The Start of Something New

Hello there my lovely Buttoneers! So…I guess I have some explaining to do after yesterdays missing blog post and the promise of exciting new things! hehe! For a while now, since the big move, I have struggled to keep afloat here on the blog. The house and Eliston Button Headquarters move was a lot bigger than we expected. It has taken us longer to get organised and with no thanks to our removal company for breaking my beloved desk meaning I have to work on a smaller space, I have lost my creative spark.

A lot of you may think that talking openly and honestly about what’s going on in my personal life is a silly move, people may think that I should surely only be sharing a happy, rainbow filled, rose-tinted version of myself and my world in a Pinterest friendly format and a Instagram happy square. I could have done this, I could have skimmed the surface and put on a smiley face, but, honestly…I value each and every one of you Buttoneers that subscribe to my blog posts, that comment on my stories, that send me photos of your makes using one of my tutorials.

I think too much of you to not be honest.

It’s a lot harder to sit here and type a blog post that is so emotionally attached to me. So hard to type each word not knowing whether it’s too much of myself out there. Hard not seeing your pretty little faces skim over my words and even harder not knowing if you will comment “Hello, I am still here” or say “it’s okay”.

Another blow to getting back on track is that at the end of this month I am forced into taking a little leave from the studio and the blog as a group of workmen are coming in to take out the ceiling out of the Eliston Button Headquarters studio and replace the whole thing.

This means boxing up every button, every cotton spool, every ball of wool all over again. It means packing up everything I have been working on for the last few months since the move. This means that I have to not only pack it all up but afterwards, unpack it all again and all whilst losing precious time to make and create.

As you can imagine, this process is a little soul destroying.

It is stressful and sad and the pressure to always be on form, to always be present here is too much. My creativity, my umph and my general get-up-and-go has been hit, hard.

This does not mean, my lovely Buttoneers, that Eliston Button is in crisis. It is not in any means going away to sit in a dark room although the thought of hibernation for a while sounds perfect! It just means that I will be a little less here from time to time. My posts will still hold the same quality that I always strive for but they will be a little less scheduled, a little less regimented in when I post them.

I just need time.

I need to find a good work/life balance. I need to let go of the pressure and weight of responsibility of this blog for a while and let go of the overwhelm. Then, hopefully start to enjoy blogging again. Hopefully enjoy making and creating and hopefully, just hopefully, I will get my spark back, I will get my studio back and most importantly, I get myself back. 

This brings me to the start of something new…

I had this thought, amidst the familiar weekend panic that I need to finish editing photographs or the horrible overwhelmed feeling that I have too much to do and the need to juggle this with relaxing and spending time with people I love at the weekends (’cause lets face it, I am never going to be organised enough to get ahead of myself and start writing posts in advance!) I have decided to create a fun new feature to the blog…

Tutorial Tuesdays at - Eliston Button - That Crafty Kid

Yeay! Tutorial Tuesday will be my new forum for my crafty tutorials. The idea sparked from the longing need for an extra day between the weekend and my usual Monday blog post when I create a tutorial. Craft tutorials take a lot longer to create. I am not only making the item but stopping to photograph each step and then going back to edit and normally write the instructions out by hand via my tablet linked to Photoshop! phew!

Don’t get me wrong, I really love making tutorials and, as I mentioned before,

I love that you lovely Buttoneers send me photos of your beautiful makes and that just makes my heart glow 🙂

But, by having that extra day on the Monday to prepare the posts, it will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and less stressful overall. I will still have Monday posts here and there that aren’t tutorial ones; it is just the tutorial ones moving a day later. My next post on here will be the first official Tutorial Tuesday post next week. 

Anyhoo, I am off to make a cup of tea and hopefully feel less anxious about posting this all out there into the big scary blog world…maybe cake will help?

A massive thank you to all of you lovely Buttoneers for sticking with me. I hope that you understand and are okay with my blog posts being a bit here and there for a while until I get back on my feet. I will still be on Instagram everyday so would love for you to come and say hello!

In the meantime, on the right hand side of this blog you can sift through the Eliston Button archives and find a post you may have missed…you can stop by an old post and say hello and share some crafty thoughts in the comments…or you can visit the Eliston Button Etsy Shop and have a peruse of the felty goodness 🙂

Thank you. 

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