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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I know…I know…It is half way through March and I am only just posting my February Photo-a-Day round-up…”Jeez…What are you thinking Eliston!? Why would you do that to your lovely followers!?” “Well, I was a little held up…I re-designed the website and switched to self-hosting….but upon launching the new site I found that some of the database was corrupted…I was really stressed and did all I could to repair it all and get it all back rather than give up…I tried not to cry….I was super brave though! *bottom lip trembles* We got there in the end…” “Oh gosh…I am so sorry – here have some chocolate…take the cake too…we still love you” “Awww! You guys are the best! I knew you would all understand! Hooray!” *Group Hug*

At the start of February I stared at the list of photograph prompts from Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge and was unsure whether to start them at all. I loved Photo-a-Day – January 2016, but this list looked tricky and needed a bit more thought and effort than the January one, which eased me back into the habit of daily prompts and documenting the little things.  I knew I would be starting the Eliston Button Website Re-Design and wasn’t sure if I would even have the time or creative energy to pull through the whole month – I am totally an all-or-nothing kind of girl! 

Not wanting to admit defeat only one month in, I sucked it up and got to taking them a day at a time rather than being overwhelmed by the whole list. It was good. I felt like I almost needed the challenging prompts to really push me to think outside of the box Instagram square.

I thought more about looking for the light, more about using negative space, more about layout and composition. I hunted for bright, happy doses of colour goodness to brighten up grey, gloomy winter days and I love them all!

I look back on each and every photo and feel proud of them – each one was carefully considered and deliberately taken rather than just taking something quick just to fulfil the prompt. I feel like I upped my Instagram game and can’t wait to share them all with you.

So, without further ado…Here is my Photo-a-Day – February 2016…*BEWARE* It’s always an Emoji overload! 

Day 1 – ‘Drink’ – My first drink of the day is always, always coffee ☕️ My fiancé sets the coffee maker to come on for when I get up before he leaves for work so I always have filter coffee to ease me into the morning! He’s a keeper! 😍

Day 2 – So Colourful – I love my felt ball pot holder, it is super colourful and so soft – I use it to hold my pretty rose gold iPhone so it doesn’t get messy on my desk! 🎨 ❤️💛💚💙💜

Day 3 – ‘Car’ – This Barbie car sits in the Eliston Button Headquarters because it has hidden stationery! The seat is a stapler, the steering wheel pulls out for a pen, the glove box hold staples, the wheels hold little ink pads and presumably once upon a time stamps, there is a pull out stencil ruler underneath, a comb in the headrest, the bonnet opens to little colouring pencils and there is a pencil sharpener in the boot! Mr Troll thinks it is fabulous and I think I have to agree! 💗💜

Day 4 – ‘Texture’ – I love the candy floss feeling texture of this soft, chunky wool and especially love the thin cotton running through it to really catch your eye! 💗💗💗

Day 5 – ‘Coffee’ – Coffee and Pan-au-chocolat treats for a Friday morning because “Life begins after coffee” (obviously!) ☕️

Day 6 – Just Now – Trying to pretend it is a sunny day today instead of the wet and gloomy one with our yellow kitchen blind while I water the little succulents! 🌵☀️💛💚

Day 7 – ‘I Ate Here’ – A lazy Sunday treat to warm up after watching the floods rise in our little town ☕️😬

Day 8 – ‘Family’ – Last weekend for my Dad’s birthday, I adapted his birthday card (He loves the Tour de France) to be a bit more personal by adding faces of my family to some of the illustrations! I love making cards a bit more fun with simple touches 😂

Day 9 – A Corner – This corner of the Eliston Button Headquarters holds my fabric stash in a rainbow of colours (of course!) and my favourite vintage French button tin! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 10 – Pink – Surprisingly I didn’t have a problem with finding things to photograph for this prompt! 💕🎀

Day 11 – A Wall – This is one of my favourite walls in our house. I love the bright light, the IKEA Hemnes cabinet and all of the bits and pieces that make up a mini gallery wall around the giant mirror! 😍

