Eliston Button Headquarters – Part Two

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Hello there lovely Buttoneers! I am so excited to share with you Part Two of the Eliston Button Headquarters Tour! Hooray! I am so, so thrilled with the wonderful response from you lovelies about my last studio update post – Eliston Button Headquarters – Part One. I had such lovely comments over on Instagram and am pretty sure I reached a record amount of likes in one day (for my little profile over there!)  I was so grateful and happy that you loved to see this little peek behind-the-scenes.

Sometimes, as a blogger, it is hard to know if posts are liked or what sort of things you all like to see on here unless you tell me because we are not face-to-face – and you shouted loud and clear that you loved seeing behind the scenes where I make the crafty goodness, so thank you!

I always love to hear what you think of my makes or whether you can relate to my little adventures. I love to hear your thoughts or opinions or suggestions so please feel free to chat to me in the comments here or over on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! I won’t bite, but I do ask that you bring cake! Virtual cake doesn’t have calories right!?

Anyhoo, I am back again to share the other half of the Eliston Button Headquarters. If you read Part One you will see that I covered the right hand side of the studio, which mainly houses shelves (and shelves…and shelves…) of craft supplies that I use (with a dash of creative magic of course!) such as yarn, fabric, inspiring art and craft books, memory keeping, scrapbooks and a hoard *cough cough* collection of buttons and beads and sequins galore…along with a TARDIS or two, a couple of pink Vespa scooters that match the one I actually drive from time to time and a growing collection of ampersands…

Eliston Button Headquarters Creative Craft Studio - Billy Bookcase Craft Supply Storage, Yarn, Pens and Pencils in an IKEA Raskog - Eliston Button Headquarters – Part Two at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Today, as promised, I am sharing the other half of the Eliston Button Headquarters (to the left of the door as you walk in – for your crafty imaginations!) The first thing you see as you walk in is the window, my laptop and the desk areas. Originally I planned to have a sewing area but the desk fitted into the room a lot better together with the others and gave me good distance between my messy paints and scrapbooking away from my laptop and paperwork – trust me that this reason is there through finding out the hard way more than once and a couple of laptops ago….Ooops! R.I.P pretty pink Laptop 🙁

One of my favourite walls in the studio is the one surrounding my desk. I use it as a bit of a mood board come inspiring art come place to hang some of my own favourite makes.

Most of the bits and pieces have sentimental value to me – For example, the little cross stitched sewing machine was hand stitched by my little sister as a birthday gift (she always says she isn’t creative so this was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift) and the Pink “She believed she could, so she did” quote print was a gift from my best friend when I made it a whole year in my little creative business! I even have a little Lego minifigure that looks like my fiancé stood on my windowsill! 

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Eliston Button Headquarters – Part One

Eliston Button Headquarters - Part One - Eliston Button Headquarters – Part one at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! How are we coming to the end of January soon!? Jeez! It has been a bit of a whirlwind and we are still waiting on a move date (soooooo frustrating!!) but I wanted to take the time to share the Eliston Button Headquarters with you before we move! I know…I know…I have promised this since we moved in about two and a half years ago but we had some problems with the house and then problems with the neighbours from hell and then we are very almost moved again – Yikes! (If you are new to Eliston Button be sure to click through the link for each story to get all caught up!)

“Why share so close to moving again?” I hear you ask! Well, firstly, In the new house we are buying I have no idea what the Eliston Button Headquarters will look like for a really long time as we are going to look into extending the house to build my studio as an extra room – or maybe even building a self-contained studio at the bottom of the garden – either way these things take time and planning permission and money so I will have a temporary work space until we get it all figured out/built/my stress levels have returned to a normal-ish level. Obviously and for anyone that knows me – this is the most stressful thing about moving for my mostly hyper-organised brain – not to mention that it is all happening half way through my Create 30 blog challenge! Eeekk!!

Secondly, I bloody love this creative little space of mine and it would be (for a serial life documenter) a crime to not document it all!

When I am in the midst of overwhelming panic and anxiety about getting my work done and meeting deadlines, or just having a space to sit and weave or paint or sew, I want to be able to look back and go “aww! Remember when I had a space all organised and not in a thousand boxes? I will get there again soon”

So this is also, in part, for me too – for my memory keeping, for posterity, for my future creative studio planning etc etc…

Thirdly, if it’s not on the blog it doesn’t exist, right!?

So, in a nutshell, I really want to document this creative space as a memory and most importantly as a reminder that I had/have the means to be the most creative person I can be and that I will have that again once we get it all figured out. I also wanted to share my space with you lovelies, as promised, so that you can see where the creative goodness happens! I personally, always love to see makers arty/crafty spaces and find them really inspiring – I even have Pinterest boards dedicated to my Dream Studio, the different phases of the Eliston Button Headquarters (where it is soooo crazy pants to look back at my original work space in our old rented house!) and my fave – Danger: Artist at Work!

Maybe it’s just me but I find seeing designer’s and maker’s and artist’s studios super inspiring and I love seeing the places and spaces where the creative magic happens.

There is so much I wanted to share about my studio but we would be here all day if I photographed it all! It has taken sooo long to be able to photograph it all in the right light at this time of year too (damn you Northern Hemisphere!) I have split the whole carnival of creativity into two parts (part two coming soon!) which coincidentally, also pretty much splits the studio into two halves, right down the middle (for your lovely creative imaginations!) 

