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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I made it! I made it to the end of July! I made it to the end of Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft! If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that for last month’s Photo-a-Day challenge it was the alphabet and a few numbers. I took this opportunity to revisit my hashtag #elistonbuttonatozofcraft from 2014 with the same photo prompts.

My aim then and again with last month was to fill the alphabet with art, craft and handmade goodness.

I remembered it being a lot easier last time and wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the end of the month but – I DID IT!! 

You can find my 2014 version here. 

Last time around, in 2014, I wrote an A to Z list and made my way thought it. This time around, I kind of winged it a bit and went with the flow  panicked most days. Not ideal. I did, however, find that I only referred to the previous photos to make sure that I was setting up and arranging each photo differently to the previous round, especially if I was photographing the same medium. Some days were a lot easier than others, some I wanted to cry, some days my brain had turned to mush so much that I couldn’t think of a single word beginning with that letter at all, let alone art and craft related! Yikes!

Looking back over the months photos I am so, so proud of all of them.

Even though they are all art and craft related, they all hold a little memory for me of how tough I found it or what I was doing that day. I feel like when I compare the photographs from this time around and 2014, I can see how much my photography and my ideas have come forward and improved and how much I have learnt about layout and colour and design. I am so proud of them.

I found my Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft a lot harder, more draining and more creatively intense than normal Photo-a-Day months. I had to set up and display objects with a lot more intention and a lot more imagination to create a visually pleasing display of products or items.

It takes a lot more creativity to display things like crayons and pencils in an aesthetically pleasing way than it does to take a photo in the garden or on an adventure.

For some of the A-Z of Craft I pushed myself to learn new crafts! Hooray! I have wanted to learn how to macramé for sooooo long and this challenge pushed me to dive in the deep end to get the good photo for that day – yes, that day!! I wasn’t my most organised last month! I thoroughly enjoyed macramé and definitely want to explore some more techniques in the future with a lot more cotton rope – it uses up so much for such short pieces of knotted beauty.

In a nutshell, I bloody loved it. I painted an Acrylic paint canvas, I arranged buttons in to rainbow colours (there are a lot of rainbows!) I picked out the most interesting and beautiful crayon names and colours and cooed over ‘Periwinkle’, ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Atomic Orange’. I dug out one of my favourite sketches of oranges and lemons that I was really scared to post because I hadn’t really shared my drawings like this before – I was so taken aback by the lovely likes and comments I received that it made me feel so much more confident in my art. I shared Embroidery hoops and a rainbow of felt and merino wool tops. I reignited my love/hate for playing with glitter. I Handmade a bouquet of felt flowers for my gorgeous sister who got an amazing work promotion (Go Saree!!)

I got messy with Ink and arranged Jars of buttons. I Knitted and French Knitted and wove on a mini Loom. I learnt Macrame and organised pretty knitting Needles…

I hated Origami and even roped in my Fiancé to help me beautifully fold paper  not screw it all up and have a cry. I swooned over a rainbow of pencil crayons and re-visited Quilling (Which I hated in 2014 and fell in love with a little bit this time around – Also super proud of my attempt, even if we were up to silly o’clock in the morning so I could finish it off) I rainbowed Ribbons and saw zigzag Scissors. I ‘borrowed’ some IKEA tapes and laid out my Tape measures on top. I stamped out Unmounted stamps (U was a tricky one!) and displayed my favourite wood Veneer scrapbooking embellishments (kind of had to embellish this letter!) I wondered over rainbows of Washi tape and made stickers with my Xyron creative station phew! Thank god for that craft brand!) I shared my yarn collection in the Eliston Button Headquarters and made vibrant stripes with Zips (which was featured on and received over 6000 likes on A Beautiful Mess!!!)


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I then filled in the number photo prompts with crafty storage solutions around the studio and snippets of crafty goodness and new ideas.

