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Hello lovely Buttoneers! Instead of my usual ‘Around Here’ post this month I am mixing it up a bit! Hooray! If you are a long term Buttoneer from right near the start (100 button points to Gryffindor to you beauties!) then you may remember that I took part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day Challenge for a whole year.

I loved how I could have 365 (366 this year!) guaranteed photographs of everyday life, snippets of work, play, or photographs of around where or what I was up to in that moment…

…they were all attached to a daily prompt that would inspire my photo-taking senses (They are like Spidey Senses but a lot more flashy…geddit!? Flashy…camera…oh never mind).

I loved it…until it got too much. I got to a point in February last year where I had just embarked in my epic goal of the ‘Create 28 Blog Challenge’ and it all got a bit too much pressure to keep up with, so I swapped it for a more relaxed ’round-up of my month’ post. I was struggling to keep up with the prompts every day, I would hate it when I got behind and I generally started to feel uninspired about the whole process.

Fast forward to now. I made the decision (along with threats from my family and friends) to not embark on an epic  stupidly hard blog challenge (read all about it here) and without it, I found myself in a bit of a slump and a case of the ‘January’s’ (read here). Last year I was also putting a lot of pressure on myself to keep up with a regular Instagram posting schedule frenzy.

As most of you probably know – Lots of Mental Pressure = A Creative Black Hole. Fun Fun!

Well, If you follow me on Instagram (grab yourself another 50 button points as you pass go) you will know that I decided to jump back on the photographic challenge train this month! Toot! Toot! 

So, in a nutshell, to keep my Instagram regularly updated with pretty, inspiring or just plain lovely photographs, I thought I would head back to a Photo-a-Day challenge to rejuvenate my creative juices, challenge my creativity and get back on the photography train on its way to Happy Land. Phew! (Seriously, if you have stuck with this post this far – another 100 button points to Gryffindor – go you!) 

I don’t know if I will do a whole year yet, I am going to take that pressure off, but so far, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge again.

I love that I am documenting my everyday surroundings without all of the nasty, icky pressure thus opening up new blossoms of creativity flowers. Hurrah!

So…Without further ado…here is my Photo-a-Day – January 2016…

Day 1 – Black and White – Seeing in the New Year in our pyjamas with our cups of tea watching the fireworks in London on the telly – Perfection!

Day 2 – ‘What I Did Today’ – IKEA! Hello old friend…We’re home!

Day 3 – ‘Water’ – Tiny little water droplets on my pretty little primroses! Is it me or has Spring come way too early!? 🌼💦

Day 4 – ‘Circle’ – Lots of 3D circles on the pavement in Bristol whilst sale shopping! I always fall in love with the blue tiles in the floor here 💙

Day 5 – ‘Leaves’ – Green leaves full of felty goodness on my ‘Leafy Greens’ embroidered felt flower brooch as there are none to be seen on the trees! 🍃🌿 (This brooch is available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop)

Day 6 – ‘Something Blue’ – The TARDIS of course! My parents bought us this super cool TARDIS mini fridge cooler for Christmas and we love it!! 💙

Day 7 – ‘Reading’ – Currently absorbed in the beautifully written ‘Deliverance’ by C.J. Redwine 📚 It is the third in the trilogy and is sooooooo good – I am torn between needing to know the ending and never wanting it to end! 😍

Day 8 – ‘Landscape’ – A sun kissed fabric beach with button clouds and silk and denim seas strewn with woven textured driftwood! 🌴☀️🌊 (The last original fabric collage is available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop)


Day 9 – ‘Shoes’ – Swapping shoes for cosy slippers and pyjamas today for a lazy Saturday as I was full of cold! 😷

Day 10 – ‘Lucky’ – Feeling lucky to be taken out to breakfast this morning to make me feel better! 🍀😍

Day 11 – ‘Outdoors’ – Beautiful blue hues outdoors early in the morning 💙 You can just about spot the moon and the last star to fall asleep 🌜⭐️