Here is the Eliston Button Headquarters – Part One…

Eliston Button Headquarters Creative Studio - IKEA Bookcase Fabric, Book and Button Storage, TARDIS and Pink Vespa - Eliston Button Headquarters – Part one at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

One of my favourite areas of the Eliston Button Headquarters is my wall of bookcases! I love how they store a huge portion of my craft supplies, on show for me to feel inspired and see exactly what I have to start creating something new if I get frustrated with something I am already working on.

I find that having it all in front of me, lets me visualise projects ahead of time or snatch snippets of inspiration on how to finish a work-in-progress or start a new make.

I love to keep the studio fun. A boring or plain space doesn’t match with my personality so would be totally the wrong fit for my creativity. I need a space to feel like home, to fuel my imagination and go back to being a kid as often as possible! I love the top of the bookcases – it is such a wasted space as I can’t reach up there, so I wanted to make them fun and house more ornamental things that I don’t use on a day-to-day basis. The TARDIS, the pink Vespa scooter and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry potions crate on my desk are my favourite items in this photo! The pink scooter matches my own real life scooter (that’s a whole other story!)

I also think I have a bit of a pretty storage box and tin obsession – I mean you can never have too much storage though can you!? 

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The Patterns and Colours of IKEA

The Patterns and Colours of IKEA at www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid – Art, Design, Craft & Adventure.

Hello there lovely Buttoneers! If you have followed me from the very beginnings of this blog you may remember a blog post called ‘The Patterns and Designs of IKEA’ from way back when it was all baby steps and the first few blog posts ever to grace this little corner of the blogosphere. Well, I thought it was about time I created an updated version – The Patterns and Colours of IKEA.

I mean I spend enough time roaming the perfectly curated show rooms and love the excitement of filling my big yellow bag in the market hall with my face like the heart eye emoji! (Especially in the paper goods and succulent plant sections! *Swoon*) 

What I should have said at the start was “Hello, my name is Rachel and my fiancé and I are IKEA addicts Enthusiasts!” – Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I still stand by what I said all those years ago (two weeks after I launched this blog to be precise! Wowee!) It is still an excellent day out.

My fiancé and I still book out the whole day to stroll around, grab a coffee, gaze at future kitchen ideas and sit on the sofa that we have had our eye on for probably just as many years, but still can’t quite afford…

We will grab some lunch (meatballs of course!) and then hit the market place and the warehouse and load it all up on the trolley, even though we probably only went for a bookcase or a saucepan or something! Tired and feet aching we head for the car with smiles on our faces and excitement in our future of re-arranging the living room or imagining the crafts I can plan with my new pens or notepads! (That’s if we can fit it all in the car – we’ve had a fair few ‘Oh Dear!’ moments in our time!) We. Love. It! 

Just for the record and as kind of a disclaimer: I have NOT been sponsored to write this post, there are no affiliate links, I just really love IKEA! – Phew, that’s that out of the way! (Although if IKEA ever asked…I would be there like a shot! Haha!) 

To say that since 2014 when I first wrote the original blog post, we have been to IKEA a ridiculous amount, would still actually be a complete understatement.

We practically lived there when we bought our first house a few years ago and since then even we have been so often that I am surprised the staff don’t know us by name!

We roughly equidistant to the Birmingham, Coventry and Bristol stores so mix it up a bit when we can. Because we have been so often (Seriously – It’s a standing joke with my family!) I was sure that I wouldn’t have many different patterns, designs or colours to photograph. I didn’t expect that much would have changed but I was pleasantly surprised. Of all of the patterns and colours of IKEA that I photographed, none of them were the same as the original blog post – In fact they had completely changed! I looked back and was annoyed at myself that I didn’t buy some of the gorgeous patterned fabric pieces or even those button wall hangings. I guess because we have been so often, the change each time was subtle and we didn’t notice, we just kept finding things to buy! Haha! 

So, without further ado…Here is a selection of The Patterns and Colours of IKEA that caught my eye…You can click on each one to see the full photo 😉

Aren’t they all so lovely!? Which are your favourites? The cat print is really cute and I love the multi-coloured textured rug – I might even love the back pattern just as much too! I am obsessed with the greys that have pops of colours, I love the contrasts and compliments of the colours and patterns together too.

I seriously love the bright pinks and oranges and blues that grab your attention and swoon over the coppers and cool metallics. 

One of my favourite things about IKEA is being able to stroll around the show rooms and imagine yourself sat in the living rooms, curled up with a good book…Or cooking at the centre console in a spacious kitchen…Or sinking into a squishy mattress in one of their pretty and feminine bedroom ideas…Well, you have to pretend don’t you…

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The Patterns and Designs of Ikea

The Patterns and Designs of Ikea - www.elistonbutton.com - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

On Saturday we went to Ikea. I love Ikea. I love the colours, the design, the way they curate their products in a beautifully designed ‘I am Art’ kind of way. I love the shapes, the patterns, the solid ‘this will last forever’ look, the organised ‘this way please’ tour of the showrooms before the exciting ‘ooo I can totally find a use for this/full of magic’ marketplace and the meatballs….oh the meatballs…with the gravy…and mashed potatoes…wow!

It’s a day out, we will stop for coffee half way around, discuss where we would fit this ridiculously huge piece of white storage furniture called ‘Billy’ in the studio only to find an hour later we probably can’t fit it into to car anyway.

I love it. So, this time, for the first time ever, I took my camera and boy did I have fun! 


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