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Hello there Buttoneers! If you have been following me on Instagram or maybe even Twitter, then you may have seen that for the third time this year I have been taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-day Challenge

Here are my Photo a Day – March 2014 and Photo a Day April 2014 blog posts.

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I am still really enjoying these photo prompts and how they push me to think creatively every day. I am really busy at the moment but with this photo challenge in the back of mind I am safe in the knowledge that I will have at least a month’s worth of photos by the end of the month with very little effort. As most of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, that I love to document the everyday and the little things in life that make me smile or think differently.

This challenge is really opening me up to not only think creativity in a different medium (photography) than I am used to (beyond by holiday snaps and blog photographs) but how I now think about composition and what those prompts mean to me.

I am a total photo-a-day addict now! haha! 

Here is my May 2014 in a Photo-a-Day…

Day 1 – Begins With J – Joy and Jon, my amazing parents. This is them the night before the prompt on their 28th Wedding Anniversary meal.

Day 2 – Snack – A glass of grapes and a glass of carrot sticks to snack on throughout the day!

Day 3 – Collection – Obviously had to photograph my button collection in the studio for this prompt!

Day 4 – Us – My fiancé and I on our first proper date almost 10 years ago

Day 5 – 4pm – It is always 4pm on my vintage wind-up Diamond panda clock as I leave it unwound because of its really loud tick! Love it though J

Day 6 – From Down Low – Daisies J

Day 7 – Taken From Above – Part of my desk in my craft studio ‘taken from above’

Day 8 – Blue – This Barry M nail paint is my fave shade of blue. I like to call it Tardis blue!

Day 9 – Favourite – I think that handmade brooch No.21 in my ’27 before 27’ blog challenge is my favourite so far. It’s called ‘Pink Hearts’ and I love its vibrancy and whimsical lace-like stitch

Day 10 – In The Garden – It’s just about to rain so no morning coffee in the garden for us!

Day 11 – Mother – This is my mum and me when I was 5 months old in 1987. I think my mum is beautiful J

Day 12 – Ready – Ready Salted Crisps

Day 13 – I Spy – I spy with my little eye, something beginning with Bee! J Hehe!

Day 14 – Lines – Lines of felty goodness in my felt stash are sorted by colour (of course!)

Day 15 – From Where I Walk – Some evenings after tea, my fiancé and I go for a walk. This was the night before J

Day 16 – Create – I use this gorgeous vintage tray to lay out and carry around the house anything that I create during one of my many craft projects so I can keep it all together!

Day 17 – Bag – My current handbag and one of many!

Day 18 – Something I Drew – I drew this as part of an art project a few years ago and it makes me want to sketch again.

Day 19 – Alone – In our house you are never truly alone with these guys everywhere!

Day 20 – Waiting – Waiting for my turkey and whole-wheat pasta lunch to heat up in the microwave

Day 21 – Card – I store my cards in an expanding box file in rainbow order J

Day 22 – Free – This is Dulux. When I opened my studio curtains this morning, Dulux was staring in at me from across the road. It was bin day L Dulux had been left out in the rain as rubbish. I may have had to save him, bath him with my shampoo and named him Dulux. Yeay for street treasure!

Day 23 – Black + White – Buttons!

Day 24 – Sunrise – I am never awake for the sunrise, especially on a Saturday! Sunny runny egg and soldiers for brekkie though! Yum!

Day 25 – Neighbourhood – A neighbourhood watch sign just down the road from our house.

Day 26 – Pet – The guinea pigs at the pet shop are soooo cute!

Day 27 – Meal – My lunch – Whole wheat fusilli pasta with turkey and sweetcorn, carrot sticks and mango J

Day 28 – Unique – Each one of my handmade embroidered felt brooches is unique J

Day 29 – Negative Space – I love the negative space around my new flower pen as it shows off this beautiful wallpaper I discovered!

Day 30 – Side View – The side view is the best view when it comes to my vintage snoopy trinket pot J

Day 31 – Sunset – The most beautiful sunset I have seen in a long while. I took this at the beginning of the week where I live and knew I had to save it for today’s prompt! 

Phew!  Thank you for sticking with me! I have already started June 2014′s Photo-a-Day and I am super excited!

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