I loved each and every one of them and put so much effort into each one. I would love to know your favourites! So without further ado…

Here is my Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft…

Day 1 – A is for… – Acrylic Paint. My favourite type of paint to play with and I sure did make a mess this afternoon! 💙

Day 2 – B is for… – Buttons 🎨 A happy rainbow of buttony goodness – My fave! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 3 – C is for… – Crayons 🎨 I love these old Crayola crayons I have, the names of the colours are fabulous! My favourites are Thistle, Carnation Pink, Dandelion, Outrageous Orange and Cornflower. Which are your favourite crayon names? 🖍❤️💛💚💙

Day 4 – D is for… – Drawing 🎨 I dug out my old art college sketchbooks this morning to help with this prompt and I sat for ages flicking through them in awe of the amount of work I created and how proud I am off them. It made my little creative heart fill with pride! 😍✏️🍊🍋

Day 5 – E is for… – Embroidery 🎨 This is my favourite embroidery hoop I have made to date and it makes me want to dig out the embroidery threads again and get sewing…or go to France…maybe that’s it! 😂🇫🇷

Day 6 – F is for… – Felt 🎨 Felt is one of my absolute favourite mediums to work with. I love embroidering flat felt just as much as I love wet felting or needle felting merino wool tops! Not to mention the gorgeous rainbow colours *Swoon* ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 7 – G is for… – Glitter 🎨 I have such a love/hate relationship with glitter. I love all of the sparkles but hate the tidy up – It gets everywhere, it looks as if it comes out of my pores on a weekly basis! ✨🌟

Day 8 – H is for… – Handmade 🎨 I am a big believer that happiness is handmade (obviously!) so I made my sister a bouquet of felty flowery goodness to celebrate her fantastic work promotion. I am a very proud big sister and super glad I am crafty – fresh flowers are expensive! Haha! 😂🌺🌹🌸🌼

Day 9 – I is for… – Ink 🎨 I had a lot of fun making a lot of inky mess this morning for this prompt! I definitely prefer brush lettering to ink and nib calligraphy lettering – I think it’s the scratchy nib that puts me off! 💙

Day 10 – J is for… – Jars of Buttons 🎨 There are absolutely no shortage of these in the Eliston Button Headquarters! Not to mention the jars of beads, sequins and other crafty bits and bobs! 🎀

Day 11 – K is for… – Knitting 🎨 Knitting is one of my favourite hobbies to relax and unwind. I tend to not knit a lot for my little creative biz so that it stays that way! I love to French knit for both though, especially in the car on long journeys 💙💖

Day 12 – L is for… – Loom 🎨 I love weaving and this little wooden loom is perfect for carrying around the house or even on adventures to weave the day away! I also have a larger lap loom, a table loom and a peg loom and love the different weavings I can create in each one…If only there were more weaving hours in the day! 💜

Day 13 – M is for… – Macramé 🎨 I have always loved macramé but never got around to learning it. So today for this prompt, I sat down and gave it a go! I am now obsessed with making these half knots and think they turned out pretty okay for my first attempt! 🎀💖

Day 14 – N is for… – Needles 🎨 I have an ever growing collection of knitting needles and I love the different colours and textures. The metal ones are my favourite to knit with but I love the look of the bamboo ones and the colours of the plastic ones are so pretty! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 15 – O is for… – Origami 🎨 I am not a natural at origami, in fact even that is too kind! I am absolutely hopeless at it. The two yellow things are failed attempts at a bird and my fiancé made the red rose! I just about mustered up enough umph by then for the star bowl and the pink rose (which was meant to be way softer around the edges than my modern geometric take on it!) Yikes! 😬⭐️

Day 16 – P is for… – Pencils 🎨 I had a lot of fun working out the rainbow with all of the in-between shades! *Dreamy* ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 17 – Q is for… – Quilling 🎨 The only other time I have attempted quilling was for my A to Z of craft in 2014 and it was not a bad first attempt but really pretty awful in terms of actual quilling (it’s in my #) I am so proud of this attempt and even though it took a really long time, I feel like a learnt a new skill in the process! Hooray! 🌺🌻

Day 18 – R is for… – Ribbons 🎨 I love collecting ribbons in all sorts of different colours and textures, patterns and sizes. You can’t go wrong with a good ribboned bow either…perfection! 🎀