Day 12 – Paper – Paper is one of my favourite mediums to work with and I love it in every colour of the rainbow! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

Day 13 – A Pet – This is my pet Pug called Pugwash (He is official stand-in until maybe one day we can have a real Pug called Pugwash – don’t tell him that though, he is very proud) 😀🐶

Day 14 – My Happy Place – Anywhere as long as I’m with him 😍 We have had some hard times over the last few years but we keep each other strong, happy and feeling loved – what more could you want!? We are my favourite team. I also (obviously) had to add our faces to the card! 💑💕

Day 15 – Yellow + Blue – One of my favourite crafty storage items I own is my Cath Kidston caravan sewing box which is bright and cheerful in Yellow and Blue (and red and green…) Turns out I own a huge amount of yellow and blue embroidery thread too! Oops! 💛💙

Day 16 – Empty – Empty flower pots next to pretty planted ones after finishing the garden and cleaning the house for valuations! Phew! Exhausted doesn’t even cut it! 🌺🌸🌼🌷

Day 17 – A Door – I love this ‘Place de L’artiste’ sign that I found in France that sits above a door in our house (10 button points to Gryffindor if you can guess which one! 😉) 💙🎨

Day 18 – In The Background – I love how happy and colourful everything looks in the background of my kitchen as I photograph these beautiful Lilies with the springtime Daffodils 😍💛🌼

Day 19 – Breakfast – My usual breakfast of Branflakes topped with a handful of chopped nuts and raisins, sprinkled with roasted pumpkin seeds alongside a big mug of filter coffee and a couple of pieces of fruit. Today it’s kiwi! 💚☕️

Day 20 – Keeping Fit – Definitely keeping fit with some retail therapy today in Worcester! My feet hurt from all of the walking around the city! 🎀🛍👣

Day 21 – Hobby – Knitting! I love to knit as it’s really relaxing but it’s just a hobby for now as I need to get more practise and learn new stitches before anything gets near the Eliston Button Etsy Shop! I think it’s nice to have something that I only craft for me without the pressure of needing it to be good enough to sell.💙🌀

Day 22 – Ice Cream – It’s far too cold for ice cream, so I much prefer creamy tones of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry wooly goodness in my bowl! 🍧

Day 23 – Pastel – I love working in pastel but it’s just soooo messy! Hehe! 😂 They are so pretty to look at in their rainbow colours 🎨🌈

Day 24 – Path – Pretty primroses and darling daffodils edge our garden path 😍🌼

Day 25 – Peek-a-Boo – This was a hard prompt today! Then I spotted my mini artists mannequin and we had some fun playing peek-a-boo! 🏃🙈

Day 26 – Out of Place – I think someone might be a little out of place in this colourful photoshoot! Hehe! 😍🎀

Day 27 – A Shape – Circles within circles within circles – my favourite shape is button shaped! 💕

Day 28 – I Love This – I have a little bit of an ampersand obsession and I am so in love with this metal one that lives on top of our piano in the living room! It’s a beaut! 💗&💗

Day 29 – Leap – You know he loves you because he doesn’t bat an eyelid when you ask him to go outside and jump around for twenty minutes in the cold until you get the best ‘leap’ shot! He’s the best! 😍❤️

Darn that leap year day adding an extra gallery square! The perfectionist in me tried everything to centre it! – Although, better to have it there than not as I think my ‘leap’ photograph is my absolute favourite- He was such a good sport (I think he secretly enjoyed himself!) Haha! 

So there you go, another month done (if a little late!) I am probably knee deep in Photo-a-Day – March 2016 if you want to follow along on Instagram. Do you take part in any photo challenges? Do you love to document the little things of each day? Do you enjoy creating pretty photos in your spare time? I would love to hear all about it and be sure to link your Instagram accounts in the comments – I would love to see them all! 

Until next time, meet me for a chat with a cup of tea in the comments below. I’ll click the kettle on! 

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