Photo-a-Day – July 2014

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Hello there Buttoneers! If you have been following me on Instagram or maybe even Twitter, then you may have seen that I have been taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-day Challenge.

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Photo-a-Day - July 2014 at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

I look back over this month’s photographs and I really love them. However, this month I nearly made the decision to have a break from the challenge for a while as I was feeling uninspired by the prompts each day and found I struggled more with creative ideas for them. As I look back over them though, I am happily surprised at how much I achieved with each photo, whether it was battling through a tough prompt until I got it just right (You guys know how much of a perfectionist I am!) to pure panic that I was going to miss one and have to catch up (this happened twice much to my panic!) but either way…

…I am proud of myself for persevering, for working through the ‘blank canvas’, continuing to work on my photography and keeping those creative juices flowing each and every day by some days, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Here is my June 2014 in a Photo-a-Day…

Day 1 – Red + White – Geraniums in my garden 🙂

Day 2 – Something Beginning With K… – Kitchen

Day 3 – Match – My pretty Accessorize daisy bracelet perfectly matches my handmade felt daisy brooch! (You can find the brooch in my Etsy Shop!)

Day 4 – Stars – I had forgotten all about these clay stars I made last Christmas until I just unpacked them! They didn’t turn out so well so it’s ‘take two’ this year!

Day 5 – On the Table – My gorgeous purple lilies are still going strong and I just love my blue vintage plates that are on our dining table

Day 6 – View – The view from the front of our house is now one of my favourite views.

Day 7 – First – First Coffee of the day sat in our sunny kitchen window 🙂

Day 8 – I’ve Never – Tried propagating succulents before ad now I feel like it may be a success! Yeay!

Day 9 – Alive – After two years of not flowering, I thought I had killed my pretty Hydrangea, but alas! It flowered in our new garden this year. I think that bodes well 🙂

Day 10 – Sharp – I label my scissors ‘fabric’ so that my paper ones stay sharp

Day 11 – Gold – All that glitters…

Day 12 – Interior – The Sylvanian Families let me in for a ‘House and Garden’ photo-shoot of the interior of their town house. I am also planning a total house renovation for them in the future.

Day 13 – Look Up – Looking up at the light in our hallway.

Day 14 – Old School – A record

Day 15 – Torn – Torn Paper

Day 16 – Listening To… – Passenger’s new album ‘Whispers’ on repeat at the moment. I really love it!

Day 17 – Sunshine – Enjoying the sunshine and dreaming of France.

Day 18 – Admire – Starting to fill up the book shelves with the artists I admire 🙂

Day 19 – Curly – This is Curly the pig 🙂

Day 20 – Moment – That moment when you unpack boxes and realise that you are probably Tardis collectors and that you know you have more somewhere!

Day 21 – Basic – Our toilet roll has a cool design on it for something so basic.

Day 22 – I Wore This – My summery, lace floral scarf and my handmade daisy felt flower brooch (available in my Etsy Shop)

Day 23 – Macro – The centre of a gorgeous Gazania flower

Day 24 – Water – Hydrating the grass from the heat

Day 25 – Home – Part of our beautiful housewarming gift from my parents. So true.

Day 26 – Fun – Looking back at old Art college sketchbooks and realising how much fun I had when I used to paint 🙂

Day 27 – Ten – 10 white buttons cut off old shirts ready for my button jar 🙂

Day 28 – Cool – My new fave summer drink with ice to keep it cool

Day 29 – Repeat – I love the repeat pattern on my Cath Kidston wash cloth

Day 30 – Lost – We could have done with a map that time we lost our car in Lille!

Day 31 – Rise – Struggling to rise this morning and get on with work after not a lot of sleep last night.

Phew!  Thank you for sticking with me! I am looking forward to exploring my way through the August prompts with a little more inspiration and seeing what happens! 

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