Day 12 – ‘Something I Wore’ – I wore my favourite shoes once (and only once!) because the stiletto heel was so high I thought I was going to break an ankle! (Not to mention they killed my feet!) Now I just get them out of their box to gaze at the gorgeousness! 👠

Day 13 – ‘Three of a Kind’ – Three giant ceramic blue pencils all in a row! 💙✏️

Day 14 – ‘Close Up’ – My blog birthday roses look so amazing in my kitchen, but close up they are even more exquisite! 💗🌹

Day 15 – ‘Mail’ – Excited to be posting out a custom order in the mail today! 📮💌

Day 16 – ‘Chair’ – Mrs Panda let me photography her dressing table chair in the doll’s house! 🏡🐼

Day 17 – ‘Faceless’ – Okay…not entirely faceless, but I love my go-to ‘make an effort instead of a top knot’ hairstyle which is always side plaits into a low bun, normally with an added bow! 🎀

Day 18 – ‘White’ – White lace always looks so pretty and delicate 💭😍

Day 19 – ‘In The Hand’ – Lots of pretty pink buttons! 💕

Day 20 – ‘Patterns’ – I am obsessed with the beautiful floral patterns by Cath Kidston and own sooo many of their products, my absolute favourite being my new ‘Bloomsbury Bouquet’ print reversible bag and purse 🌺😍

Day 21 – ‘Morning’ – Good morning! It’s breakfast time! I can usually be found reading emails, catching up with Pinterest or watching YouTube blogs while I munch on Bran Flakes topped with a handful of raisins, nuts and pumpkin seeds, a 0% fat yoghurt, a glass of grapes to pick at and LOTS of coffee!! ☕️

Day 22 – ‘Night’ – I still love my ‘Starry Night Sky’ painted canvas. It sold within 20 minutes of launching the creative goodness into the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! Wowee! It’s probably just as well, I might have changed my mind and kept it! 🌌 🖌🎨

Day 23 – ‘Play’ – Making, creating and a mess of creative handmade goodness is my kind of play! 🎨🎀

Day 24 – ‘Window’ – The bright, happy colours on the window sill of the Eliston Button Headquarters always cheer up a dull, grey rainy day! 🌺🌞

Day 25 – ‘Numbers’ – I love these chunky chipboard number Thickers by American Crafts for scrapbooking! I love their colours and patterns, I love their stripes and florals – I think the florals are my favourite 😍🌺

Day 26 – ‘Simplicity’ – Sometimes the simplicity of something brings more happiness than complexity. Like how much it made me smile to eat pickled onions out of a tiny Hello Kitty espresso cup for lunch rather than sectioning them off with a napkin on my plate! 😊🍴

Day 27 – ‘Telephone’ – Hello…Doctor!? Who wouldn’t answer that phone box if it rang!? 😂💙☎️

Day 28 – ‘Smile’ – Every day I smile when I see our Juicy Lucy calendar in the kitchen, especially when I look at the little people that we doodle on each month to look like us! We do this every year! 😂❤️

Day 29 – ‘Home’ – 🎼 “Home is Wherever I’m with You…” 🎶 ❤️ Me and my Fiance <3 

Day 30 – ‘Flatlay’ – A rainbow of buttons! That’s my favourite type of rainbow! 🌈🎨

Day 31 – ‘Me’ – A huge part of ‘Me’ is my little creative business and blog called Eliston Button. I have had a lot of new followers (I call you my Buttoneers!) so I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce myself! (You can read my introduction over on my Instagram) 😉

Blimey! You made it! (Another 50 Button points for making it to the end!) How many Button points did you rack up in the end!? If you got full marks and top scores I am sending you a virtual bucket of love and hugs and confetti explosions (let me know in the comments!) 

I am super happy to see all of my month’s photos all together looking all pretty and colourful! Which was your favourite? One of them got my record amount of Instagram love – can you guess which one it was?

Do you have an Instagram account? Do you take part in a Photo-a-Day challenge? I would love to hear all about it – Make sure you leave your Instagram names in the comments so I can have a look too! 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!

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