Day 19 – S is for… – Scissors 🎨 I love these funky scissors with different blades! Some are zigzag, some wavy – lots of fun when I scrapbook or paper craft ✂️

Day 20 – T is for… – Tape Measures 🎨 I love a good tape measure, I love the different typefaces, styles, colours and I especially like those fancy little gold and silver end bits! I am such a stationery/craft supply nerd! 📚📝

Day 21 – U is for… – Unmounted Stamps 🎨 This was a tough one but I had a lot of fun (and made a lot of mess) playing with colour and ink and stampy goodness! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 22 – V is for… – Veneers 🎨 I love these wood veneer craft embellishments as they are so cute and super versatile for scrapbooking, card making or just projects full of crafty goodness! Amazing! &*@ 🌸💛

Day 23 – W is for… – Washi Tape 🎨 If you have followed me since the beginning of time you will know that I am obsessed with Washi Tape! I hate to admit it, but this isn’t even all of what I own…maybe about half? I think I need to go to Washi tape rehab! 😂❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 24 – X is for… – Xyron Sticker Maker and Xyron Creative Station 🎨 I love these little machines as I can make stickers out of so many things, even ribbon and my own photographs! I am obviously now off to sticker my whole house in my sunshine print and trolls – such fun! 🎀✂️

Day 25 – Y is for… – Yarn 🎨 I am a bit obsessed with buying wool and yarn and use it a lot in my crafting for knitting, French knitting and weaving – a good excuse to keep buying more colours I think! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 26 – Z is for… – Zips 🎨 Since I can remember, and a bit like with buttons, I have had a fascination with zips! I obviously owned a haberdashery in a past life! 😂 I just love the colours of these ones too and I am pretty sure I must own at least a quarter of the worlds zips. (Okay…okay…maybe a slight exaggeration!) 🤐 ❤️💛💚💙

Day 27 – One – One ceramic Wellington boot that holds most of my collection of knitting needles 🎨

Day 28 – Two – Two picture bead giant coasters for big mugs of tea and coffee 🎨 P.S. There is 1 set left in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop 😉💙

Day 29 – Three – Three different paint brush pots in the Eliston Button Headquarters 🎨 They all have lovely memories too – I love the commemorative golden syrup tin that reminds me of baking flapjacks for my fiancé to take to work after his birthday (and the queens 90th) The Bon Maman jar reminds me of sticky jam baguettes in France and the other one reminds me of the moment I chipped my favourite Cath Kidston mug and then discovered I could still admire it’s beauty in the studio! ❤️😍

Day 30 – Four – Four pom pom makers to make a rainbow of pom poms 🎨 I had a lot of fun making these but they use up so much yarn! They’re so fluffyyyyyyy!!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 31 – Five – Five jars of beads to conclude my #elistonbuttonatozofcraft 🎨 I love these ‘sweet’ little jars 😉 It appears I have a thing for well-designed jars of honey! 🐝 As you can probably tell by now, I would much rather store my crafty goodness in pretty packaging that I would in normal pots and jars – except for maybe that gorgeous jar of pearly beads *Swoon* ⚪️😍 P.S. The Rowse honey jar is a Royal Wedding edition with the date on and has the cutest little bees blown into the glass! 🐝

Wowee! What an adventure of colour and crafts and handmade goodness! These photos make my heart burst! I want to print them all out and stick them everywhere. All of my favourite crafty things, all of my favourite rainbow colours, all together – Heart Eye Emoji forever! *Swoon* 

Which was your favourite? What crafts do you love or hate? Have you tried a new craft recently? How did you get on? I would love to hear all about it and if you haven’t already, pop over to my new blog challenge Create 30 and let me know what you want to see in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

As I mentioned before, this Photo-a-Day – July 2016 – Eliston Button A-Z of Craft a lot harder, more draining and more creatively intense than normal Photo-a-Day months. So, I am taking a Photo-a-Day break throughout August to concentrate on my Create 30 blog challenge without the pressure to think of something different and creative everyday on top of everything else, but I am sure I will be back at it in September. 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!




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