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Photo-a-Day March 2014 at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Hello there Buttoneers! If you have been following me on Instagram or maybe even Twitter, then you may have seen that for the first time I have been taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-day Challenge

Photo-a-Day - March 2014 #fmsphotoaday at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

I really wish I had discovered this (I know…I know…I must have been living under a rock…) at the start of the year and at the start of this blog but, I got there eventually. I thoroughly enjoyed this little challenge and loved how it has made me think outside the box and in a different medium than I am used to. I got into a routine of taking the photograph through Instagram on my smartphone in the morning and this way I didn’t forget to take one.

I loved that by just taking a minute of two out of my day, I was documenting the world around me and some of my favourite things.

The challenge to think of a new and creative way to compose each photo prompt was the fun part! Some prompts I struggled with for a while, some I knew instantly, but mainly I was proud of my photograph and took time to play around with composition and negative space. The best part is that it only takes a few moments of your busy day and yet you can not only feel a part of something by following the hashtag #fmsphotoaday, but keep the creative juices flowing! 

Here is my March 2014 in a Photo-a-Day…

Day 1 – ‘Yellow’ – Spring is on the way in my garden with these beautiful Primroses

Day 2 – ‘Something Borrowed’ – Our house that we currently rent

Day 3 – ‘My Name Is…’ – My Name is Rachel 

Day 4 – ‘On My Mind’ – Crafting – Obviously!

Day 5 – ‘Something Beginning With I’ – Indiana Jones (well, the Lego Minifigure version anyway!)

Day 6 – ‘Chair’ – My desk chair in my studio is my favourite and probably used the most!

Day 7 – ‘Fly’ – Pickle Head is a friendly flyer!

Day 8 – ‘In The Corner’ – A corner of the studio

Day 9 – ’10am’ 

Day 10 – ‘Far Away’ – Wild West Emmet is reeeeallly far away!

Day 11 – ‘Something Good’ – My Fiancé/best friend/adventure buddy and I…Everyday 🙂 

Day 12 – ‘Partial’ – I love the angular handle on my retro mug so was able to show it off with this prompt

Day 13 – ‘Fresh’ – I love this hand wash my Treacle Moon, It is lemony fresh! But I love the design more!

Day 14 – ‘Care’ – Fragile. Handle with Care.

Day 15 – ‘Evening’ – Oil of Evening Primrose hand cream smells so good

Day 16 – ‘Beautifully Ordinary’ – This is my favourite fork, which sounds so silly, but this ordinary piece of cutlery has a beautiful vintage floral handle.

Day 17 – ‘Today’s Weather’

Day 18 – ‘Five Years Ago’ – I bought my first Vespa scooter Piglet (its pink and the registration number ends in PGT)

Day 19 – ‘Cropped’ – I was cropping and editing photographs on Photoshop ready for that week’s ‘Workspace Wednesday’ 

Day 20 – ‘Letter’ – R is for Rachel

Day 21 – ‘Full – My favourite buttons go into this lovely glass jar and it is rather full (and I only noticed when taking this photo that the jar is wonky!)

Day 22 – ‘Morning’ – My Fiance and I have a ‘posh’ coffee on a weekend morning using the coffee machine or the cafetiere.

Day 23 – ‘I’m Loving…’ – My new ‘Perfect Pairs’ pencils from Marks and Spencers

Day 24 – ‘One of a Kind – I made this when I was 16 at the start of A Level Art.

Day 25 – ‘Soft’ – Troll Hair

Day 26 – ‘I Am Here’ – I took the rest of the day of to go shopping with my mum in Worcester

Day 27 – ‘Something I Made’ – I thought of a thousand ideas for this one but I made it simple – Eliston Button. My website, my blog, my little creative biz. 

Day 28 – ‘Nostalgia’ – Meet Panuel (Said like manual) Since I was little he has been the best hugger/secret keeper/tea party guest and ballerina/shop keeper/astronaut/student/pirate ever! Oh and that’s his friend Norm. 

Day 30 – ‘Fast’ – Like a Rocket Ship

Day 31 – ‘Faux’ – Faux flowers are normally the only flowers I can keep alive :/

Phew!  Thank you for sticking with me! I am super excited to start April 2014’s Photo-a-Day!

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