week in a pretty design that I can stare at for that week until a creative idea pops into my head. 

If you are new to my little part of the internet full of crafty goodness you can find my past Photo-a-Day round ups here

All in all, it’s not a big deal. Things change, you get used to them. It would have been a whole lot more different if it had stopped all together. So, with all of that summed up…

Here is my January 2015 Photo-a-Day…


Day 1 – The Sky – A beautiful blue sky in Clifton, Bristol today 🙂 These shops were up such a steep hill that it feels like we were u the sky too!

Day 2 – Something Yellow – Gorgeous sunshine wool

Day 3 – Me Today – That Crafty Kid in Hobbycraft! I absolutely need one of those giant buttons for the Eliston Button Headquarters!

Day 4 – I Hear – Music through my new pink headphones (I lost y old ones in Bristol)

Day 5 – Square – I am enjoying filling the pretty little squares of my craft studio Kallax shelving unit in the Eliston Button Headquarters with lovely crafty goodness!

Day 6 – Round – The chunky big wooden button on my pink handbag!

Day 7 – Currently Reading – Ashamed to say that since the last similar prompt I have not got much further through ‘Gone Girl’ than before! I aim to read a lot more this year so fingers crossed!

Day 8 – Landscape – On the way home from shopping, Mum and I just had to stop and photograph the beautiful sunset across the landscape 🙂

Day 9 – Pattern – I love the pattern in my new Cath Kidtson handbag! It’s a beaut!

Day 10 – Hello – Hello there! I finally finished my hand drawn ‘Hello’ for the title spread of my Project Life layout.

Day 11 – I see – The first Lily opened up this morning in my gorgeous bouquet from my gorgeous Fiancé for my blogs 1 year birthday!

Day 12 – Bright – I love how bright and cheerful our kitchen is. It is almost finally finished and makes these horrid grey days more bearable in the mornings!

Day 13 – Lucky Number – 6. It has been my lucky number since I was little and I have no idea why! It’s just stuck with me 🙂

Day 14 – New – I love my new giant orange pencil in the windowsill of the studio! So colourful 🙂

Day 15 – Old – My panda bear called Panny that I have had since I was very small. He also refuses to take off his Christmas hat 🙂

Day 16 – Nature – Beautiful succulents all in a row 🙂

Day 17 – Jump – My artist’s mannequin is jumping for joy!

Day 18 – Today is… – Yet another Ikea day! We tried Coventry Ikea today to mix it up a bit! Haha!

Day 19 – Homemade – Everything I make to sell gets sent out with a homemade and handwritten logo 🙂 I like to keep it personal

Day 20 – Window – The new flowers on the windowsill on our landing make me smile every morning when I go downstairs for breakfast.

Day 21 – In a Row – I am in love with my new classic book collection my gorgeous fella bought me 🙂 Look how beautiful and colourful they are all in a row! *Swoon*

Day 22 – Collection – My giant pencil collection is coming along nicely now I have a new orange on in the craft studio 🙂

Day 23 – Something Far Away – That aeroplane is definitely far away and probably going somewhere far away too!

Day 24 – Play Time – Hands up if it’s play time! Minion Tim is ready but Minion Jerry is unsure about his purple friend!

Day 25 – Black + White – Pencil Crayons 🙂

Day 26 – Three Things – My favourite highlighters are adorable little panda bears 🙂

Day 27 – Morning – Two mini blueberry mini muffins and a latte to get me through the morning!

Day 28 – Strange – I am stuck with a stupid loan phone whilst my own lovely phone is in for repair and it feels so strange to be almost back to basics!

Day 29 – Summer/Winter – Winter. Digging through my old scrapbooks and found my snow-day layout from two years ago! This winter is so much milder but I miss the sight of snow!

Day 30 – Fave Food – There are far too many to choose from but I adore French macarons! Yummy! I also think they taste soooo much better in France 😉

Day 31 – On Top – The leaves on this plant are beautiful! On top they look hand painted and underneath a gorgeous shade of purple 🙂

 Wow! It’s so strange looking back over this month. I love day 1 as it reminds me of our mini break to Bristol to go sale shopping (a fab tradition my fiancé and I have done for years!) but it feels like so much longer than a month ago, yet other photos like Day 8 when my Mom and I went shopping and stopped to photograph a gorgeous sunset, feel like only last week. Time is a strange thing sometimes! 

As usual I love that photo-a-day prompted me to document my life every single day. I love that I captured the little things that I want to hold onto that I may forget over time. I want to remember that Day 6 and Day 9 both record my beloved old bag that just fell apart and my new Cath Kidston one that I finally could justify buying! 

I want to remember that on Day 10 I finally succumbed to the years of niggling in the back of my mind and decided to document 2015 using Project Life (more of that to come in a future post!) and hitting my most amount of likes on a photo on Instagram which made me super happy as it was my own designed journaling card! Yeay! 

I want to remember Day 12 where I snapped a photo of my beautiful lilies bought for me by my fiancé to congratulate me for Eliston Button’s 1st birthday and on Day 13, how beautiful they looked in our almost finished kitchen!

I want to remember many, many days at Ikea (seriously, it’s like our second home!) and new rainbow coloured books and pretty little succulents all in a row! I want to remember when I had a tiny loan phone that taught me that I didn’t need to carry my phone everywhere with me (because I had no apps) and that it wasn’t the end of the world if I couldn’t just check them all before bed. 

I want to remember the little things, the everyday, the things that shape my week or month or even my year. I want to remember it all. 

Do you document the little things? Do you take a second out of each day to look around you and see what you have? How do you remember the every-day-run-of-the-mill stuff that you would miss if it wasn’t there? 

If you have an Instagram account I would love to see a snippet of your lives too so come and meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!

Also, Just a friendly reminder, just in case you missed it, that my Create 28 gift tags are now in my Etsy Shop! Yeay! 

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