Photo-a-Day – April 2016

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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! It’s that time again for my Photo-a-Day – April 2016 round-up! As I promised in my ‘Spring Break Unplugged‘ post last week, I have a colourful treat full of happy, photo goodness to share! Hooray! 

I almost didn’t do the Photo-a-Day challenge in April, I just felt I had struggled through Photo-a-Day – March 2016 and didn’t really want to force the creativity. I got a bit panicked at the thought of having a gap in my blogging schedule, especially when it’s a bit messy anyway (you can read more about it all here) so, you guys, as ever, held me accountable for what I have set out to accomplish and here we are, another full month completed. I think, like a lot of things, that it seemed so daunting when I read through the list of photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim, and it wasn’t until I broke them down into day-to-day prompts that I felt a bit more in control and a lot less overwhelmed. I just focused on getting through each day and didn’t worry about the next one until it arrived. Why can’t I do this in life too!!?? Arrgghh!! Don’t you hate it when your own ‘self-advice’ is always right? Yeesh! She is so smug about it too! 

As it turns out (and I am pretty sure I say this every month too) I really love all of the photographs I took last month and some of them have even inspired some new product ideas! Can you guess which ones? (200 glittery button points to Gryffindor if you take a guess in the comments!) 

I felt super happy at Day 1 with my ‘Spread a Little Sunshine on Your Toast this Morning‘ print all styled out with sunshine-happy yellow buttons! I added it as a shop update in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop, I loved it so much! Yeay for cross promoting without even trying! Haha! Day 2 has a pocket in my heart as it documented a well needed catch up and lovely day out with my best friend and my fiancé – I might have to frame this one! I was also super excited to throw out a sneaky peek at the almost-ready-to-share Eliston Button Headquarters in Day 7! Can you spot it!? It was my most liked photograph on Instagram to date and I was so proud!

I am in love with Day 12’s bright punch of pink and adore Day 18’s rainbow-filled felty goodness that reminded me of how much I love working with felt. (P.S. There is A LOT of felty goodness up for grabs at 15% off in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop for a limited time! Eeeek! I will re-share the code at the end) Day 20 fooled a lot of people into thinking I had gone out of my mind for a photo opportunity, whereas Earth Day took an arty route full of buttony goodness – I am so obsessed with this one! I then rounded off the month with a few of my favourite things, additions to collections and some itty-bitty squares of things that I hold tight in my heart. As always, my Photo-a-Day round up is a colourful emoji party! Hooray! 😀

Without further ado, here is my Photo-a-Day – April 2016…

Day 1 – Yellow – Sunshine happy yellow! 💛 I love my 1950’s American Diner inspired print. “Spread a Little Sunshine on your Toast this Morning” There is 1 available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! Hooray! Sunshine every day! ☀️💛

Day 2 – Looking Down – Pretty Flowers and Favourite Feet whilst catching up with my best friend in Bicester 🌺😍

Day 3 – Starts with A – Ampersand! This one is definitely up there with my favourite ampersands. Did I mention I have an ampersand obsession!? I love the crisp white against the cheeky neon pink painted edges for a bright pop of colour in the Eliston Button Headquarters 💖&

Day 4 – Cool – Cool blue hues contrast and compliment to make up my ‘Frozen’ embroidered felt flower brooch 💙❄️ (Last one available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! 😉)

Day 5 – Thank You – A huge button-filled thank you to all you lovely people who like and comment on my little crafty adventure filled corner of Instagram! You make it super fun and I love that a huge amount of you are more like friends than followers 😍🎀

Day 6 – Building – Little bird house buildings 🐥 Can I paint my house like this!? So pretty! 🌺😍

Day 7 – I Sat Here – This morning. Organising my Project Life scrapbook, dreaming of creative ideas and crafty plans that I need more hours in the day to do! Yikes! 🎀

Day 8 – Pair – I still love this pair, they natter away together all day in the Eliston Button Headquarters about crafty this and crafty that! You would think they were stamps or something! 😉🍄

Day 9 – I Found This – I found this amazing dressmakers dress form dummy on Freecycle! How cool is that!? I have wanted one for sooooo long and it’s in fantastic condition! So chuffed! 😍

Day 10 – Fragrant – This gorgeous English Tea Shop Cranberry Vanilla Delight tea smells as good as it tastes! 😍☕️🌺 P.S. Similar coasters are available in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop 😉

Day 11 – Natural – I love the natural wooden texture and appearance of these wood veneer scrapbooking embellishments. They add such a beautiful contrast to the paper and finishes off a layout wonderfully every time! AND those ampersands though!! 👌&😍

Day 12 – Hole – Button holes! Do you prefer buttons with two holes or four? Four holes in a button are my favourite; it’s the full-on symmetry from all around for me! 💗💗 P.S. Why is there not a button emoji!!?? 😳

Day 13 – Card – When I was younger I always wanted a business card. I thought that having a clean, crisp white card with my name on would make me so swish! Now I am super glad that I followed my creative little heart and couldn’t love my little pink and pretty business card more! 😍🎀

