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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How is it July already!? Where the hell did June go!? In fact, where did the last 6 months go? Jeez. Stop the world, I want to get off! It’s going too fast! Yikes! How are we at Photo-a-Day – June 2016 already!? To be honest I really thought I would be taking it a month at a time and re-assessing whether I wanted to carry on at the end of each month but I have got so carried away with it that I am seamlessly just merging in to each new month.

I guess the beauty of rounding up all of the month photos here, allows me to see the whole picture a lot clearer. I really do enjoy looking at them all together and seeing how far I have come from since I played along a few years ago in Photo-a-Day – March 2014 – Seems like a lifetime ago (Why did we all use those heavy filters and borders!?) I completed a whole year back then and then had a year’s break before starting again in Photo-a-Day – January 2016. Will I complete this year? We’ll see! You can see every single month of my photographs so far, here or read all about Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day challenge, here. 

It is a lot of fun seeing the different months and seasons of life, where I am or what I am up to…

Not forgetting the actual seasons and seeing the transitions between Spring flowers and Summer skies, to golden Autumn goodness to crisp Winter photos that nip at your toes!

I had a good Photo-a-Day challenge month in June. I feel like I put a lot more thought into the prompts and found I was a lot happier with the results…

Which is kind of a good mantra for everything really isn’t it? The more you put in the more you get back in return.

I love all of them a lot this month but I particularly love the fun and brightly coloured bunting and buttons that surround my Beach Hut Fabric Collage Print in Day 2. I loved documenting my day out in Cheltenham with Day 4’s ‘Reflection’ in Pittville Park. I really love Day 5’s little reminder to slow down and take a nap and capturing the start of my Birthday Adventures in Day 11. Day 12 and 13 showed my love for Lego whilst Days 15 and 16 gave a few more sneaky peeks of the Eliston Button Headquarters. Days 14 and 19 filled my days with rainbow colours whilst a more muted Day 21 made my heart swoon in pale shades of calm. My obsession with toys from my childhood came through in Day 28 and the sun shone down with my ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ Print covered in sunshine happy, yellow buttons before getting all nautical on the last day.

What an adventure. Not only in photography or layouts but in colour and creative thinking – My faves!

As ever, I hope this blog post brightens your day with an explosion of colour, cute and the usual emoji party that explodes into each round up blog post! 

So, without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – June 2016…

Day 1 – Key – The keys that unlock musical magic ✨🎹🎼🗝🎶

Day 2 – Treat – I treat myself to a trip to the sunny seaside every day when I look at my Beach Huts fabric collage print! I really love how the texture really translated into the flat print and makes me want to scrunch my toes in the soft cotton sand. Well a girl can dream can’t she!? ☀️🏖 This print is available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop

Day 3 – Purple – Purple glitter is like sparkly magic! ✨💜✨💜✨

Day 4 – Reflection – Reflection Perfection! An almost perfect replica of the gorgeous little bridge in Pittville Park, Cheltenham reflected into the smooth water! It was so muggy today that I had to resist to jump in! I even snapped the reflection of the soaring seagull! 💙💚🌿

Day 5 – On My To-Do List – Take a nap. I think this should be on my to-do list everyday actually! Too many things to do and too little time. Today I feel like I may never catch up with my brain and tick all of my to-do’s off the never ending list. Nap time is definitely a priority! 😴💤 P.s. I am obsessed with this @rubyst list pad! 😍📝

Day 6 – Mistake – I love these giant erasers for big mistakes! How funny! I use them for carving my own stamps as they are thick enough to be super forgiving if I cut in the wrong place or carve a mistake! So I guess they still get to fulfil their mistake fixing destiny! 😂💗

Day 7 – Cute – It’s so cute when these guys sit and knit together but I wish they wouldn’t steal my yarn! 😂💗

Day 8 – Where I Stood – At the entrance to the Batcave. Apparently it’s no girls allowed! 😳 We’ll see… 😜

Day 9 – Four Things – Whilst playing around with my sharpies today I found I had four different shades of pink! 🎀 Perfection in pen form! 😍

Day 10 – Partial – Partial shot of my gorgeous Cath Kidston pin cushion hung on my Cath Kidston calendar. You might say I am a bit partial to a pretty floral print! Haha! See what I did there!? 😂🎀🌺

Day 11 – Me Time – It’s my Birthday so today is all about me, me, me, me, me! Hip, Hip, Hooray! 👑🎀 We are off to the Royal Shakespeare Company to watch Cymbeline after lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon, Then family birthday festivities this evening! 🎁🎉🎈

