Quarter Life Crises or Just a Bad Case of the Hiccups?

I recently discovered Rebecca Tracey of The Uncaged Life on-line whose blog posts are truly inspiring and motivational for small businesses. Furthermore, I discovered about three months later, that Rebecca has a Facebook page, which I have found to be an invaluable support on this creative biz journey. It is so nice to feel part of a community when you work from home and meet people that have the same worries, hurdles and successes as you. You feel a part of something and gives you a warm and fuzzy pat on the back for sticking with it and reassures that you are not alone. Quarter Life Crises or Just a Bad Case of the Hiccups?

Anyhoo, the reason I mention this is not to necessarily promote ‘The Uncaged Life’ (although it is pretty damn fabulous) but that I have had a breakthrough moment there this morning. I joined in a discussion about starting out in your business and met this fabulous lady called Otiti Jasmine Ovuewhorie (who also has a pretty fab and inspiring blog by the way)  who totally changed my view of things. 

Not only did she tell me that

 “Girl; You Got This” 

When I explained my fear of launching my website, which I genuinely believe will be my personal mantra through life now! But in a separate post she asked for some help in her own business. Otiti asked the question “For those of you who went through quarter-life crises, how did you feel about yourself? What did you feel was missing in your life, and what were you willing to do so you could stop feeling stuck?” So. Simple. 

Yet it sparked something inside of me that knew I could answer this question with a lot of experience, but, in my answer, I turned it around on its head and thought to myself “Girl; You Got This” and found myself typing away about how I reversed the crises each time. How I recognised the signs and how I knew what to do. It was if I had an epiphany. It all clicked into place and I began to wonder…

Are there such things as quarter life crises or are they just a bad case of the hiccups?

Do I categorise my panics and insecurities as a bump in the highway rather than just a blip on the map. A blip that teaches me to work my way round and back onto the path. With out these pain-in-the-arse-hold-ups spontaneous adventures, would we just not ever learn anything new? 

Here was my reply: “I frequently have quarter life crises! It’s partly down to confidence in my talents and what I am doing (setting up a creative biz) and partly down to comparison to other people’s chapter twenty when I am only in chapter one. It makes you feel lost and like you are not good enough to compete. I have to talk myself round to being realistic about my goals but let my dreams get carried away, it allows me to see ahead beyond my insecurities and inner voice and pick myself up. Personally, the best way I do this is by stepping away from being creative for a day or two (I have literally just learnt this!) and with those days I have given myself off, I find that within a day or so I am itching to be creative again. It brings a new wave of spirit and enthusiasm that ‘freshens’ the creative palette! Sometimes I think that working from home on your own can be fantastic, but other times I lack the structure I need to move beyond hurdles”

It clicked. I got it. All I needed to do was…

Take a giant step back from it all, see some perspective and walk away for a while.

Rather than thinking “Oh My God, I cant cope…its not going to work out…PANIC PANIC…I have failed before I have even started…lets go take a nap and hibernate from the big, bad, scary world”

If I play hard to get with Creativity…Creativity will end up chasing me. 

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