Day 14 – Fresh – Fresh flowers, especially happy, sunshine-yellow daffodils, always brighten up our kitchen table. We buy them every week throughout the whole of Spring and get different kinds of daffodils each time! It’s always so sad at the end of the season but then at least we (hopefully) get real sunshine! 🌼☀️💛

Day 15 – Logo – As I posted my business card a few days ago, it was only right that I used this opportunity to share my mini-logo! On the back of cards, prints and other paper goods that I sell in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop I like to stamp a little handmade button logo and hand write ‘Eliston Button’ around it for an extra personal touch 😍🎀

Day 16 – Glass – I love coloured glass and obviously pink is my favourite but closely seconded by the huge amount of blue glass in our bathroom!I love the way the light plays with the colours and shades and looks so pretty! 😍💗🎀

Day 17 – Homemade – Don’t you hate it when you have a large mug of tea or coffee and the mug is too big for a regular coaster!? Me too, which is how these larger than average coasters came to be homemade! Hooray for being creative! 🙌🏻 P.s. There is one set left in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop via the link in my bio! Shhhh! 😜

Day 18 – Open – Once the felt box is open the whole day is gone! Oops! Such a gorgeous rainbow of felty goodness needs special treatment though right!? 😍🎨🌈

Day 19 – My City – Not a city, but a little market town called Evesham in Worcestershire that sits in a meander of the river Avon. This is my favourite building called the Bell Tower and its architecture is beautiful 😍 (Unfortunately the real thing is covered in scaffolding for a while so the magnet will have to do!) 💙

Day 20 – Entrance – My favourite thing about the entrance to the Eliston Button Headquarters besides the view of buttons and ribbons and paints? My paint tube doorstop! It still makes me do a double-take some days! Haha! 😂🎨

Day 21 – Cut – Still on the freshly cut daffodils quest of filing my home each week with a different kind of daffodil! I really don’t want the season to end, they are so beautiful. These little delicate beauties are so sweet too! 💛🌼

Day 22 – Earth – Happy Earth Day! It took longer than I care to admit to make this out of buttons but I am so happy I did! I just wish it was all glued down so I could keep it forever – maybe that’s how we should view this lovely little planet of ours too, with a little more care because it’s not all glued down to last forever 🌍💚💙

Day 23 – Arrow – Lots of lovely hand-stamped, inky arrow goodness 😍 I really loved hand carving this stamp and really must dig out my carving tools again! 💗🏹

Day 24 – My Fave Food – Anything that reminds me of France! This morning we are indulging in chocolate chip brioche and lots of coffee! ☕️🌼

Day 25 – Out of the Box – I love collecting these Funko Pop! Vinyl figures and even though some people keep them in the box, I love having the enjoyment of seeing their little smiley faces 😊 Also, I finally got Cogsworth to add to Belle, Mrs Potts and Chip in my Beauty and the Beast set! Hooray!❤️☕️🕰

Day 26 – The Sky – The sky is super grey and gloomy today so I’m dreaming of sitting on this beach gazing out to the deep blue hues of the sea, the fabric filled skies and fluffy button clouds until it’s sunny again! ☀️💙 P.S. this is the last fabric collage in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop now! 😉

Day 27 – Messy – The Eliston Button Headquarters looks completely organised within an inch of its crafty little life…until you open a drawer! Eeek! Organising my embroidery threads out of this mess and onto pegs is on my to-do list! Yikes! 🎀🎨

Day 28 – Season – I always know that the spring season has arrived when the beautiful clematis blossoms are out at my mum and dads house! 🌸😍 Cab you spot me in the reflection!? 😉

Day 29 – Man Made – I am normally handmade all the way, over mass-produced man made, but with Lego I am all in, every time! 💖🌺

Day 30 – Book – I could never just pick one book out of all of my favourites, but Harry Potter is waaaayyy up there with the best books ever written ⚡️📚I will never tire of reading them or listening to the audio books, never ever! 📖😍

Wowee! Wasn’t that a colourful adventure through my interpretations of the Photo-a-Day – April 2016 prompts! I really hope that I struggle less and just let go a bit this month – I definitely over-think them towards the end, panic and worry that I’m not going to find anything to match the prompt but I always pull it out of the bag last minute and end up really chuffed with the outcome! I am still loving the challenge, despite my stressing sometimes. I still love that it is forcing me to think creatively even if I don’t think I can. I still love that it is pushing me to think and create and curate items or scenes into a story. I still love it at the end of the month when I am eager for a new, fresh set of prompts. I still love it all. 

I can’t wait to see what happens this month. As I talked about in my Spring Break Unplugged blog post last week, I am going on a break/hiatus for a while to conjure up my creativity, get more hands on, make things again and unplug from the distractions of the internet and blogging etc. I want to free it all up and create some handmade goodness – fingers crossed! Click across to read all about it and my reasons why etc – I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Also, while I am gone, don’t forget my Spring Break Discount Code for 15% off anything in the Eliston Button Etsy Shop over £5 until 6th June! Use code: ‘BUTTONSPRINGBREAK’ at the checkout and the discount will be applied. I can’t wait to see what you choose! 

Do you take part in any photography challenges? Do you like to document the everyday? How do you keep a record of your memories? I would love to hear all about it! 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on!


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