Day 12 – Stairs – “Dobby!! How many times do I have to tell you!? You can’t just throw my trunk down the stairs! All my Galleons have fallen out!” ⚡️🤓

Day 13 – Begins with M – Mermaids! “I’ll think of a mermaid lagoon underneath a magic moon” – Peter Pan 💙

Day 14 – Pile – Arranging my pile of embroidery threads into an organised rainbow coloured line this morning (obviously a fabulous use of my time!😂 Procrastination at its finest!) ❤️💛💚💙💜💗

Day 16 – Vibrant – I love how bright and vibrant the Eliston Button Headquarters is. It’s like a rainbow of colour that brightens up gloomy, grey days 💗🌈

Day 15 – The Floor – Part of the Eliston Button Headquarters taken by lying on the floor! It’s amazing how you can see everything differently by just shifting your perspective. Although I might take a nap now I’m down here! 😂🎀

Day 17 – My Name – Rachel! Nice to meet you! 😘 I love this wire art lettering. I bought it (at least) 15 years ago from a wire sculptor in Spain, so it has happy, sunny memories too 💛☀️

Day 18 – Something Alive – This gorgeous and vibrant Dahlia is most certainly alive and packing a pretty pink colour punch! *Swoon* 💗🌺

Day 20 – Water – Plenty of rain water around at the moment! Blimey! ☔️ The sun managed to push through this afternoon and now it feels all summery! ☀️ In the words of Eeyore…”It’ll probably be raining later…” 💦🌼

Day 19 – No Filter – No filter needed to capture the full on rainbow explosion when I photographed my embroidery threads last week. This is one of the out-takes and I think I may love it more than the original now! Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes!? ❤️💛💚💙💜💗

Day 21 – Looking Up – Is always pretty in the Eliston Button Headquarters with my gorgeous white flower lampshade! It’s huge too so it’s a real eye catcher when you walk in amongst all of the colour and craft supplies! 😍🌸

Day 22 – Delicious – Crisp, green golden delicious apples! 🍏🍏

Day 23 – Far – This little fellow has hiked really far today! He loves hiking, bless him! 😂💙💗

Day 24 – Gold – All that glitters…

Day 25 – I Shop Here – Cath Kidston is one of my favourite shops to buy pretty, floral doses of happy goodness from! 😍🌺

Day 26 – Handwritten – When I create a new illustrated quote print, I always love to have a mix of a typed font and soft, flowing handwritten words. I think it makes them really unique too! This print says: “There is an old lady who lives in my soul, she loves to knit and drink tea” – I can totally relate! 💙☕️ (Print available in my Etsy shop😉)

Day 27 – Loud – Mr. Noisy is very loud! Haha! 😂 I will forever be a big kid and collecting all of the Mr Men books again is a lot of fun! ❤️

Day 28 – Quiet – We had to tell Mr. Troll to keep the noise down with his music! Thank god he found his headphones, now it’s lovely and quiet! 💙🎵

Day 29 – Sunshine – It is so gloomy, rainy and grey here today so I just had to play with some sunshine yellow buttons to brighten up the day! Let’s be honest, playing with buttons would brighten up every day! 💛☀️ P.S. There are still a few ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ prints left in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop if you are interested! 😉

Day 30 – Stripes – Nautical inspired blue and white stripes of buttony goodness! 🔵⚪️⚓️

Wowee! I told you there was a lot of colour! Which is your favourite photo from Photo-a-Day – June 2016? Can you narrow it down to just one? Do you prefer the out-and-about photos of the styled flatlay photos better? Are you more of a brights of a neutrals kind of person? Or maybe a pinch of both? I would love to hear all about it! 

This month (July) the Photo-a-Day challenge is the alphabet and some numbers at the end so I am bringing back the Eliston Button A-Z of Craft over on Instagram! I did this in October 2014 and am so excited to try again with different photos, different ideas and different bits and bobs to do with art and craft and design!

It is definitely my favourite month so far! Hooray! Follow me on Instagram to see how I get on and search the hashtag #elistonbuttonatozofcraft over there to see the whole collection as it happens! So much fun! I can’t wait to round it all up over here next month to see how much (if at all) it has all changed from a few years ago. You know me – I love a good reflection! 

Do you take part in a Photo-a-Day challenge? Do you have an Instagram account? How do you use Instagram? I would love to be able to connect with you all over there too so be sure to pop your links in the comments section below 🙂 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!




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